Agolde Jeans Review

Today we’re talking all about the designer denim brand in this honest Agolde Jeans Review. Find out why they’re worth the price tag and what sets them apart (spoiler: I think so and recommend the Riley as your first pair). This post may contain affiliate links.

woman wearing neutral cardigan over a white tee and agolde jeans standing outside a store.

If we hang out in real life, you’ve probably been subjected to my hypothetical questions.

  • If you could have an unlimited gift card to one store, what would it be?
  • If you could fly to one country for free whenever you wanted, where would you choose?
  • If you could only drink one liquid for the rest of your life besides water, what would you pick?

They make for some fun discussions.

When it comes to jeans, if I could only buy jeans from one brand for the rest of my life, I would pick Agolde. Let’s talk about why.

My first pair of Agolde Jeans:

I ordered the Sophie high-rise crop (shown above) from Agolde years ago.

They were comfortable, flattering, and well-made.

I was converted.

I now own them in multiple sizes and two washes. That one style was my go-to for years.

Now, whenever I want a new style of jeans, I first check to see what Agolde is carrying. I can count on them to be on top of denim trends and they’re a great place to start. I don’t always splurge on this higher-end denim but I’m always happy when I do.

(If I want something a little cheaper I’ll check out Good American jeans or Everlane Jeans and for budget denim I love H&M)

Woman wearing a white buttondown and agolde jeans she's reviweing at a marina.

Agolde Jeans Review: What I love about Agolde

They Do Denim Styles Really Well:

In my opinion, there is no one who does denim styles better than Agolde. They are always on top of new trends AND always have pieces that are going to be in style for years. You can find the latest thing and a pair your mom would wear.

I don’t love everything they come out with (the criss-cross style? not for me) but I can always look to them to know what denim trends are coming up.

I can also always count on them for classic denim. The Riley crop I bought two years ago is still being sold in a couple of washes and I bet it is going to be around for years to come.

Agolde Jeans are Flattering

Some will argue about a straight-leg jean or low-rise baggy jean being flattering but hear me out.

If you’re going to wear a particular style of jean, the version from Agolde is going to be the most flattering one.

Of course, I haven’t tested this exhaustively, but, I stand by it. Their non-stretch denim holds you in and their stretch denim still manages to be supportive and comfortable.

Great Quality

Agolde jeans are well made. They are built to be worn for years. You don’t need to worry about them fading or losing their shape.

This also means they’re a great brand to order second-hand. I like searching for Agolde jeans on ThredUP and The Real Real because a used pair still usually has many years of life left in them.

woman in jenni kayne sweater, agolde jeans, and vivaia bag standing outside a store.

Jenni Kayne Cashmere Cardigan // Quince Tee // Agolde Riley Jeans // Vivaia bag // Thursday Boots

Unique + Elevated Washes

What sets a great pair of jeans apart from a good pair of jeans is the wash. Agolde nails the washes on denim. They also have great whiskering (that fading that mimics natural wear and creasing on jeans).

When I was trying to find a cheaper alternative to the Riley High Rise Crop (color: frequency), I could find similar cuts but nothing with the perfect vintage/lived-in wash.

A Good Price Point For Designer Denim

I know, $200 for a pair of jeans is not cheap. But, when you compare Agolde to other designer denim, they are on the more reasonable end of the designer spectrum. This isn’t Nili Lotan where you’re paying $400 for a single pair of pants.

If you keep an eye on sales you can get them for $100-$150. You can usually find them gently used on Thredup or The Real Real for under $100.

My favorite pairs of Agolde Jeans:

I own 5 pairs of Agolde jeans and these three are my favorites:

  • Riley High Rise Crop (left): The perfect straight leg jean. I’m 5’4″ and the cropped length is perfect to wear with any shoe.
  • Cherie High Rise Straight (middle): A lighter wash, stiffer jean that holds you in.
  • Sophie Crop (right): this is a skinny jean I’m not wearing much at the moment BUT if I had to wear a skinny jean, this would be it

Next on my Agolde denim wishlist:

A few tips for ordering:

  • Pay attention to whether the denim is stretch denim or not. Agolde’s non-stretch denim is sturdy and gets more comfortable with each wear and wash. One isn’t necessarily better than the other but some of their cuts come in both type of denim.
  • Get ready to try two different sizes. My one complaint about Agolde denim is that sizing isn’t super consistent. There are some pants where I size up (usually the stretch denim) and some where I size down (the Riley). I currently have Agolde jeans in three different sizes that fit me well.


If you’re on the fence about Agolde jeans, this is your sign to order them. I think you’ll love them. I know I do.

Agolde jeans style with a white tee and neutral cashmere cardigan with sunnies.

Agolde Jeans FAQ

Do Agolde jeans stretch?

If you are buying a pair of Agolde’s 100% denim (non-stretch), you want them to feel a bit snug at first. After a few wears, they will relax a tiny bit and fit perfectly.

If you are ordering Agolde’s stretch denim, you want them to fit perfectly right off the rack.

Where to buy Agolde jeans:

A million different places carry Agolde jeans but here a few places you can order online:

Shopbop (great shipping + returns)

I also like to keep an eye on Agolde jeans on my favorite second-hand websites, The Real Real and ThredUP.

Are Agolde and AG the same?

No! Agolde and AG are both great denim brands but they are not the same.

Where is Agolde based?

Agolde is a Los Angeles based denim brand that has been around since 2014.

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