30 Places to Buy Cute Maternity Clothes

Today we’re talking all about cute maternity clothes! Here’s a list of all the best places to buy cute maternity clothes for pregnancy (online and in-store) along with the best maternity jeans

Congrats! Now You Need Maternity Clothes

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you’re a few weeks or a few months along, it’s worth it to start thinking about your maternity wardrobe.

My first pregnancy I held out as long as I could until I got maternity clothes and that was the worst mistake. The second time around I was in maternity jeans by seven weeks.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of maternity stores that you can order from online, as well as some new maternity renting options.

If you’re hunting for cute maternity clothing or picking up a gift card for a friend who is expecting, here are the best places to shop for cute clothes while pregnant. We’ll talk all the details about the softest fabric, best fit for different body types, and comfy basics.

Your Maternity Capsule:

As you look through these brands, here are the key pieces I think every woman deserves to love during her pregnancy. You can add so many more fun items but these are the building blocks of a great maternity wardrobe.

  1. Great pair of maternity jeans (Blanqi is my #1)
  2. Great maternity tee or tank for layering
  3. Bodycon maternity dress
  4. Non-fitted dress that makes you feel like a 10 (Pink Blush is a great place to start or Hatch)
  5. Slip-on shoes
  6. Comfortable maternity underwear (These are the best three pairs)
  7. One great piece of maternity shapewear (Blanqi slip dress is my top rec)
  8. Lounge set – this will depend on your season of pregnancy but you’ll want to spend a lot of time being super comfortable. The fit on this is less important than the fabric. Find something that feels buttery soft to you and you’ll live in it during pregnancy and during the postpartum haze. My personal favorites lounge sets are from Kindred Bravely but Legoe Heritage is a close second.
Legoe Heritage Dress

30+ Best Places for Cute Maternity Clothes:

Budget-Friendly Cute Maternity Stores:

1. thredUP:

This online thrift store offers a wide range of maternity clothes at a lower price point. Per usual with thredUP, you can’t always find exactly what you’re looking for each time you sign on, but I used thredUP to snag designer maternity jeans and plenty of cute maternity tops. I like thredUP best for higher-priced maternity brands that don’t go on sale very often. 

2. Old Navy:

Old Navy is great for trendy pieces and my favorite non-maternity budget jeans (rockstar 24/7) come in maternity sizes, too!

3. Shein Maternity

This fast fashion industry giant has recently expanded their affordable fashion to include maternity pieces. Shein takes trendy pieces from top retailers and makes lower-quality, lower-priced versions. This means you might not want to rely on them for the maternity pants you want to wash and wear 50 times this pregnancy but they are great for dresses, blouses, or anything for those final weeks when nothing fits. If you haven’t shopped at Shein before, I shared a full post on tips for finding the best things on Shein here.

4. H&M:

I have a few tops I love from H&M maternity and you can’t beat the price point! They have classics and trendy pieces and their sizing runs a bit small. Stock up on their cute striped shirts and check out their nursing friendly line as well.

5. Walmart:

Have you checked out Walmart’s maternity selection? They have more options online than in-store (like most stores) but have some darling options for dresses and tops. Their prices can’t be beat and there’s a good mix of basics and more trendy pieces.

6. BooHoo:

The price point here is great but you get what you pay for when it comes to quality. Don’t expect these to last daily for a few pregnancies but if you need something cute to last you for the next few months, check them out. 

I placed a large order from Boohoo during my last pregnancy and wrote a full Boohoo review – see what worked and what didn’t.

7. Daily Ritual by Amazon: 

Amazon carries so many of the favorite maternity lines but they also have a few of their own pieces! Daily Ritual is a line filled with comfortable basics in classic silhouettes. It has your new favorite maternity tees and dresses (along with plenty of non-maternity options that can work for the bump).

Check out all my favorite maternity pieces on Amazon here.

Mid-range Cute Maternity Clothes:

8. Quince:

Newer to the maternity market, Quince has recently added some maternity pieces to their core collection and they’re fantastic! These are fabrics you’l love wearing in flattering silhouettes.

My top recs are anything in their washable silk (like this dress) or their two pack of jersey maternity tees (like the Hatch tees I love without the pricetag).

P.S. While you’re there, check out their baby pieces, too. I got this cashmere jogger set for my last baby and it is the sweetest, softest thing. They also have great basics like pajamas and leggings.

9. Pink Blush Maternity: #1 pick for wide range of CUTE maternity dresses

Pink Blush has stylish and affordable maternity (and post-partum) options. They are your one-stop shop for the best maternity dresses. My favorite piece from Pink Blush Maternity are their wrap dresses which work well with a bump, while nursing, and postpartum. Pink Blush also has the most gorgeous dresses for maternity photoshoots. Wondering what to wear for your shoot? Here’s a whole post on how to pick your maternity photoshoot outfit. 

update: I am also a huge fan of Pink Blush Maternity t-shirts. They have some great options no matter what you’re looking for but these v-necks are my favorite. The price point is higher than similar-looking t-shirts but the ones I own from Pink Blush hold up longer without pilling.

10. GAP maternity:

Gap has been an American favorite for a long time. When it comes to maternity, you can expect the same quality and styles as their regular brand. Gap’s pure body maternity tees are my favorite (although I initially got them on thredUP), their modal joggers are fantastic, and they also have a cute assortment of other maternity pieces. The other great thing about GAP maternity is that you can almost always find a great sale going on, making them just as affordable as many of the pieces in the budget-friendly cute maternity clothes section.

11. JoJo Maman Bebe:

I love the classic New England (or old England) style of this British brand that launched in the US just a few years ago. They also carry really great quality kids clothes but for maternity I love their tops the most (a lot of them are nursing friendly). They also carry an assortment of denim, swim, and dresses for the stylish pregnant woman.

12. Liz Lange for Target:

Target doesn’t disappoint and maternity is no exception. Some of my favorite maternity leggings were just ones I snagged at Target. They also have cute tops and dresses at a great price point.

13. Asos:

I love their denim and their selection of maternity dresses. They also have great tops and more unique pieces and lots of formal wear options if you have a special event while pregnant.

14. A Pea in the Pod

A Pea in the Pod is a great curated selection of mid and high end maternity pieces. They carry some great designer jeans as well as other budget friendlier pieces.

15. Destination Maternity

Destination Maternity is the world’s largest maternity designer and retailer so you can bet you’ll have lots of options when it comes to clothes for pregnancy. If you live close enough to a physical location it is great to be able to go in and try on a large selection of maternity pieces.

16. Motherhood Maternity

This is another of the Motherhood brands (Destination Maternity, A Pea in a Pod, and Motherhood Maternity are all owned by the same company) that carry an assortment of trendy maternity pieces. Whether you need a cute top for brunch with girlfriends or a casual dress to live in all summer, check out their selection.

Motherbee Maternity Dress

17. Mother Bee Maternity

If you’re looking for super soft basic tees or darling maternity dresses, Mother Bee Maternity is a great place to start. They have an assortment of nursing friendly options along with great baby shower and photoshoot dress options. Amazon carries a lot of their pieces so check out that selection here if you need prime shipping.

18. TopShop

This European brand carries maternity pieces that look just like their regular line. Check out their new arrivals if you want edgy, casual, European style.

Kindred Bravely Bamboo jogger set (worn pregnant and post partum)

19. Kindred Bravely

You will not find a softer maternity piece than anything from Kindred Bravely’s bamboo lounge line. Known for their fantastic nursing bras, Kindred Bravely has expanded into full maternity and nursing lines with everything from darling dresses to incredibly comfortable leggings. A lot of their pieces work just as well post partum as they do during pregnancy.

My favorite items include this maternity/nursing bra, this lounge set (the joggers + sweatshirt), and these leggings. They also have the cutest maternity one piece swimsuits that I haven’t tried but are SO darling.

You can use the code ElisabethM20 for 20% off.

Blanqi maternity leggings

20. Blanqi

Famous for their leggings, you can count on Blanqi to have excellent quality. They don’t have a huge range of clothing but what they do, they do really well. If you buy one thing from their site, please let it be their maternity jeans. You know jeans from a legging brand are going to be comfortable. They are my single most worn maternity item and the only pair of maternity jeans I’ve worn. Be sure to also check out their post partum pieces as well.

High End Maternity Stores:

21. Boob Design.

It might be worth it just to have your postman deliver a package from a company with their name 😛 I love their “once on never off” leggings but I also really like their tops and dresses. They’re nursing-friendly, too so I like that you get more than a couple of months of use out of them. Expect high levels of quality and high levels of comfort from everything you order.

Hatch Carolina dress

22. Hatch Collection:

They make classic pieces that work well during maternity and post partum (I ordered their pieces whenever I found them on thredUP). These are the only maternity pieces in my closet that I regularly wear while not pregnant as well because they are so cute and well made. You’ll swoon over everything on their site, promise.

23. Seraphine Maternity:

Almost four years after my first pregnancy I STILL have Seraphine pieces I wear without a baby bump. They are cute, great quality, and don’t scream “pregnancy.”

24. Nom Maternity:

One of my two favorite maternity dresses of all time is from Nom and it is comfortable as it is cute. If you’re looking for a great, stylish dress you can live in all of your pregnancy, this is it. They’ve expanded their line in the last few years and I’ve concluded I just want everything. My favorite maternity order this time around has to be their gingham lounge set (pictured above) but their denim shorts are also incredibly comfortable. These are pieces perfect for everyday wear through all stages of your pregnancy. Nordstrom carries a selection of NOM Maternity here.

Shop the lounge set here (love that these will work not pregnant as well)

25. Isabella Oliver:

If I had no budget limitations for a maternity wardrobe, I think I’d order everything from this catalog. They carry so many great silhouettes in gorgeous colors and comfortable fabrics. I have loved my dresses from here because they’re comfortable, chic, and flattering.

26. Tiffany Rose:

If you have a special event while pregnant, glance through their collection of beautiful dresses! I cannot recommend this line enough! They carry it at nordstrom but have more options on the Tiffany Rose site. I’ve worn these gowns for a few different formal events over the years and they’re the highest quality maternity pieces. 

27. Nordstrom

Nordstrom carries an assortment of maternity pieces. Be sure to check out their selection online because it’s much bigger than in-store.

28. Legoe Heritage Maternity

This Australian based maternity brand makes the most gorgeous, understatedly chic maternity pieces. I lived in their knits and dresses toward the end of my last pregnancy and cannot say enough great things about the style, quality, and comfort of these pieces. The biggest perk is they almost all work very well post partum and as your body changes after having a baby (3 weeks post partum right now and their dresses and sweater sets have been on regular rotation).

29. Rosie Pope

Rosie Pope gives you nursing, maternity, and baby clothes all in one place and then they add in diaper bags and parenting tips. I haven’t ordered from them before.

30. Ingrid & Isabel

In addition to a full line of maternity and nursing apparel, Ingrid and Isabel also carries active maternity wear with great reviews.

31. Angel Maternity

This mid to high-end maternity brand has some beautiful pieces that can be worn pregnant and post partum. From workwear to loungewear and everything in between, Angel Maternity has something for the mama-to-be.

From all the pieces I’ve tried, my favorites are their dresses. They have a great selection of on-trend dresses I’d be thrilled to wear not pregnant and that work beautifully for daily wear, maternity photos, or events like summer weddings or baby showers (like both of the blue dresses from Angel Maternity above).

You can shop a wide selection of Angel Maternity at Nordstrom here or view their full line on their website.

32. Shopbop

Shopbop always has a very well curated selection of well made pieces from a variety of brands/ designers and their maternity selection is no exception. They carry brands such as Hatch, Seraphine, and Blanqi as well as a good mix of designer maternity denim. They offer free shipping and convenient, free returns. 

Maternity Subscription Options:

33. Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a styling service that can send you a one time box (not at subscription) or you can subscribe for more regular “fixes.” Be sure to be specific in your style profile so your stylist has a great idea about what types of clothes you are looking for.

34. Le Tote

This is a subscription based maternity RENTAL service. Unlike Stitch Fix where you’re buying the pieces, with Le Tote you’re renting the pieces and rotating them out when you’d like to.

35. Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway has a selection of maternity pieces that are included in their monthly rental subscriptions. This is great if you want to try out some higher end maternity brands and be able to rotate through different pieces.

36. Nuuly

Anthropologie’s take on the clothing rental subscription, Nuuly has a curated selection of maternity and bump friendly pieces. This is particularly great if you’re looking for dresses for events or maternity photos.

Non-Maternity Stores to Dress the Bump

I am a big believer in actually buying maternity clothes because they just work better and are more flattering  when you have a full belly. But, for those early months when you’re just starting to show, for the months post partum, or when you want to buy something you’ll be able to wear again after baby, you have some options. Here are a few non maternity places that have great non-maternity flowy dresses + top options that can still work with your growing bump:

  • Piper and Scoot
  • Clad and Cloth
  • Shein (hit or miss but I have a few favorite non-maternity maternity pieces from there and they have recently added maternity specific pieces!)

Best Maternity Leggings:

  • On a budget: Fabletics (sign up for their introductory offer and cancel afterwards) – these are SO incredibly comfortable. Read the full review here.
  • For dressing up: Blanqi – these look less like workout leggings and if you’re going to pass off a pair of maternity leggings at the office, it will be these. Read the full review here.
  • For lounging: Kindred Bravely – these are very stretchy and very comfortable (use code ElisabethM15 for 15% off)
  • For exercising: Senita Maternity – I’ve worn a million different maternity leggings to workout in (from HITT to yoga) and these are the best.

Best Maternity Jeans:

  • Blanqi: This maternity legging brand recently launched a line of maternity denim and it. is. everything. They are, hands down, my favorite maternity jeans of all time. You can read my full review of them here but, if you order one pair of maternity jeans, let them be these.
  • AG Maternity: These are my favorite non-maternity jeans and they are also phenomenal maternity jeans. Everyone who has tried them (that I’ve talked to) has agreed these are the best maternity jeans they’ve tried. The price point is high so I love checking for these on thredUP or just biting the bullet at the beginning of pregnancy
  • J.Brand: This was my first designer maternity denim (snagged for $30 on thredUP) and they’re great. I do find these run a bit small and I grew out of my first pair as I gained weight during pregnancy.
  • Asos: I loved and wore my ASOS maternity jeans all the time during my second pregnancy.
  • Best Maternity Boyfriend Jeans (full review) 
  • Madewell: These are SO comfortable, stretchy, and look like your regular jeans. They run a bit large so order your pre-pregnancy size and they’ll last your whole pregnancy (if you’re like me and you gain weight in more than just your belly). If you want a tighter fit early on in your pregnancy, size down. 

Maternity Clothes FAQ

What month do you start wearing maternity clothes?

With their first pregnancy, most women can get away without wearing maternity clothes until well into their second and maybe even third trimester. However, with subsequent pregnancies women often show sooner and find themselves needing maternity clothes as soon as the first trimester.

What should you not wear while pregnant?

Nothing is 100% off the table when you’re pregnant. Some women prefer tight fitting clothes to show off the bump while others opt for looser fitting more comfortable, flowy pieces.

Can you size up instead of wearing maternity clothes?

In some styles you can simply size up (and some maternity brands sell non-maternity pieces in different sizing and pass them off as maternity clothes). This sizing up tactic works best for pieces that aren’t super fitted around the bump. For example, you can simply size up in a smocked dress that is fitted in the bust and then loose and flowy.
When it comes to pieces that are more fitted around the bump, stick with maternity specific styles. Most of these have added fabric or ruching in the stomach to accommodate a growing bump. Plus, maternity clothes are also purposefully loose or comfortable in the waist and you’ll likely find they just feel better on.

Can I wear my jeans while pregnant?

Have you tried the rubber-band trick on your regular jeans yet? By using a hair tie or rubber band you can give yourself a few more weeks in your regular jeans before buying maternity ones.
As a general rule, if it is comfortable for you to wear, go ahead and wear it.

What stores sell cute maternity clothes in store?

There are a handful of stores that carry maternity wear in store but, as a general rule, their selections are small. You can always find more options online. Target, for example, has a huge maternity selection online with only a few racks dedicated to maternity in any given store.

If you’re someone who loves to try things on before you buy, give online shopping a chance. Check the return policy and consider ordering 2 sizes of something so you can get it in the best size for you.

How long can you go without maternity clothes?

You can go as long as you want without maternity clothes but the real question is, why would you? A lot of women (myself included) find they feel much better about how they look and are more comfortable once they pull the trigger and start wearing maternity clothes. If you’re going to buy them eventually, you might as well get a few extra weeks of wear out of them, right?

Is it too early for maternity clothes?

It is never too early for maternity clothes, My first pregnancy I didn’t wear them until the middle to end of my second trimester but during my most recent pregnancy, I was in maternity jeans by week 8. If you’re going to end up getting maternity clothes eventually, why not get them now and get more wear out of them? Plus, if you pick the right styles, they can work well for that transitional time post partum as well.

Which maternity pieces are worth spending more on?

Whichever staples you are going to get the most wear out of are the ones I recommend spending a little bit more on. The blouse you’re going to wear for date night once a month, don’t splurge. The dark wash jeans you’ll wear on that date night and 4 days a week between now and delivery? Those are worth spending a bit more on.

I recommend buying a great pair of maternity jeans (or two if you wear jeans a lot), a great maternity tee, and a great maternity dress.

What is the most comfortable maternity underwear?

Blanqi and Kindred Bravely both make great quality and very comfortable maternity underwear.

Surprisingly, my favorite maternity underwear is actually this silky set of 5. They are 1/5 the price of other brands I’ve tried and I wish I’d had them in previous pregnancies.

What are the best sneakers to wear while pregnant?

As you start carrying more weight your feet need a little more support and it gets harder to bend over and put on shoes. Slip-ons are the easiest but when you need a sneaker I always prefer something I don’t have to tie. This pair from Cole Han I can slip on and off without tying. I also wore this velcro pair of Vejas my whole last pregnancy and loved how easy they were to get on and off (and they go with everything).

Where can you buy the best maternity clothes?

Of this whole list and after four pregnancies, if I could only wear maternity clothes from three stores I would pick Legoe Heritage, Hatch, and Blanqi (gotta have those jeans). Kindred Bravely, NOM Maternity, and Angel Maternity would be a close second.

What would you add to this list? Where is your favorite place to buy maternity clothes?




such a good list of 30 places to find cute maternity clothes! if you're shopping for clothes while pregnant, you need this list of best places for maternity clothes.

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  1. Fantastic list of maternity finds! I also highly recommend Mom’s the Word! https://momstheword.com/

    Very high quality and most of what they have can be worn way after pregnancy- and still actually look great! They’ve got 3 retail store locations, and an online store if you’re not near their physical stores. Their staff are so friendly!
    I was DREADING going maternity shopping and I happened upon their SF store. I actually left their store so much more excited about my pregnancy clothing than when I went in. Their team was so helpful giving me so much personal styling advice without being pushy or weird.

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  12. This is a great list, thank you! I’ve found some really cute things from Seraphine and Tiffany Rose as well! I also recommend checking out Marion Maternity for better quality work clothes – https://marionmaternity.com/collections/work-wear-collection. I have a couple of their dresses and they’re gorgeous and made for nursing, too. I also like Figure 8 Moms – https://www.figure8moms.com/. They have a good curated selection of lots of different kinds of maternity clothes (bras, casual, occasion, workwear, etc.).

  13. frustrating that all your photos do not have information or links where the dresses were from. also that your links lead to other blogs on your site about the site, not just to the site to purchase
    ie Legoe Heritage.

    1. Hi Stacy! Sorry about that – these pictures are from my last four pregnancies and most of the specific items are no longer in stock. If I have more information or specific product reviews, I link to those to give you more info before ordering (ie: Legoe Heritage – that review has all the specific product links for all the pieces).

      Thanks so much for this feedback – i’ll see if there’s a good way to include two links per brand, one that is a direct shopping link and one that sends you to the more detailed review