Unpaid Everlane Jeans Review – Are they worth it?

Today we’re talking all about Everlane denim in this unsponsored review. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans, keep reading. This post may contain affiliate links.

Have you heard of the brand Everlane before? They tout themselves as a cleaner, ethical, sustainable fashion brand but how do their products really hold up? Are they worth the hype?

I shopped at Everlane for the first time back in 2019 (started with a pair of boots and a pair of heels). They were so comfortable that when it came time for a new pair of jeans, I decided to give the brand another try.

I started with the classic high waisted dark blue skinnies (this was back in 2020 when skinny fit jeans were still all the rage). I also ordered a pair of their more structured lighter wash skinnies.

After a lot of wear (a few years) and another jean purchase or, two, here’s my Everlane’s jeans review:

Styles of Everlane Jeans I own:

  • high waisted ankle length skinny jeans (the way-high skinny): a great combo of comfortable stretch and structure
  • original cheeky jeans: these are a straight-leg fit and have a touch of stretch to them and come in a long length, a regular length, and an ankle length (listed on their website as different inseams)
  • lighter wash skinnies in a more structured/ non-stretch denim that aren’t listed on their site anymore

What I love about my Everlane jeans:

Quality: I love the structure and quality of these jeans. They hold up to regular wear and washing. They also hold their shape incredibly well and can go a long time between washes. As long as the pants aren’t actually dirty, I don’t need to wash between wearing. I can usually go 4-5 wears between washing (and usually because a kid spills something on my pants).

Fit: I am also a huge fan of the fit. The skinny jeans from Everlane are incredibly flattering with a comfortable stretch and each pair manages to hold you in at all the right places. Post partum a few months in with baby #4 and I’ve been reaching for Everlane’s original cheeky jean whenever I need to be a bit more put together.

Length: I love that Everlane offers their most popular styles of jeans in various in-seams. In general, I prefer a cropped length jean (I’m 5’4″).

Coloring: I am obsessed with the washes and coloring that Everlane offers on their denim. One place where designer denim really steps it up is in their whiskering (the fading on jeans). This is why I keep coming back to brands like Agolde because their washes are top notch. Everlane just gets it and here you’re getting a product comparable to a pair of denim 2-4 times the price.

Price: This is my favorite brand for non-designer jeans in my wardrobe and the best quality jeans I’ve tried for the price. If you keep an eye out for sales, you can usually snag these for $50-$75 which is a fantastic deal for jeans this good.

What I don’t love about my Everlane denim:

These are not your buttery-soft-super-comfortable-get-in-some-stretching-on-the-living-room-floor jeans. It looks like Everlane does have a few super comfortable styles but, the pairs I’ve ordered, don’t fit that bill.

Don’t get me wrong, they are comfortable but they are a little bit more of a substantial, structured jean. Even the skinnies, which have more stretch, are a thicker material. I LOVE this about them in general, but they are a pair of jeans I am happy to take off and trade in for sweatpants at the end of the day.

Next on my Everlane denim list:

Here are a few pairs I’m eying –

Which pair of Everlane jeans should I order?

If you’re new to Everlane denim, I’m excited for you! I think you’ll really love these pants. Their good denim selection has gotten very large over the last two years and it is easy to get overwhelmed with options. If you don’t know where to start, here are the first two pairs I recommend starting with:

  • Original Cheeky Jean: This is their classic straight leg silhouette that comes in 4 different washes and 3 different in-seams.
  • The Way-High Jean: This style is very versatile and on trend (they also sell the rigid way high jean which is made of a more structured denim)

And if you want a skinny jean, the way-high skinny jean manages to be comfortable and flattering (and the washes right now are SO good!). The price point is just over $75 not on sale which you cannot beat for denim this good.

Everlane Jeans FAQ

What is Everlane shipping like?

Everlane offers free shipping on orders over $75.

What is the price point of Everlane denim?

At full price, Everlane denim ranges from about $75- $130. You can usually find a specific wash or style of jean on sale or wait for a few of their sale events each year where you can snag their best sellers or older styles at a great discount.

Does Everlane have sales?

Yes, in addition to their black friday event and end-of-season sales, Everlane has a few other sales events throughout the year.

See what sales they have on jeans right now here.

How to find your perfect fit in Everlane jeans?

Be sure to check the sizing chart and read the reviews on sizing. If you’re close to one of their 11 retail locations, pop in and try them on. You can also order your two closest sizes and return the one that doesn’t fit best (make sure you aren’t buying final sale items). In my experience, the skinny jeans fit true to size (I took my normal size) and the straight cut jeans run a little bit large (I took my smaller size).

Everlane has SO many different denim options for different body types and styles. Whether you’re to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans, extra-high rise, or slim fit jeans, Everlane has something for you. They always have the latest trends and a few classic cuts. Be sure to check out their curvy fit denim if you have more of an hourglass figure.

Boxy Oxford // Square neck one piece// Court Sneaker

Other Everlane pieces worth ordering:

I have a few other pieces from Everlane that are worth adding to your wardrobe. In no particular order, here are my other favorites from Everlane.

  • Day boot: This was my first item from Everlane and still a staple in my closet. These are comfortable enough for regular wear and look very put together. It is a basic you can wear season after season (I’ve had mine for three years). These run true to size (I wear my regular 6.5)
  • Day heel: This one sacrifices a tiny bit of style (I don’t love the scrunch on the back of the shoe) but they are SO comfortable. This is a pair of shoes I’ll wear to an all day conference, when I’m shooting an event, or while pregnant. I can wear these to dinner when we’ll have to park and walk to the restaurant. They don’t sell the suede anymore (these are three years old) but they have three staple leather versions right now that are gorgeous.
  • Court Sneaker: I bought the velcro version to test an alternative to the velcro Vejas I love and can’t stop wearing these. They go with everything, are very supportive, and wipe clean. The velcro is sold out but they have the same shoe in a lace closure.
  • Felted Merino Half Zip: I LOVE this sweater. It is thick, warm, and gorgeous. I own it in two colors and wear it all the time (the black half zip is pictured above).
  • Boxy Oxford: I’m wearing this one as I type this – a fantastic basic and great with a high waisted pair of jeans or leggings. The material is on the thicker/structured side and not see-through at all.
  • Square neck one piece swim: Everlane make my very favorite one piece swimsuit under $100. The quality and fit on this one is fabulous. I also have the v-neck one piece and it is really good but the square neck is my favorite.

Is Everlane ethical? Is Everlane sustainable?

Everlane prides itself on doing their part by building an ethical supply chain that creates high-quality, low-impact, long-lasting products. They boast “clean denim” made in some of the world’s cleanest factories (using recycled water and renewable energy). You can read more about Everlane’s ethicial initiatives here but, in general, Everlane is a brand committed to making fashion a more environmental friendly industry.

Who owns Everlane?

Everlane is a private company founded in 2011 and lead by CEO, Michael Preysman. It is based in San Francisco with flagship stores in NYC and SF.

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