Veja Sneakers Review: Are they worth it?

Today we’re talking all about the popular Veja sneakers as seen on Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton in this unsponsored review. All opinions are my own and this post may contain affiliate links.

Veja Sneakers Review

Today we are talking all about Veja sneakers. I’m sharing the good and the bad and answering all the questions you didn’t know you had about Vejas. 

The Hunt for the Perfect Sneaker:

Maybe you’re also looking for the perfect sneaker – Something versatile that could be worn regularly with jeans but also thrown on with a casual dress? 

I am not very easy on shoes and they tend to get dirty very quickly so I have been hoping to find something that would hide that or a leather sneaker I could wipe down. 

The Paris-based brand Veja was founded in 2004 and launched its first sneaker the following year. It was immediately picked up by Parisian department stores and over the last two decades has become popular with celebrities and fashion icons alike. You’ve seen them on Meghan Markle during royal outings, her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, and some of your favorite influencers.

I’d seen Vejas on a few friends and floating around the internet for awhile and ordered two pairs back in 2021. Two years later, here are my thoughts:

Are Veja Sneakers Worth it?

I have two Veja sneakers pairs and I can say that they are 100% worth it. They’re comfortable, great quality, sustainable, and trendy (without being over the top).  If you are looking for comfortable, stylish, and easy-to-wear leather sneakers then I highly recommend you to go with Veja sneakers.

I ordered the Esplar Sneaker and the velcro Recife Logo sneakers. I love both of them but I wear the velco sneakers significantly more often. This is in part because I like the style but mostly because the velcro makes them easier to put on. 

Pros and Cons of Vejas


  • Fashionable/ versatile: These stylish shoes can work with a ton of different outfits. 
  • Tons of Styles: There are lots of different styles and colorways. 
  • Price Friendly: This is subject to opinion but in comparison to other full leather sneakers that will hold up for years, these are a good price (although anything feels like a good price after looking at Golden Goose 😉 
  • Reliable/ Durable: I’m a really big fan of the quality of the leather Vejas I’ve ordered. 


  • Sizing: Veja only offers shoes in whole sizes. I ordered two Veja sneakers for myself and both of them run true to size (I’m usually a 6.5 or a 7 and ordered the 7s). I know that the size varies with styles of the sneakers sometimes and this can be a headache for people especially those who do online shopping. This is why I recommend ordering them from somewhere like Nordstrom or Shopbop that has easy and free returns. 
  • Initial break in time: most Veja sneakers do take some time to break in. Not all styles give you initial comfort that first time you wear them. You have to wear them 5 times to really break most of them in. 

Veja Sneakers FAQ

Which style of Veja sneakers should I get?

 It completely depends on your choice and style. If you love to wear jeans and dresses then I suggest going with V-10 leather sneakers or if you are in a hunt for sneakers that go with everything then go for Esplar. For a 90’s inspired look you should try V- lock Velcro sneakers (my favorites).

Veja sneakers are available in 10 different styles and among those designs, the most popular designs are V-10, V-12, Esplar, Camp, and Recife styles.

Veja V -10

V-10 is perfect for support lovers. V-10 Veja sneakers are a combination of leather and organic cotton.

Veja V -20

If you’re looking for a sneaker with a bit of a chunkier sole, the V-20 is perfect. Still a great, versatile, neutral (depending on the colorway), these sneakers are supportive and stylish. 

Veja Esplar Sneakers

Classic, versatile, low-top sneakers, the Esplars go with everything. They come in lots of different colorways. Esplar sneakers mostly run true to size (I’m a 6.5 or a 7 and I ordered them in 37s).


Are you looking for an eco-friendly sneaker? Try the Campo ( the one that has a little golden letter logo on it). It is made from chrome-free leather, organic cotton, recycled polyester, and has a significant V-shaped logon on it. This pair is comfortable right out of the box but they do run a tiny bit small so order up one size if you’re in between sizes. 

Recife Logo

These velcro sneakers are cute, comfortable, stylish and I love that they are a bit different and a step up for a basic sneaker. They remind me a lot of the (less budget-friendly) Isabel Marant sneakers. 

I have these with a black logo and they’re my most worn shoes (the velcro makes them really easy, for a sneaker, to get on and off with getting out the door). I only wish they’d had these neutral logo ones when I bought mine. How pretty are they??  

Where to buy Veja Sneakers

Veja sneakers are available online and you can usually try on a few pairs at your closest Nordstrom. Here are my favorite places to order them online: 

  • Veja: get the most variety directly from the Veja store
  • Nordstrom: great selection and great return policy
  • Shopbop: excellent customer service/ shopping experience (this is where I ordered my pairs from) 
  • Amazon: free shipping with prime!
  • Zappos
  • Madewell: recently Madewell did a collaboration with Veja and you can get their unique Veja sneakers on their site 
  • Farfetch: It looks like this is the one place where the velcro Veja’s are fully stocked! They’re sold out in most sizes at so many places so this might not last long. 
  • Free People: They have a great selection of very cute colorways.

Veja Sneaker FAQ

Are Veja sneakers comfortable or not?

Yes! Some pairs require more breaking in than others but they are a great, comfortable, everyday shoe.

I wear them walking the mile to pick up my kids from school regularly and would pack them for a sightseeing trip if I was on my feet all day.   

Sizing// How do Veja Sneakers Run?

Veja sneakers are only offered in full sizes. I have a slightly wider foot and wear a 6.5 or a 7 in US sizing and went with the 7s and they fit great. If you’re in-between sizes, size up and if not, order your regular size.

 Are Veja sneakers Vegan or not?

Some of the Veja sneakers are vegan but not all of them. About 20 out of 81 sneakers are pure vegan. All Veja’s sneakers are made up of high-quality materials such as wild rubber, organic cotton, chrome-free leather, and recycled plastic bottles.

How to clean Veja sneakers?

I wipe down my sneakers with a damp cloth every week or two (ha! updating this post and I definitely haven’t wiped them down in over a year). If there is a tough grass stain on them, a magic eraser does the trick.

What are Veja sneakers made of?

Veja sneakers are completely made up of vegetable-tanned leather found in southern Brazil. Leather makes the sneakers durable and super easy to clean/ keep white.

Veja Sneakers softened?

Yes, Veja sneakers are soft. After wearing my pairs for 5-7 times the hard or tough part of my Veja sneakers started getting soft.  

What is the most comfortable style of Veja Sneakers?

V-10 and V-20 Veja sneakers are quite comfortable (they just break in after a few wears). If you’re looking for something without any break in time, try the Campo.

What celebrities have been spotted in Vejas?

Fans of Vejas include:
Meghan Markle
Kate Middleton
Reese Witherspoon
Emma Watson
Katie Holmes

What does Veja mean?

The Veja word means “look” derived from Portuguese-Brazilian. The founders of this French brand chose this name to inspire customers to look beyond the sneakers to how they are made (according to an interview with French founder François Morillion).

I hope you found this review of Veja sneakers helpful! If there is anything I missed or any other questions you have, leave them below and I’ll get to them ASAP.  

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  1. Thank you for the great review! I’ve been looking at Vejas for a while and finally went to Nordstrom to try them on. Beautiful sneakers! You mentioned that you were a size 6.5/7 and that you ordered a 37 because they run true to size, which I’ve read elsewhere too. A size 37 is a US 6 so you actually sized down. Based on what I’d read here and on other reviews I expected to be my usual size 6, but tried on a Recife size 36/US 5 at Nordstrom and they fit great! Just thought that might be helpful for other readers. Maybe the other styles you mentioned run larger though. file:///var/mobile/Library/SMS/Attachments/ea/10/A62F7758-9F18-48C5-B39D-CBCEB644CF0D/IMG_8889.heic

  2. Hi. I meant what type of socks do you recommend to wear with Velcro Recife Vega? Perhaps smartwool n cushion running socks? Thanks.

    1. I generally just wear a low-cut white sock or a no-show sock – nothing special!