Is Shein Legit? A [2023] Review: The Good and the Bad

Have you ever wondered if Shein is legit? Looking for Shein reviews? Today I’m talking about my seven years of experience shopping for Shein clothing and givings you all the tips on how to get things that are awesome. This post is not sponsored, but it may contain affiliate links. Don’t forget to SNAG 5 SECRETS FOR FINDING AMAZING THINGS ON SHEIN by dropping your email below. 

5 secrets for finding AMAZING things on Shein

7 Years of Shein reviews

I have been ordering things off of Shein.com for over 7 years now. This China-based website has been taking the fashion world by storm and continues to grow in popularity. Overall, the items on the site are hit or miss. But, over the years, there are a few tips I’ve found that have made my last two  years of purchases almost always great.

There was the first oversized knit cardigan I ordered (and styled in this post) that was incredible quality, especially given the price, and is still going strong in my closet. And then there was this dress, which looked nothing like the pictures and just didn’t fit well at all.

And then there’s the top floral top I’m wearing in today’s post. I actually borrowed from my sister’s closet and was so surprised to find out she’d ordered it off of Shein! It also comes in a cute powder blue was only $12 right and is something I’d expect to pick up at Loft or maybe J.Crew Factory.

History of Shein

Shein (formerly SheInside) was founded in October 2008 in Nanjung, China, with the belief that everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion. Shein’s mission is to bring customers on-trend styles at affordable price points.

In 2012 Chris Xu, an American-born graduate of Washington University, gave up his wedding dress business to buy the domain Sheinside.com. He rebranded to Shein in 2015 with his eye on overseas markets. Today, the fast-fashion brand has websites for customers based in the United States, Spain, France, Russia, Germany, Italy, Australia, and the Middle East, with numerous globally positioned warehouses. If you’re shopping in the US you’ll see different product images and have a different user experience than a customer shopping in Japan. 

If you’re interested in finance, you might like to know that in 2020 Shein completed a round of Series E financing which gave Shein a valuation over $15 billion. Revenues are not disclosed but locally estimated to be over $10 billion annually. The U.S. is now Shein’s largest market and it was the most talked about brand on Tik Tok in 2020. 

Is Shein Legit?

I know, a darling blouse for $12 when an almost identical one sells at J.Crew for $70 seems too good to be true. It is and it isn’t.

When it comes to Shein, you are paying for low quality, fast fashion. This isn’t always a bad thing.

Shein takes popular, trendy, higher-end items and makes a lower quality version of them for a much lower price point.

I love Shein for pieces that don’t have to be workhorses in my closet (cute summer blouses I may or may not want to wear again next summer, midi skirts I only wear every once in awhile to church, etc). For a dress you want to wear twice a week, all summer, for the next four years, ordering from Shein isn’t going to be your best bet. But for a top to wear to brunch with your girlfriends? It could be perfect.

Is Shein Safe?

Yes, Shein is a reputable Chinese fast fashion manufacturer that ships to over 220 countries around the world. It did have an information security breach back in 2018 but Shein does not sell your information. I have been ordering from Shein for 7+ years with no problems. 

Shein Shipping

When I originally started ordering from Shein years ago, things took almost a month to arrive because each order shipped directly from China. Now, they have a distribution plant here in the United States so many things ship MUCH faster.

Shein has a main warehouse in China and Hong Kong and then many fulfillment centers around the world. In the US, the main fulfillment center is LA. 

How long does Shein take to ship?

Once you place your order there are usually 2-4 days of processing time before your order is ready to ship. 

How long does Shein take to deliver?

If you are using standard shipping, most things take about 10 days to arrive in the US. I’ve had some items arrive in as little as 5 days (probably something that was in-stock in the US fulfillment center). You can use Shein’s shipping estimator to see how long it will take. They also offer tracking so you can see where your package is. The tracking info doesn’t update until the order has been processed and left the Chinese warehouse. 

On average, things arrive on my doorstep within a week or two.

If you’re ordering from Shein for an important event, definitely give yourself plenty of time for the item to arrive.

They do now offer free shipping on orders over $49 and free returns. Sometimes I see them running promotions for free shipping with no minimums as well.

Where does Shein ship from?

Shein ships from its main Chinese warehouse or one of its many fulfillment centers positioned globally. This is why things can take up to two weeks to arrive or be on your doorstep within 5 days. 

Shein Sizing Guide

Shein sizing has gotten more consistent over the years. When I first started ordering from Shein I found their items tended to run small and short compared to standard US sizing. Now, though, you are usually safe ordering your standard US size. 

When it comes to sizing, the best thing you can do is read the reviews and pay attention to the specific measurements. A lot of the clothing pieces have waist, bust, and length measurements and I recommend taking your own measurements before ordering.

While it’s getting better, the sizing isn’t consistent across items. For example, if you were a small in one blouse, you aren’t necessarily a small in another blouse. This is where it is important to pay attention to the sizing guides and read the reviews.

Tips for Shopping on Shein

Okay, so Shein is a legit site. But how can you find really great items? With tens of thousands of items to choose from across so many categories, how do you find something you’ll love? 

1. Read the Shein Reviews:

The BEST thing you can do to improve your experience with Shein is to read the reviews of items before you purchase. It is helpful not only to see if it has positive reviews, but to check the review’s comments about sizing, quality, material, and color.

You can find out if something is sheer, running small, or oversized from the reviews. It is also helpful to look at the images uploaded and compare those to the product pictures. Sometimes colors are a little off from product images to the customer reviews are a must-check. 

I’d caution against ordering something without a review – you can always try it but you won’t be sure what you’re getting until it arrives.

2. Go for trendy clothing pieces (not classics)

Shein is a great place to dip your toe into trends. Thinking about peplum but not wanting to spend $80 for a top at Nordstrom? Just grab a top or two on Shein. Love the pom pom details on everything right now but know you probably won’t want to be wearing it next summer? Grab something from Shein.

The pieces are not designed to hold up to rough laundering so if you’re looking for the white tee you’re going to wear with all your jeans this summer and then under cardigans all winter, invest in something of higher quality (like this amazing one I LOVE from Able).

That said, there is a HUGE selection of fun, on-trend pieces to choose from in one place at Shein for a fraction of the price you’d find them somewhere else.

3. Stick with the Shein sizing measurements

Even if you’re usually an XS and you think the size guide must be wrong because on this top it’s telling you to order a L, believe the sizing guide. And remember, the sizes aren’t consistent across the site so keep your measuring tape handy and check the measurements for each item you add to your cart. It’s also helpful to check Shein’s reviews from customers about sizing.

4. Be ready to steam + hang dry: 

Out of the package pieces are quite wrinkled and unimpressive but they clean up well. I typically hang dry delicate clothing and Shein pieces are no exception. Be sure to have a steamer on hand (this is my favorite one from Amazon) to freshen up your pieces. 

I have favorite pieces from Shein that I have worn regularly for years at this point. If you aren’t super hard on your clothes and take care of them, these pieces can last you a long time (I finally replaced a trench coat I got from Shein after almost a decade!).

5 + 6: Grab the two best bonus tips : 

Drop your email below and I’ll send you my two best bonus tips (and I link the $30 sweater set the CEO of J.Jill complimented me on at a store opening back in Boston thinking it was cashmere). 

Best things to buy from Shein

Shein Reviews

Here are reviews of a few pieces I’ve bought recently from Shein. You can find more of my Shein reviews and picks here. Each week I post a new mini Shein review. If you have a specific piece you’d like me to review, you can always submit it at the bottom of this page

Mini Shein Dress Review:

I bought this leopard dress for $20 and have worn and washed it over a dozen times. It dresses up well with heels and down with sneakers and a denim jacket.

It was very wrinkled right out of the box but it steamed very easily.

The dress is not lined but not see through. It comes in two colors and one of my most-worn Shein purchases.

Mini Shein Kids Review:

I have a full Shein Kids review here but I love Shein for cute trendy pieces my kids will grow out of in a few months. This blouse was under $10 and perfect for back to school pictures. There was a loose string I cut off when it arrived and other than that, it has been cute and comfortable for my 5 year old. The fabric is thin and almost silky with smocking detail at the top. The long sleeves are gathered at the wrist. 

Mini Shein Sweater Review: 

I ordered this striped pullover from Shein in 2021 and have worn in on repeat for the last few weeks. It is a knock off of this more expensive Sezane sweater (a French brand I own pieces from and love). It has a boxier fit, thick knit, and cute chunky buttons (I don’t always love Shein’s hardware but these buttons are great). It isn’t scratchy but isn’t crazy soft. It looks like something I’d buy at Madewell for 5 times the price. It comes in three colors and is under $20. 

Mini Shein Blouse Review:

Shein is a great place to find cute, trendy blouses and deep discounts. I love this smocked blouse that was under $20. It is thin but not at all see through. It is comfortable, runs true to size (I ordered my regular size but fit isn’t super important with this boxy top so you could go up or down and it would still work). 

Mini Shein Swim Review:

I bought 7-10 one pieces from Shein last summer and this zip one piece was one of my favorites. It looks just like the pictures. The material is comfortable and stretchy. I love the zipper detail. The back has medium coverage and flattering high leg cuts. This one comes in a lot of colors and I’m super impressed with the quality for less than $15!

Shein FAQ:

Why is Shein so cheap?

This fast fashion brand, headquartered in Hong Kong, creates low quality clothing very low prices. These pieces are not likely to last for years of frequent wear. 

Shein also doesn’t have permanent physical locations so they keep costs down by focusing mainly on the digital space. 

Does Shein use child labor? 

Recent allegations against Shein have claimed that the brand uses child labor in production. I spoke with a research team investigating Shein for a documentary in 2021 who reported they’ve found no such practices. 

These concerns come up because of Shein’s severe lack of transparency. Little is known about Shein’s production chain. 

Shein does report on their “Social Responsibility” page on their website that “We strictly abide by child labor laws in each of the countries that we operate in. Neither we nor any of our partners are allowed to hire underage children. Any partners or vendors found to have violated these laws are terminated immediately and reported to the authorities.”

One concern here is that child labor laws vary significantly from country to country. 

How do you pronounce Shein? 

Shein is pronounced “She – inn.” It is two syllables and rhymes with grin. 

Originally Shein launched as “Sheinside” and was later shortened to simply “Shein.” A lot of people pronounce it “shine” or “sheen” but the correct pronunciation is “she-in.” 

How do you find Shein coupon codes? 

Shein is always running lots of different coupon codes. You can find codes on the homepage of their website. Different college reps (who earn credit for sales) will also have unique coupon codes that they share on social media. 

Is Shein Good Quality? 

Shein can be good quality for the price but they are generally not high quality pieces. Most of what I’ve ordered is similar in quality to what you’d get at stores like Forever21. Some pieces are closer to Target or Old Navy quality. 

Is Shein a scam? 

Shein is a reputable online retailer. If you’re shopping from the US they have a great return policy (free return shipping on the first return package from your order within 30 days). Shein is one of the fastest growing online retailers (making the front page of the Wall Street Journal in summer 2021). 

Where is Shein located?

Shein is headquartered in Nanjing but they have moved most of their shipping to Hong Kong. 

Does Shein have any physical stores? 

Shein has been operating pop up shops around the world (notably in LA, New York, and Miami). These are not permanent stores. To get a full view of what Shein has to offer, you have to visit their website. They add an average of 2000 new pieces to their website EVERY DAY. 



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  1. This post was perfect timing! I’ve never ordered from Shein before, but I’ve been so tempted over the years, and a lot more tempted this summer. Have you ever tried a bathing suit from them? Or would you stick to more well known shops for that?

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      I haven’t tried a bathing suit from them – I’d look at the reviews. I know sometimes these sites take pictures from other sites and their suits don’t always look like the pictures…but if the reviews are great then I’d try it!

      1. i love their bathing suits. I have ordered 4 and have not been disappointed.

        1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

          I’m so happy to hear that! I’ve been loving mine so far.

          1. I’m looking through the reviews bc my mom does not trust she in but she does now!

    2. I have ordered many bathing suits from there. It is great quality but it only last 1 or 2 summers. Its not very long lasting.

      1. Annie Burnett says:

        So it sounds like shein is like wish. Everything is thin and it usually doesn’t looks like the picture. So does the price gets higher when u check out.

      2. For a 2 piece does the top and bottom come together or do you order each separate?

        1. I made my order a month ago.
          a minute ago I checked the tracking order, it is still at the airport at the Netherlands and this track record has been there for over a few days after ordering.
          It is so upsetting that there is even no direct contact from the company for customers.
          Can anyone from shien help?

        2. catherine says:

          The top and bottom come together. I only buy swim suits from Shein. I have tons of them!

      3. Carmen Peters says:

        how is it great quality if they fell apart? They should last more than two years, but unless you soak swimsuits in bleach, they should never fall apart.

        1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

          I’m not sure they acually fall apart. My guess is they are like the kids swim I’ve purchased at Target. After wearing + washing regularly for a summer the colors are really faded and sometimes the material stretches out. For a kids swimsuit that they outgrow after one year it doesn’t bother me much and I’d still rather buy the $15 suit than the $60 better quality one. I’m more likely to pay for the more expensive suit for pieces I”m going to pass down from kid to kid.

      4. Kathy Wallace says:

        I have just made 4 big orders with Shein. Plus sizes. I have already received some pants. I love them. They came from NJ fulfillment plant. How about the jewelry? Thanks.

    3. My teen daughter discovered Shein & loves it! The only negatives are the sizing as you mentioned, so if you’re average or on the larger side, you may want to go with at least a L or XL. My daughter orders everything from Shein in XL. Only other complaint is how long shipping takes, also mentioned in this article. It is not quick by any means. I will add that pricing is very reasonable, but again, you’re not getting extreme quality here. I’ve seen more durable items at Walmart/Target tbh. Most of their styles in women’s clothing looks more like “teenybopper trends”, not really much that I would wear (I’m almost 39). Lots of crop tops & trendy teen fashions, unless of course you’re a 30 something who still rocks crop tops, but sorry, not for me. I have seen some cute shorts/skirts on their website, but haven’t ordered anything because I’m someone who needs to actually shop in person. Even if I can’t try something on, I need to at least be sure of the material, approximate size, etc. Which is really near impossible shopping online, especially when a company runs *super small*. It’s too bad their sizes weren’t more accurate! But many stores also have this issue, such as Abercrombie & Hollister. Unless you’re a 0 or 00, don’t expect to fit into a XS/S or even a M probably! I personally think there are better sites than Shein for shopping online, but if you like low quality cheap clothes, why not? Or you can get something decent on a clearance rack anywhere else that will actually last.

    4. I bought a bathing suit loved it but the top doesn’t fit. How do I exchange? No packing slip only address on pkg.

  2. Kathleen Comerford says:

    Recently ordered from shein and the blouses were not as they appeared on the website. I am having a hard time trying to return them using their website info. given won’t respond. Any suggestions?

      1. Going to the website to see how to return the items states that the web page DOESN’T exist. I just purchased my dress. There’s no telephone number, and no address. This is an fraudulent business. I’m going to decline the credit card payment!!!!!

          1. Holly Miller says:

            Does it say anywhere why there would be no phone number for customer service ? I am always Leary of companies that don’t have a way to contact them directly.

        1. You can submit a ticket and they will get back to you. https://us.shein.com/How-to-Submit-Ticket-a-487.html or google “shein submit a ticket”. They closed my refund for something that I shipped and I submitted a ticket and got my refund back in a couple days. Good shopping but I’m not sure how ethical SHEIN is 🙁

      2. Just file a credit card dispute and refuse to pay for merchandise.

    1. Maria Viray says:

      Hi! This post is super informative. I just wanna ask about their modes of payment. They offer COD (with COD fee), PAYPAL and CC and Debit card (both with 10% discount). I am tempted to pay thru my credit card to be able to get the 10% discount but am so scared my orders won’t arrive. Have you ever tried paying thru Paypal or CC? Did your oders arrive? Thank you in advance!

      1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

        Yes, I have paid through cc and my order arrived!

    2. Good evening…. We’re you able to find info to return items to Shein? I have tried every address, email and phone number provided, with no success.


  3. I am still waiting on a sweater ordered in November and it is January! Way too long for shipping. Last I looked it is still in China!

  4. I want to order a bathing suit.
    I’m afraid it’s coming from China and will take over a month to receive in the US.

    How true is this??

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      All Shein products used to ship directly from china so they would take a couple of weeks to arrive. Now they have distribution centers here in the US and you usually receive things more quickly. Shipping details on their website say this:

      Shein Shipping:
      FREE for orders over US$49.00 otherwise US$3.99 with 6-8 business days
      Express FREE for orders over US$99.00 otherwise US$12.90 with 2-4 business days

      Does that help? Standard shipping should have your suit to you in a week and a half.

      1. I ordered from Shein because your review said it’s shipped from the US and wouldn’t take long. Turns out it’s coming from Hong Kong so probably won’t be here in time and will be the wrong size. Thanks a lot.

        1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

          Oh that must be so frustrating, Alison! Why will it be the wrong size?

          Shein has a few distribution locations so some things do ship directly from the US and have arrived (for me) 2-3 days after ordering. Other things I’ve ordered recently ship internationally and take 2-3 weeks to arrive. Shein will usually give you a pretty accurate shipping estimate when you’re completing your purchase.

    2. It only takes 2 weeks at the MOST to come in. one time i ordered and it only came in 3 days!!

  5. Shein ans Boigii are the only 2 sites that I buy from online. Never a problem and always satisfied

  6. Where’d you get this awesome jacket?

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      This jacket we haggled for at the tanneries in Morocco a few years ago – my favorite souvenir I think we’ve ever gotten from a trip (except maybe the rug from the same visit). I’ve heard good things about this similar moto jacket: http://bit.ly/2OVpEXO

  7. I am waiting for a refund does it take awhile? No one is answering their customer support number. Thanks!

    1. Crystal Brown says:

      Shein is a good company. I’ve ordered from them in the past, never had an issue. However, I’m learning that these low fashion costs often come at a cost to the workers. Always try & educate yourself on workers’ conditions.

    2. Annie Burnett says:

      Wish is somewhat like that are they the same company. But I don’t have any ideas about contacting them.

    3. I’m also awaiting a refund from them and according to the reviews people have been complaining that they don’t refund

      I’m so stressed right now my head is actually pounding thinking about the money I could to them ?

      1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

        Oh that must be frustrating! I’ve ordered from them and returned items on multiple occasions (most recently a few weeks ago) and each time the refund has gone through.

    4. Gail Murray says:

      There are no phone numbers or email contact numbers for Shein. How do I contact them re a return shipping label. I do not have order number because shipment received without receipt

  8. lin kreuzer says:

    Where are these clothes made? Is it China and are we safe to order from there given the carnovirus????

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      oh that is a great question – i just read a few articles and it looks like US health officials say the risk is very low. similar viruses can only live for a few hours on the surface of an object and it takes much longer than that for a package to arrive (info from here: https://www.mercurynews.com/2020/01/27/can-i-get-coronavirus-from-a-package-being-delivered-from-china/) — the CDC website says it is spreading person to person: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/faq.html

      hope that helps!

  9. (Prefer not to give) says:

    I want to get a romper. Normally, I would wear a small or medium, depending on the site. According to Shien, though, I should get a XL. Which size do you suggest I go with? The reviews state ‘true to size’ but I am still a little worried. Thank you.

  10. How long does it take for an order to process? Mines been processing for 5 days.

  11. How long does it take for an order to be processed? Mines been processing for 5 days.

    1. Prefer not to say says:

      It normally should take 1-5 days based on what the company told me when I ordered my clothes. Sometimes it takes longer than usual due to the fact of multiple orders coming in. I ordered mines two days ago and already shipped. Give it some time.

  12. I just received my order today, after 8 business days, and I am happy to say that each of the summer bedtime short sets are really nice and are true to size!! All 6 of them!! They are overly cute and the material is so soft with easy-to-launder instructions. I am in love with Shein and have since placed another order!! ?

  13. sandra rochon says:

    My niece ordered from Shein, she is 18! She had me look at cute clothes, tops, baggy jeans. Everything looks so nice, except I am 64!!!! Basically some things I like would have to be a large or extra large. Are these clothes just for young people? Thank you

    1. Hi I think it’s mainly directed at young people. I felt the same. I gave a teen daughter also who loves Shein. I’m 39 & won’t wear anything from them.

  14. Latex Vampire Slave Rocky says:

    Thank you so much Elisabeth for this wonderful insight on Shein. I have been considering on making a purchase on this website and now since I have read your post, I think I will definitely take the plunge and order a few items. Shein has so many wonderful items to pick from and now I can’t wait to see what else I can find on their website. Also I have a question for you. What shipping method does Shein normally use for their items? Is it mostly USPS, UPS or Fedex? Thank you again and I hope that you have an extraordinary day.

  15. I was wondering if you knew if there is a difference between shipment of clothing and shipment of accessories (phone cases necklaces etc.) from shein. like if they ship from different places in the world or if one takes longer to arrive. would be helpful with a reply, thank u! 🙂

    1. Hav u ever order a handbag

    2. Hav u ever order a handbag

  16. notmeaningtoberude says:

    Hi, I don’t mean to be rude but shein is actually a very bad company. They use child labour and are a large polluter and consumer of fast fashion (fast fashion is also the second-largest pollutant in the world). The workers get paid little and often work overtime. There are much more negative side effects to shein which you can easily research. I know this may come as a disappointment as it did to me as I loved this cite and their clothes. You can continue to buy from them if you would like but I am just here to make you aware of the negative impacts your money is going towards thank you 🙂

    1. Hi I think it’s mainly directed at young people. I felt the same. I have a teen daughter also who loves Shein. I’m 39 & won’t wear anything from them.

    2. I couldn’t agree more! This fast fashion world is devastating. Shein is a problem. They have also been caught taking artists work and using there designs on their own items without licensing.

  17. I can across this doing my own research on the company. I have heard that they steal artists images to put on their clothes and participate in child labour. Have you heard any of these things?

  18. Have you ever seen the MOUNTAINS of billions and billions pieces of old clothing that people throw in the trash after using twice. Cheap, fast fashion is a huge problem. Before putting fast fashion and cheap on a pedestal, google where all these clothes end up after no one wants them. Fast fashion is a threat to the environment.

    1. Cheap fashion not ethical says:

      Yes, this kind of fast fashion is polluting our beloved earth, all those single use clothes end up in landfills. Imagine how much wastage of resources/money towards these low grade cheap clothes.

  19. My teen daughter discovered Shein & loves it! The only negatives are the sizing as you mentioned, so if you’re average or on the larger side, you may want to go with at least a L or XL. My daughter orders everything from Shein in XL. Only other complaint is how long shipping takes, also mentioned in this article. It is not quick by any means. I will add that pricing is very reasonable, but again, you’re not getting extreme quality here. I’ve seen more durable items at Walmart/Target tbh. Most of their styles in women’s clothing looks more like “teenybopper trends”, not really much that I would wear (I’m almost 39). Lots of crop tops & trendy teen fashions, unless of course you’re a 30 something who still rocks crop tops, but sorry, not for me. I have seen some cute shorts/skirts on their website, but haven’t ordered anything because I’m someone who needs to actually shop in person. Even if I can’t try something on, I need to at least be sure of the material, approximate size, etc. Which is really near impossible shopping online, especially when a company runs *super small*. It’s too bad their sizes weren’t more accurate! But many stores also have this issue, such as Abercrombie & Hollister. Unless you’re a 0 or 00, don’t expect to fit into a XS/S or even a M probably! I personally think there are better sites than Shein for shopping online, but if you like low quality cheap clothes, why not? Or you can get something decent on a clearance rack anywhere else that will actually last.

  20. Has anyone ordered anything for their house? I saw some cute things for a dorm etc.
    Any thoughts appreciated.

  21. How can I get in touch with customer service? I received notice my package was delivered but it wasn’t delivered to me.

  22. You have several grammatical errors in your post. Just FYI.

  23. marshall mc aleese says:

    I bought three pairs of p j s from these people and I have yet to get a refund I dont know how many times I tried to get answers but nothing So I am sorry to say this do not order any thing from them I have just lost over 30 pounds I wish I never trusted this so call company Be very careful if you dont want to lose money

  24. It is really helpful, Elisabeth
    I am looking for some clothing online, and Shein is one of my choice, just want to know if you heard about Bubledon? They sell allegra k women clothing, I love allegra k and bought it few times in Amazon, just looking for some reviews about these clothing on Bubledon.

      1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

        Thanks for sending that along. I haven’t heard of Bubledon but I’ll check it out!

  25. This is my first order and I do not want to waste my money on inferior products; especially when they do not offer free shipping unless syou purchse $199 worth of merchandise. I know there are no guarantees on anythin but at least be honest about the merchandise you are marketing.

    when trying to post this comment, your error message keeps saying, I”ve already said that; thank you for that. I will not be ordering from you.

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Oh interesting – where are you located? I usually see free shipping for orders over $29 or $39 here in the US (with free shipping with no minimum on Sundays).

  26. I hate shein
    The most horable experience ever
    I had bought cloths in 2019 Dec out of 5 I kept 2 and 3 were returned
    I wish I had known returns will be so painfull
    I am still waiting for the refund… yes even after 2 yrs there is no sign of help and my money is still stuck.
    Customer service team first promised a refund in the PayPal account but that never happened… I escalated and asked again ever since then they have been telling to wait and have patience
    2 yrs is a long time…
    Worst experience

  27. Deena Downs says:

    I have 2 charges on my credit card, $26.46 and $20.04, should be the $26.46, what is going on with the other charge?
    Order #GSUMPC57M00JWNL

  28. Fred Horstman says:

    Thank you for this review. Your site gives so much information. I am checking out Shein now and your site answered many questions that I had. Thanks again.

  29. Got an email from Shein about 2 weeks after I sent in my order. It claimed that my order had been delivered. It had not. I’m afraid I may have been swindled. Where can I go from here to either get my order delivered or get my money back?

  30. This company steals artists works (paintings) and then sells without reference or $$$. Unethical!

  31. I ordered to lovely dresses which came in a couple of weeks. They are too small in the bust. I have tried over, and over, and over again to fill out the return spaces on their web site. While they have my email address and continue to send me ads, they refuse to recognize my email so that I can return the items. Is there any way I can get my email into their system and have it go all the way through to provide the first time buyers free return shipping. Any help would be appreciated.

  32. Hi. I’m glad you gave so much good information about this company. Customer service is another history. The phone No. they give (Does not work) there is not Live Chat, so you have to way to communicate much about certain issues, such as exchanging for different size, without they charging more (ever for an smaller size) if you have any useful information I would love to hear it.

  33. I came across your article on Jan.14, 2023 while researching Shein before placing an order. After reading your article I felt safe placing an order for 43 items from the Shein website. I placed the order on January 14th and my package arrived on January 19th, with all 43 items. I’m now hooked and placed a 2nd order today. Thank you!

  34. Doncha B. Lion says:

    I almost ordered from Shein today. I’m glad that just before I placed the order, I researched reviews. After reading pages and pages of similar complaints, I’m guessing that this blog is owned and run by Shein. There’s no way thousands of people are lying or just had an isolated unhappy experience with them. I wouldn’t be surprised if the woman in these photos also shows up on Shein’s website, too.

    1. Elisabeth McKnight says:

      Hi! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. This blog is owned and run by me, Elisabeth. I ordered from Shein two weeks ago for the first time in about a year. Before placing an order I read the specific product reviews and tend to stick with things that have less hardware and fit isn’t super important. Of the 10 or so items I ordered recently two were home runs, two will get sent back, and the other 6 were what i would expect from shopping at Target (but better styles for what I was looking for). There are certainly people who have negative experiences shopping on Shein (and I get their messages on here from time to time) but in my 10 years of ordering I have always received my product and have had no issues with returns. My biggest issue is the occasional problem with fit, sizing, or quality.

  35. Good for you as for me I haven’t received anything from Shein and I ordered about two months ago. I can’t even get in touch with them. I had two separate orders and I haven’t received anything. Once I get my orders or refund I will never shop with them again.
    I would never recommend them to anyone because they have really embarrassed me. One of my orders was a birthday gift. Unsatisfied customer

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