15 Best Maternity Pieces on Amazon [2024]

Today we’re talking all about Amazon Maternity and I’m sharing the best maternity pieces to buy on Amazon in 2024. This post may contain affiliate links.

Amazon Maternity

Amazon has just about everything these days, doesn’t it? Maternity clothing is no different. In pregnancy, when you need something, you needed it yesterday and it is hard to beat prime shipping and not having to leave the couch.

I’ve ordered so many maternity pieces from Amazon (like these swimsuits) through my last few pregnancies and these are the best of the best.

Maternity Brands on Amazon:

In addition to having a few maternity options from their own in-house brands, Amazon also carries a limited selection from lots of well-known maternity brands. Sometimes the prices for these brands are a bit higher on Amazon. Other times, you might even find things CHEAPER on Amazon than on a brand’s website.

Here are a few of my favorite maternity brands you can buy on Amazon:

  • Daily Ritual: This is one of Amazon’s in-house brands. They have a VERY limited maternity line but everything is incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • Amazon Essentials: Another in-house brand, this one offers really great value (great quality for the price).
  • Mother Bee Maternity: They make my favorite basic maternity tees but also have a wide assortment of dresses for daily wear, photoshoots, and baby showers.
  • Hatch Maternity: A high-end maternity brand with a limited presence on Amazon.
  • Blanqi: A mid to high-end maternity brand that specializes in great quality leggings. They have a limited line available on Amazon and a lot more on their own site.
  • Kindred Bravely: You can count on them for super soft fabrics that will feel great on your growing bump and postpartum body. They’ve recently added A LOT more of their line to their Amazon storefront. I still live in some of my KB pieces 18 months postpartum. Anything in their bamboo fabric is fantastic.
  • Motherhood Maternity

Amazon’s in-house Maternity Brands

Generally, I find that Amazon’s in-house brands offer great value for their products (good quality for the price). You can always filter Amazon search results on their site to see only in-house brands. Here are a few of their in-house brands that carry maternity items.

  • Daily Ritual: This is one of Amazon’s in-house brands. They have a VERY limited maternity line but everything is incredibly soft and comfortable.
  • Amazon Essentials: Another in-house brand, this one offers really great value (great quality for the price).
  • Xypenyo: I haven’t ordered from this brand before but they offer maternity dresses.

Maternity Dresses on Amazon

Maternity Tops on Amazon

Maternity Leggings on Amazon

15 Best Maternity Items to Order from Amazon

Here are mini reviews of my 11 favorite maternity pieces from Amazon (and a few honorable mentions). I own and wear each of these.

1. Maternity Joggers

I ordered these black joggers off of Amazon pretty early on in pregnancy and they were a quick favorite. Most of my other high rise joggers cut right into my belly where I really didn’t want any pressure when I was so nauseous (and eventually as I had a real baby bump).

These are SUPER soft and on the thinner side (without being see-through or cheap) so they’ll be great into the spring/ early summer months. At 5’4″ I ordered the cropped length but you can get a full length version, too.

These are great for lounging around the house but also for running errands and just about anything else. I’ve exercised in them, slept in them, and worn them out to lunch. Cannot recommend these enough (especially for the price).

2. Maternity Leggings

I am THRILLED with these workout leggings for the price. The material is a compression athletic fabric so these are more of a true workout legging than a lounge legging. I wear them out and about as well as to the gym.

They stay in place, are squat-proof, and are very comfortable. I ordered my regular size in maternity clothing and have been wearing them regularly since about 15 weeks.

3. Maternity/ Nursing Bras

These are a must for pregnancy and for your first trimester. Another early sign of pregnancy is breast growth and tenderness and these wire-free bras are SO comfortable. They make such a difference when your breasts are super sore.

They’re a great price at just $10 a bra (they come in a three pack for $30 an Amazon) and they’re nursing friendly if you’re planning on breastfeeding or pumping after baby. Even if you aren’t, these are great for all of pregnancy and those few weeks after delivery.

Don’t take my word for it on these ones, just read through a handful of the THOUSANDS of reviews on Amazon. They’re the #1 rec for a reason.

(full review of these bras here)

4. Black bodycon tank dress

A black bodycon dress is such a versatile pregnancy staple. With a few tweaks this can fit just about any occasion you need.

  • Heading to the office? Throw on a blazer.
  • Meeting friends: Add a denim jacket
  • Lounging around the house: Wear it as-is or throw on a cardigan

This one is super soft and comfortable. I’m wearing my regular maternity size.

5. Cozy Tan Maternity Dress

A great cozy fall + winter maternity staple. This dress is on a the looser side and a great layering piece. Wear it alone or with a denim jacket, cardigan, or blazer. You’ll probably also just want to sleep in it because it is so soft.

They’ve added a couple of new colors that are fantastic!

6. Motherhood Maternity Tees 2 Pack

These are the best looser fit maternity tees you are going to find below $50. They’re the same quality as super similar tee shirts from brands like Pink Blush where they sell for $30+. They’re INCREDIBLY soft, not at all see-through, and so comfortable.

They run pretty long which means they work covering the bump all the way through the third trimester. I ordered one size up from my regular maternity size for a looser fit.

7. Maternity One Piece Swimsuit

Amazon has some great maternity swim options at really good prices. This one piece is under $40, comes in lots of great colors, has removable pads, and is flattering and fun.

8. Maternity Bodysuit

Wearing pants or skirts without a belly panel? This maternity bodysuit is for you! It is soft, comfortable, and a great basic. Love it with side panel maternity jeans, any drawstring pants, and a summer maternity short.

9. Maternity Photoshoot + Babyshower Dress

Amazon has you covered when it comes to great maternity photoshoot dress options. This one is super soft, very comfortable, and comes in lots of colors.

10. Maternity Romper

Comfort is the name of the game with these cute maternity one piece outfits. The fabric is unbelievably buttery soft – you won’t want to take it off!

The black could be dressed up for work with a blazer but I really love this fun light green.

11. Maternity Shapewear

These nude colored shorts are a lot like high waisted bike shorts and keep everything smooth and comfortable under maternity clothes. They also prevent chaffing.

I love them under just about all maternity dresses (especially if I’m not wearing this slip).

Honorable Mentions:

12. Maternity Pillow

Have you bought a maternity pillow yet? It helps with back pain, hip pain, ligament pain, and just about everything else. There’s a reason this one has so many THOUSANDS of positive reviews on Amazon.

13. Maternity Belly Support Band

As you get into your third trimester, this helps SO much with lower back pain and belly support in general. If you’re struggling with the basketball on your belly, try this.

14. The Drop Trench Coat

Okay, okay, I know. This is not maternity but it does make every maternity outfit look a little more put together. This is one of my most worn pieces this pregnancy so it is worth including.

I got stopped at a conference in LA last month because someone loved the jacket and the woman ordered it from her phone on the spot.

update: I still wear and love this trench not-pregnant. I wrote a full review.

15. The Drop Oversized Denim Jacket

Also not a maternity piece but this jacket is the perfect maternity wardrobe basic. The oversized fit does a great job hiding extra bumps + lumps while still showing off your main bump. It is a thick denim that is still really soft right out of the package (aka: this is REALLY comfortable). I wear it with leggings + tee shirts, over dresses, with bike shorts, you name it.

16. Goodthreads Chunky Cardigan

Another great layering piece from Amazon to up your maternity style game. This specific sweater is sold out so I’ve linked another chunky sweater I have and love in a few colors that would be darling with a bump.


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    1. Hi Sarah!

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