3 Best Pairs of Maternity Bike Shorts (and what NOT to order)

Today we’re talking about the best pairs of maternity bike shorts to order while pregnant. This post contains affiliate links.

First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Finding fantastic maternity clothes can be a bit of a challenge and I’ve spend many years (blogging through four pregnancies) to help you find things you’ll look and feel great in.

Today we’re talking all about maternity bike shorts. If you’re pregnant during the summer and looking for a comfortable pair of maternity shorts that give you good belly coverage, bike shorts are a comfortable and practical option. I already have a full post on how to style maternity bike shorts that gives you 10+ outfit ideas with bike shorts but today we’re talking about the best ones to buy for yoru growing belly at different price points.

3 Best Pairs of Maternity Bike Shorts

1. Top Recommendation: Best pair of Maternity Bike Shorts

Maternity Belly Support Girlshort by Blanqi

Blanqi, hands down, makes my favorite pair of maternity bike shorts. Called their “girl shorts” these are comfortable and flattering. They hold up to lots of regular wear and washing (and stretching). I did generally hang dry these after a machine wash (but I do that with all my activewear). These bike shorts can do double duty at the gym or getting dressed up (as dressed up as a pair of bike shorts can get). I wore these for workouts and around the house through all stages of pregnancy. I also have a non-maternity pair of these post partum and they’re also wonderful.

If you’re looking for any other great bottoms during pregnancy, Blanqi is the best. Maternity jeans? These are the only ones you’ll want to wear. Leggings? They have very flattering, comfortable options. Maternity denim shorts? They launched these during my last pregnancy and they’re also fantastic (the same maternity panel that is on their maternity jeans).

2. Most comfortable maternity bike shorts at the best price point:

PureLuxe High-Waisted Maternity 9” Short

Fabletics has an intro deal that gets you a pair of maternity leggings and bike shorts for $25 and you won’t be able to beat this price on anything. Be warned, though, it is a pain to cancel a Fabletics subscription (you have to call in from what I’ve heard). I’ve just been going in and “skipping” a month ever since I ordered these on the intro deal last year but that is also a pain.

You can read the full Fabletics maternity review here but these bike shorts are SO comfortable. They are on the longer side of bike shorts and have pockets. These are not the pair you’re going to dress up but they are great for lounging and workout out in. I’ve included pictures above of their leggings and their bike shorts are the exact same thing cut off right above the knee. You can see that with a larger baby bump the fit isn’t perfect between the upper thigh and the belly but that didn’t stop me from living in these during the summer.

3. Best non-maternity bike shorts to wear pregnant:

Lululemon Align Bike Shorts

If you order these one or two sizes up, you can easily wear them throughout pregnancy and into your post partum stage. I tried on the align leggings at 32 weeks (in my fourth pregnancy and with a weight gain of about 30 pounds) and they were still SO comfortable. These ones are incredibly comfortable with lots of stretch (and not a ton of compression). \

Bonus: Best overall maternity bike shorts

Poshdivah Maternity Bike Shorts on Amazon

I have a facebook group of about 5000 women who all had babies last summer and, hands down, these were the most recommended maternity clothing item in the group. Everyone raved about them and many members talked about buying them in multiple pairs. I already had the three pairs above so I didn’t order them but, if I could only buy one pair and I was trying to save money, this would be the pair I’d order.

They also come in tons of cute colors and a variety of lengths.

A few other maternity bike shorts that look fantastic:

  • Hatch: I love every piece I’ve had from Hatch maternity and they have a very cute ribbed maternity bike short.
  • Beyond Yoga: I’ve hard great things about their maternity leggings and they also have a maternity bike short.
  • Quince: I didn’t realize this brand makes a compression short that works for maternity! The quality for the price has been good in my limited experience shopping from Quince.
  • Old Navy: I’ve hard really great things about Old Navy’s workout line and these maternity shorts have good reviews.

DO NOT ORDER: Shein maternity bike shorts

I am not against a Shein item (you can read the full Shein maternity review here) but do yourself a favor and skip their maternity bike shorts. These are so thin they are practically see through. They don’t hold their shape and they don’t even stay on that well. It is worth paying the few extra dollars for the fabletic ones.

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