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Post Partum Essentials with Baby #4

We are two months into this four kids thing and some hours are better than others. Usually at 2:30pm I think we’re killing it, we’re playing at the park after school, Rosalind is snoozing in the wrap, big kids are playing with friends, and the toddler has inserted himself with the big kids. By 4:30 25-50% of the kids are melting down, I’m supposed to be starting dinner but my arms are full of children, and it is too late in the day to drink any more caffeine.

Some days we get nothing done besides lots of snuggles (and I mean that, no dishes done, no showers, sometimes I don’t even brush my teeth until 2pm). And some days baby girl takes a 2.5 hour morning nap and my house is clean, I’ve photographed something for work, and there are warm chocolate chip muffins when the kids get home from school. Most days it something in between.

For all the days, though, here are a few things I’ve been living in that have made the post partum period easier, more comfortable, or just a bit more fun:

Post Partum Essentials I have been living in:

  • Kindred Bravely loungewear: This is the best lounge set. I’m have it in the stone color (I sized up and wore it at the end of pregnancy and the first month or so post partum). I also have it in black in a smaller size and still wear part of it multiple times a week. Lulu quality and breastfeeding friendly (I’m not nursing or pumping and I still LOVE the nursing hoodie). My skin was also SUPER sensitive and easily irritated at the end of pregnancy and the first two months post partum and anything from Kindred Bravely’s bamboo line was my favorite thing to put on.
  • Blanqi Post Partum jeans: I didn’t think anything could beat Blanqi maternity jeans but these post partum jeans might just do it. They have a secret panel that sucks you in a little bit and holds up the pant while still having a functional front button (so you can still front-tuck shirts). These pants are SO stretchy and comfortable while working with your post partum body. Even sizing up, wearing real pants after a baby is hard because my proportions are different (something that fits over my post partum belly is too big in the legs) and most thing around your waist hurt by the end of the day. These post partum jeans allow for a pooch while still fitting everywhere else and are, hands down, the most comfortable jeans you’ll ever wear. They also work at a variety of sizes (I’ve lost 10 pounds since I got my pair and they work just as well now as they did then). When I ordered these I thought I’d wear them for a few months but I’m not sure I’ll ever actually retire them. Whether you just had a baby or are just looking for a really comfortable jean, I cannot recommend them enough.
  • J Crew Tees: I bought two of these in two sizes up and wear them on repeat. It is nice having something that feels new (that was only $15) and fits me.
  • Kindred Bravely nursing bra: These are the most comfortable bras. I’m not even nursing but I still wear this 90% of the time. It was incredibly comfortable for that time right after delivery when your chest is changing sizes so much, your regular bras don’t fit yet, and you still need some support. It is comfortable enough to sleep in, too.
  • This waffle robe in beige: I ordered this on a whim and LOVE this. Can a robe be chic? If it can, this one is. I love the waffle texture and the way I feel while wearing this. It is long enough I was comfortable wearing it around any people that happened to over during the newborn stage (answering the door for mail or talking to the overnight doula in the morning). I also ordered this fuzzy robe for the post partum period and it is warm and cozy (the baby loves snuggling up on this one).

Other favorites for me:

  • These 12mm huggies: I put the 12mm pair on at 38 weeks pregnant and switched them for the larger pair of “thickies” at 8 weeks post partum. I did not take them off for 11 weeks straight. I showered in them. I gave birth in them. I did all the things. They still look new. They’re the best. You can use the code ELISABETH for 15% off.
  • Bare Minerals bb cream: The perfect bb/cc cream that gives you some sunscreen and a bit of coverage. It is worth getting the matching brush.
  • Frida Moms Peri Bottle: I used this regularly for a solid two months after giving birth. It is just better than the hospital one.

For Baby:

  • Goumi sleepers: These are a favorite new find this baby! I love the double zipper, the snaps to check for diaper changes, and the super soft bamboo material. They have fold-over mitts on the hands and feet, too. I’ll order more in larger sizes for sure.
  • Dyper diapers: Our favorite diaper brand (our night nurses also commented how impressed they were with these diapers).
  • These little bows: I ordered these from the hospital when Rosalind was 12 hours old. They’re a great assortment and super stretchy. She still spends 90% of her life in pajamas but we add a bow and call it an outfit.
  • Solly Wrap: This baby love to be upright all the time and we have been using the Solly wrap A LOT. I used a similar style wrap with all my kids and it does a great job spreading the weight out across your back and shoulders.
  • Mam pacifiers: We have a handful of different brands but these are her favorite. I just ordered another four. I love that they finally come in plain, matte colors.

Things offering a little sanity:

  • Living room dance parties: When things start to feel hard, these pull almost everyone out of a funk, including the baby who loves to be held + moving around.
  • Reminding myself that this is just a phase: When I start to feel bad we’re getting Chick-fil-a for the second time this week, that my kid’s haven’t washed their hair in four days, or that there are crumbs from a dinner last week on the kitchen floor… I remind myself to zoom out and realize that this is just a phase. Usually we eat home cooked meals, my kids bathe regularly, and my floor is swept more than once a week. This is just not that season and that’s okay.
  • Hiring help: We’ve hired a lot more help in this post partum period than with previous babies and that has been really good. At first it was overnight support for the newborn (wish we still had that!). Now it is some help with laundry and I’m starting to look for some help with the youngest two during the day once or twice a week.
  • Taka: Daily vitamin drink with just enough caffeine for a pick-me-up after a sleepless night. I usually drink 1 a day but in this post partum phase I’ve been doing 2-3 🙂 My full review of Taka here.

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