Unpaid Senita Maternity Review

Today we’re talking all about Senita maternity leggings and workout shorts in this unsponsored maternity review. Ever wondered if Senita maternity pieces were worth it? Keep reading. All opinions are my own.

Senita Maternity Review:

I have seen influencers on instagram rave about Senita here and there over the years. When I’m not pregnant, I’m pretty loyal to Lululemon and the occasional Amazon workout top so I never paid it much attention.

While pregnant, they kept popping up in advertisements or recommendations so I decided to get them a try.

The maternity line isn’t extensive but it does include workout leggings, workout shorts, and a few tops. They also have a maternity one piece swimsuit option.

Here’s how everything stacked up:

Senita Maternity Pieces I ordered:

First impressions of Senita Maternity Leggings, Shorts, and Swim: 

Right out of the bag the leggings and the shorts didn’t seem very different than any other athletic maternity wear I’d ordered. The quality appeared fine. The sizing looked as expected.

I was really excited about the swimsuit initially (great first impression). It is made of a thicker, high quality ribbed material. The color is great. It is just significnatly more substantial of a swimsuit than things I’d been ordering off of Shein, Amazon, or H&M.


All the pieces run true to size but some are more flexible in their sizing. Here’s what I found:

I ordered everything in a small. This is my usual maternity clothing size. I am an XS pre-pregnancy and gain 40-50 pounds over the course of 9 months. This means for most of my first trimester I wear a S because I want everything loose. In my second trimester I wear a S because that is what fits best. In my third trimester I can keep wearing most of my size S maternity clothes until the last month or two when a medium fits better.

At 30 weeks the leggings still fit very comfortably. They work just as well now as they did at 20 weeks (with about a 10 pound difference).

At 30 weeks the shorts, on the other hand, are starting to be a little restrictive in the thighs. I can still wear them (and do) for workouts but in a few weeks I’ll need to put them away. If you don’t gain 40-50 pounds while pregnant (I am certainly on the higher end of weight gain), these should be able to last you through you whole pregnancy in one size.

The swimsuit is super accommodating. The ribbed material is very stretchy and it has plenty of room for a growing bump. I’ve been wearing this one since 20 weeks and it will work through the end of pregnancy (and potentially not pregnant as well).


Leggings: I thought these were fine out of the bag but once I wore them for a workout, I was hooked. I’m still trying to get in a few good higher intensity workouts in a week during my third trimester. I reach for these leggings every single time. If they’re dirty I’ll wear these Amazon favorites (that are a great value but just not as high quality as the Senita ones).

They are made of a very comfortable and supportive compression material that gives you some bump support. They stay in place through squats and interval training. They are not at all see-through. They also do a good job of hiding sweat 😉

Shorts: I love the built in biker shorts underneath the workout shorts and the full belly panel. These are comfortable and supportive.

Swimsuit: This is one of my very favorite maternity suits out of the 8+ I’ve bought or been gifted this pregnancy. The ribbed material is cute, flattering, and COMFORTABLE. Lower quality swimsuits just don’t feel as good on my skin once it starts to get hot. When we were in Aruba I wore this one on a boat and snorkeling for hours with zero complaints. It does come with removable cups that actually stay in place while wearing + washing it.


These are my favorite maternity leggings for working out. They are two steps above anything else I’ve tried over the last few pregnancies. If you are still trying to take your exercise seriously or just looking for a great pair of maternity athletic leggings, I cannot recommend these enough.

I would buy these again. I would text my sister and tell her to buy them. I just wouldn’t let these be my only pair of maternity leggings if I was looking for something to wear outside of the house.

Senita Maternity FAQ

Does Senita have maternity leggings?

Yes, Senita offers a few different options for maternity leggings.
-Pureluxe high wasited maternity legging
-Pureluxe high waisted maternity legging in the 7/8 length
-High shine maternity legging

Does Senita have maternity?

Yes! In addition to maternity leggings, Fabletics also sells maternity biker shorts, maternity joggers, maternity tanks, and maternity/nursing bras.

How does Senita maternity sizing run?

These leggings run very tts. I ordered my regular pregnancy size (which is 1 up from my non-pregnancy size because I gain 40 pounds each pregnancy).


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