Is Taka Legit? Review + Tips Before You Order

Today we’re talking all about Taka, a nutrient packed energizing powdered vitamin drink from Globallee. This post isn’t sponsored but does contain affiliate links. Just like with most links on websites, if you shop through these links, I get a small commission (at no additional cost to you). I am a personal Taka customer and spend my own money buying Taka each month. 

TAKA SALE NOTICE! If you use the code “SPRING” as a retail customer you can get the membership price. This is the FIRST time I’ve ever seen this and I don’t know how long it will last SO if you’ve been wanting to try Taka but are hesitant to sign up for a subscription, shop here as a retail customer, add the code, and get the 20% discount! .

A few months after Lincoln was born (six years ago) I was complaining to my mom about post partum headaches I couldn’t seem to get rid of. It didn’t matter how much water I drank or how often I tried to sleep while the baby slept. She finally talked me into trying the powdered vitamin drink shed’ been taking for years and after a few days, I could feel a huge difference. I stuck with it, especially since it meant I could stop taking those huge prenatals I was still trying to power through while nursing/pumping. 

Fast forward 12 months when I was pregnant again, exhausted, and very nauseas. I couldn’t keep down a prenatal and was THRILLED to find out my powdered vitamin drink had basically everything I needed except for the folic acid. Instead of trying to swallow horse pills, I cooked broccoli (or ate fortified cereal) and kept drinking my powdered vitamin. 

I switched my formula six months ago to Globallee’s Taka and IT IS AWESOME. It gives me a a consistent stream of energy for a few hours after drinking it without a caffeine buzz and without a caffeine crash. 

Plus, it tastes delicious. I cannot recommend it enough. 

What is Taka? 

Taka is a powdered energizing vitamin drink. It is marketed as an all natural energy drink that combines the delicious and naturally occurring sources of energy. From flowers in Hawaii to roots in rural India, the formulators identified the otp ingredients that produce clean, natural energy. Taka is the all-encompassing solution to higher energy levels, improved gut health, and more mental clarity. 

A few key ingredients:

  • Turmeric Root
  • Aloe Vera
  • Hibiscus
  • Ionic Minerals

Why do I take Taka?

I prefer to drink my daily vitamin rather than swallow a pill and Taka is packed with nutrients. It is marketed as a cleaner source of energy (which it is) but I initially made the switch because it had more nutrients than the other powdered prenatal I was taking (I wasn’t pregnant when I started taking Taka – prenatals are just great for your health, skin, nails, etc). 

I love the way I feel drinking Taka and I love the way it tastes. It makes a huge difference in my energy levels and productivity. It can turn an afternoon of dragging with my kids into a living room dance party while we fold laundry. It can turn a morning of slowly wading through emails into powering through the more challenging tasks.  

Does Taka have sugar in it? 

Taka has lots of natural flavors and a  natural sweetener called Stevia ( a plant grown in many parts of the world that contains part of the leaf that are naturally sweet). There is no sugar added in Taka (although I”m not sure you’ll believe me when you taste it). 

Does Taka contain caffeine? 

Taka does not contain caffeine anhydrous, an artificial stimulant found in many energy drinks. Taka gets its main energy boost from the Brazilian Guarana berry which contains the natural stimulant known as Guaranine. Unlike an energy drink, Guaranine gives you lower levels of more sustained energy without the crash. From what I have looked at, one stick of Taka has about as much caffeine equivalent as 1/4 a cup of coffee. 

Do you have to order Taka on subscription?

Nope, you can shop as a retail customer but you don’t get the benefit of the member discount. There is no penalty for cancelling so I always recommend signing up as a member (that’s what I did when I started, too). 

How do you take Taka? How do you drink it? 

Original Taka comes in convenient little stick packs that are great for throwing in your purse and drinking on the go. If I’m out and about I’ll just add it to a bottle of water and shake but at home I’m a little more particular. I pour the powder from the packet into a large glass and add in about an inch (a few ounces) of room temperature water. I use my straw to mix it around and dissolve it (it dissolves better the warmer the water is but lukewarm/ slightly cool water is fine). I then fill up the rest of the cup with cold filtered water from the fridge or chilled sparkling water. 

Taka Glo comes in a canister with a small scoop and I make it the same way. 

How does the website work? How do I order

Globallee recently re-did their website and ordering options and it is a lot more straight forward now. Here’s how to order: 

  1. Decide whether you want to order as a regular retail customer or sign up for a monthly subscription as a preferred member. As a preferred member you get a lower price so I think it is worth signing up just for the discount (go set a phone reminder for yourself to cancel if you’re worried about that). 
    1. Shop as a retail customer here (regular price, no subscription)  – USE CODE “EMPOWER” for 20% off retail for a limited time making it the same price as a preferred customer/member! 
    2. Shop as preferred customer here (discounted member price, monthly subscription you can cancel or change anytime) 
  2. Add products to your cart. I recommend starting with the original Taka drink packets. You can bundle in Taka Glow, too, if you want to add some collagen to your routine. I order the mixed 4 box pack (2 Blueberry Lemonade and 2 Hibiscus which is $125 for retailer customers or $99 as a preferred customer, plus shipping).
  3. Checkout 
  4. Get your order
  5. Try your Taka! Try and pay attention to how you feel on a day you take Taka vs a day you skip. 

What I order each month: 

I drink 1-2 Taka per day and Ben drinks 1 daily so this covers us for the month unless we have company staying with us (they always end up loving + drinking it, too). I take 1 when I wake up in the morning and occasionally have a second Taka come 2pm.  

What other products does Globallee have? 

There are tons of other products Globallee makes that are probably awesome but I have only ordered and tried Taka and TakaGlo (both of which I still order each month). 

What else do you want to know about Taka? Have any questions before you order? Feel free to email me at [email protected] with Taka in the subject line and we can chat! 



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    I currently use 310 but would like to try taka products, are they all vegan??

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