From the Mouth of Babes 4

Here’s another installment of funny things the kids say. Give it another week and the cute toddler will start adding his own commentary ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Adelaide is enjoying a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios at the kitchen island while Westley repeatedly hits her with a toy car, trying to get her attention. 

Adelaide: If you would stop hitting me, I would be delighted. 


We are out in our cul-de-sac playing with the neighbors one evening. While I am mid-discussion with the other mom, discussing the benefits of audiobooks for kids, Adelaide walks up.

Adelaide: Excuse me, Mom, can I tell you something? Don’t worry, Mom, I apologized for calling the boys wrinkled old hags. 

(By boys, she was referring to the neighbor’s two kids. )


While Ben and I were out of town for the weekend, my sister was watching the kids. This conversation happened while they were sitting in church. 

Lincoln: Aunt Coley can we go to the store today?

Nicole: No, itโ€™s Sunday, but we can go tomorrow. 

Lincoln: Okay, but can we go without Mommy?

Nicole: ?

Lincoln: I want to buy white bread

Next mom-son date we should skip the ice cream and go straight for the refined grains.



Lincoln sees his aunt add pinch of cheese in his eggs and loses his mind sobbing. Aunt Nicole sits on the floor for a second to collect herself. 

Adelaide: Aunt Coley are you feeling loved and respected?โ€

Nicole: Not really

Adelaide, giving a hug: What about now?


On that same weekend where Ben and I were out of town and Aunt Nicole is babysitting. 

Adelaide at 8:15pm : Can we do some yoga before bed?

Nicole: Sure, Bri will lead us in some bedtime yoga.

Adelaide: NO like on the tv.

Nicole: No, weโ€™re not doing Cosmic Kids Yoga right now.

Adelaide (complete meltdown, through tears screams): You do not understand me as well as my mother!


When tryings mores with caramel Ghiradelli squares:

Lincoln: These are preposterous!

Good taste, Lincoln. Also, if you haven’t tried Ghiradelli caramel squares with your s’mores, you should! 


Adelaide came home from Kindergarten with a little toy medal around her neck. 

Adelaide: Did you notice I got this gold medal? Although it is not from gymnastics. All I did was tell them I am good at ballet and soccer and the, pop, I had a medal in my hands. But no one clapped. I just wish everyone had clapped when I got my medal.



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