Thursday Boots Review

Today I’m sharing a fun, versatile pair of boots in this Thursday Boots review. I purchased these on my own and this post is not sponsored. It may contain affiliate links. If you’re wondering about Thursday boots, they’re a solid brand.

Thursday Boot and Taylor Swift: A Meet Cute

I got a phone call earlier this year. “I have 4 tickets to see Taylor Swift next weekend in Vegas. You have 90 seconds to decide if you want to come.”

Once the tickets were purchased came the dilemma of what to wear. How many times when scanning through outfit options did I wish I own a pair of coyboy boots?

At least 8.

In the hotel room before the show, my girlfriend pulled out the most beautiful pair of Thursday white cowboy boots. She’d flown in from Texas, naturally, and had gotten them for Christmas.

Now, I did NOT need a pair of white cowboy boots but, on her recommendation, I kept coming back to Thursday Boot Company.

The product pictures online were beautiful. My friend’s white pair was just as pretty in person.

The real question is, how will they hold up?

I was looking for something comfortable that would last season after season.

Which Pair of Thursday Boots to buy:

The Taylor Swift concern was over.

It took months to pull the trigger on a pair of Thursday boots because there are many gorgeous options. Here are some of their most popular styles and a few things to think about when picking your pair:

I opted for a classic pair of very dark brown leather Chelsea boots (The Dutchess). These are versatile and chic.

If I didn’t have a few pairs of black boots already, I would have started with this pair in black but I LOVE the dark brown color.

My Thursday Boots Review

Unboxing my Thursday Boots: First Impressions

The shoes arrived in a nondescript package. Inside was a black cardboard shoe box printed in silver with Thursday Boot branding (and lots of scrollwork). I didn’t love the initial shoe box. A more minimalist box would be in line with the higher-end branding I was expecting at the $200 price point.

Opening the box I was met with tissue paper and the beautiful smell of leather. These boots are stunning right out of the box. They’re shiny, smooth, and polished.

The leather was a bit stiff at the beginning but they did fit without a shoe horn.

Quality: How my boots have held up

I have done nothing special to these boots to help them hold up (despite my intentions of waterproofing them or putting some kind of leather protector on them). That is still on my list.

They have a few scuffs from wear that I will try and polish off.

They do seem like durable and well-made leather boots that work for daily wear and slightly dressier occasions.

Fun fact: The brand is Thursday because “On Thursday we work hard, but it’s also the unofficial start of the weekend, and we design our products with that versatility in mind…Your life isn’t one-dimensional. Your footwear shouldn’t be either.” So truly, a shoe you can wear for just about everything.

Comfort + Wearability

My Thursday boots do get more comfortable with wear. Plan on some break in time for the leather.

The shoes have a poron insole for comfort (it is glued to the bottom of the shoe so you can’t remove it). This gives great support for walking around in them all day. They aren’t as comfortable as a pair of sneakers or my Vivaia boots but they’re supportive.

I find I can style these with a couple of different types of outfits but reach for them mostly with straight-leg jeans. You can dress them up a bit more if desired. If I wanted an even more versatile pair, I would have gone with the black color (which is a bit easier to dress up).

Conclusion: Will I order another pair

Maybe. I’m happy with this purchase but have no dying need for another pair of boots at the moment. When I do, I’ll consider Thursday boots. They are relatively affordable for a good quality shoe that should hold up for a long time.

Here are a few other brands I’ll look at, too:

Thursday Boot Alternatives:

  • Cole Haan (great quality – love everything we’ve purchased from Cole Haan)
  • Clarks (I love other shoes I have from this brand and can always count on them to be super comfortable)
  • Nisolo (I haven’t tried these but have been eying them for a while)

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