Is Hanna Andersson Worth It? A review

Today I’m talking all about our experience shopping for Hanna Andersson clothes over the last 7 years. This review is not sponsored (I have never worked with Hanna Andersson but would love to) and all opinions are my own.

Have you heard of Hanna Andersson before? This Oregon-based company was founded by Swedish-born Gun Dunhart out of her garage in 1983.

From the beginning, Hanna Andersson has focused on high-quality materials and comfortable designs (thanks to Swedish cotton). Since 1983 Hanna Andersson has become well recognized for their matching family pajamas (starting with that iconic big stripe and now branching out into lots of patterns).

In the last few years, Hanna Andersson has closed all their physical stores and returned to an online-only retailer (well, I guess originally they were a mail-only retailer but, close enough).

I grew up wearing a lot of Hanna Andersson in the 90s. We had matching family pajamas my mom would order from the catalog and have shipped to Japan. I lived in their play dresses for school with coordinating leggings. I have two little sisters and most pieces were given away after a few rounds of hand-me-downs but there is still a floral coat back at my parents that my kids wear when we’re home during the winter. Hanna Andersson had comfort and quality down from the very beginning.

Hanna Andersson Dress Review:

Twenty-five years later and dressing my own daughter who loves to wear dresses as much as her mother, we turned to Hanna Andersson again.

I love that the company still focuses on quality and comfort. Their kids’ styles and prints aren’t always my favorite (I prefer things a little less loud, a little more neutral) BUT I can count on Hanna Andersson having things my kids will love to play in. There was a time my 3-year-old son would only change out of his Hanna Andersson pajamas if he could put on his HA joggers and tee shirt. If those were dirty, I was out of luck and he was wearing pajamas for the day.

When Adelaide was starting preschool as a new three-year-old, I ordered three of Hanna’s iconic play dresses in solid primary colors (red, navy, and a mustard yellow). I ordered them in a size 4, a size up from what she was wearing so she’s getting a little more use out of them.

That was almost three years ago and THE SAME THREE DRESSES are still going strong. They’ve each been worn and washed at least 75 times. They have no holes. No pulled threads. They have hardly faded and they are more comfortable than ever.

Here are a few shots of my daughter in the three dresses over the years:

First impressions: 

I love the fit and fabric right out of the package. I will say, though, it isn’t apparent to someone like me (I don’t have a background in fabric or sewing or clothing design) that these are that much better than a similar basic dress from GAP (even though they are).


The great thing about Hanna Andersson’s play dresses is the sizing is flexible. They fit true to size But, if they’re a little bit longer and looser, they’re still very cute and functional. When they’re a bit shorter, you’re using putting play shorts or leggings with them anyway.

In the summer we wear them with little play shorts underneath (either Hanna Andersson shorts or just the Cat & Jack version from Target).

In the fall we’ll add leggings or a sweater/denim jacket.

And in the winter we pair them with tights and a sweater. Seriously the most versatile, comfortable, year-round dresses.


These dresses are made from Hanna’s iconic high-quality cotton. They’re simple and well-made. Almost three years of regular wear and all three dresses are in great condition (no rips, loose threads, or worn areas).

Hanna Andersson has expanded their play dress line to a few different styles and cotton blends. They don’t sell this exact same style in 100% cotton right now but this is practically the same dress (with pockets!) that has a little bit of jersey for added comfort.

They also offer play dresses in tons of fun prints with cute details like ruffle sleeves or tiered skirts.

Hanna Andersson Size Chart:

Hanna Andersson uses European sizing in centimeters which can be a bit confusing. They’ve updated their website with numeric American sizing to go along with the centimeter sizing but here is a quick chart for reference:

  • 50cm = 0-3 months
  • 60cm = 3-6 months
  • 70cm = 6-12 months
  • 75cm = 12-18 months
  • 80cm = 18-24 months
  • 85cm = 2 years
  • 90cm = 3 years
  • 100cm = 4 years
  • 110cm = 5 years
  • 120cm = 6-7 years
  • 130cm = 8 years
  • 140cm = 10 years
  • 150cm = 12 years

Generally, I size up in Hanna Andersson so things last longer for each of my kids (they’re a bit big when they arrive). If fit is really important when they arrive, I’ll order my kid’s usual size. I always size up in the pajamas.


A lot of time the instinct is to spend up on occasion wear (“let’s spend a lot of money on an Easter dress or a nice outfit for her birthday party.”). I get it. The special occasions seem like normal times to spend up on clothes.

BUT, when your child is only going to wear something once, does the quality matter that much? What about the clothes that your kid is going to put on a couple of times a week for the next year? The ones they’ll climb trees in, dig in the dirt in, run around the playground in? The leggings they’ll sit cross-legged on the floor for circle time in? The pajamas they’ll spend half their life in this next year? Do you care more about comfort and quality then?

If you’re looking for a fun dress for your daughter to wear 1-3 times, these are cute and comfortable and probably not worth it. But if you’re looking for a staple in her closet she’ll wear twice a week for the next two years, I’m not sure you’ll find something better.

A few favorites

Hanna Andersson FAQ

Does Hanna Andersson run small?

In my experience, Hanna Andersson runs true to size but I often order one size up so things last a little bit longer. If the fit is important right when your order arrives, stick with your regular size.

Is Hanna Andersson going out of business?

In 2020 Hanna Andersson closed all their physical locations and moved to an online-only model. They are still in business and creating the most comfortable kids clothing.

Where is Hanna Andersson sold?

Hanna Andersson is sold exclusively at HannaAndersson.com. They did launch a line for Amazon called “To the Moon and Back” which has slightly lower prices and, in my experience, slightly lower quality materials.

Are Hanna Andersson pajamas worth it?

If you’re buying a set of matching family pajamas to wear for Christmas and then not use again, probably not. But, if you’re looking for super soft, comfortable, kids pajamas for daily use, these are our favorite.
Also, for the holidays they always bring back the classic stripe so 7 years ago we bought a set of striped pajamas for Mom and Dad along with a set for our 1-year-old. Each year or two we usually buy one new pair of Christmas pajamas for my oldest and then everyone has hand-me-downs that fit for the holiday season. We have a mix of the green stripe with the red collar and the red stripe with the green collar.
Our other favorite tradition is having the new baby “bring” matching pajamas for their siblings at the hospital.
We also love using the Hanna Andersson costume shop for turning our pajamas into Halloween costumes (see what I mean here).
They also have this new pajama builder that makes finding all the sizes + patterns for the whole fam super easy. Use the family pajama builder here.

Does Hanna Andersson run small?

In my experience, Hanna Andersson runs true to size but I often order one size up so things last a little bit longer. If fit is important right when your order arrives, stick with your regular size. I’ve only tried their infant sleepers and they were great, but not quite as soft as the regular Hanna Andersson line.

Is Hanna Andersson organic?

Hanna Andersson makes most of its clothes from high-quality cotton and some of its pieces are organic. You can shop their organic cotton pieces here.

Did Hanna Andersson stop selling women’s clothing?

Pre-2020 you could find a limited line of Hanna Andersson clothing for women that used the same high-quality cotton for classic womenswear pieces (I own and love a few pieces from this line still). They have since discontinued this line and only offer women’s sizing in their family pajamas.

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  1. I started buying HA 26 years ago when HA used to buy back their used clothes by giving a discount on your next order! The logo used to be “cheap isn’t always inexpensive” which I wholeheartedly agree with. I now buy HA clothes for my grandchildren. Coincidentally, a shipment of Halloween pjs arrived this afternoon for my grandchildren and they were quite excited about their new pjs!

  2. we believe on hand-me-downs. HA is the ultimate in this category. my nephew is 16 and his HA pj’s are still being worn by the Littles on our family. they have been through many washes and many kids! show me another brand where their patterns and quality will last for 15 years 😉 theu are thevone item everyone wants when one kid outgrows them. we love our Hannas!

  3. I have been buying HA clothes for my grandchildren for ten years now, and they, their parents, and I are pleased with the comfort and quality. I do miss the brick and mortar store I used to frequent.

  4. I have two children not close in age so took about an 8 year break from buying HA. The product quality you describe is why my son lived in HA. But their current stuff is not the same. if they no longer sell the dress you loved in 100 % cotton and now it has jersey, you can be almost certain this was to save money. even their 100% clothing is thinner and lower quality. I’m sad to see thus, because like you I was willing to spend more for something my children can wear twice a week. you seem like someone who cares aboit quality so I thought you would appreciate knowing. I m not sure hoe old your blog is. For example I just bought matching grinch pj s for my family. the pants on mine are already pulling and rough wherebmy legs rub I am returning them tomorrow.

    1. Fall 2023 … I’m still spending a fortune on my 3 granddaughters. HA is so soft for them and just thick enough for Fall leggings and shirts and pjs. They look great, new baby items soft and adorable too. Wish they came out with new items quicker though.