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25 Best Places + Tips to Buy Cute, Cheap Maternity Clothes [2024]

Today we’re talking all about how to find cute cheap maternity clothes. This post contains affiliate links.

Congratulations! How are you feeling? How are you doing? Let’s talk maternity clothes and dressing the bump on a budget!

You’re only pregnant for nine months and no one wants to spend an arm and a leg on clothes they are going to wear for less than a year. That said, pregnancy is a time when comfort is a high priority and finding the right pieces can be a game changer for how you feel about your changing body.

Wondering where to buy cheap maternity clothes? 

Having a baby is so exciting and can also get expensive. If you’re looking to save on really cute cheap maternity clothes, this list has you covered.

I’ve been pregnant a handful of times and talked to hundreds of moms about their favorite places to shop and best tips for finding cute, cheap maternity clothes. I hope some of these work for you.

When to start wearing maternity clothes

This all depends on when you start really showing. Each pregnant body is different!

When I was pregnant with my first, I got away with wearing looser tops and using the old hair tie trick on my lower rise jeans until almost 20 weeks. With my subsequent pregnancies, I needed maternity jeans at 9 weeks.

Typically you start to need maternity clothes sometime in your second trimester. You may find that you reach for them earlier during your first trimester because it is uncomfortable to have anything tight on your stomach area while you deal with morning sickness.

What maternity clothes do you really need? 

Need is a relative term here but, at a minimum, here are the maternity basics you should expect to buy:

  • pair of maternity jeans
  • maternity leggings
  • casual maternity dress
  • dressier maternity dress (for photos, a baby shower, or any event you have while pregnant)
  • maternity tee shirts
  • maternity tops
  • maternity bras (this set of three from Amazon is my fave budget option)

Depending on what your day-to-day looks like you may need to add in some dressier pieces for work. I also could not live without maternity joggers and more casual maternity pants because by the third trimester I do not want anything tight on my bump.

Tips for finding cheap maternity clothes:

  1. Check facebook marketplace: You can sometimes score individual items of bundles of maternity clothes at huge discounts on facebook marketplace so this is always worth a shot if you’re trying to save money. Start checking early and be willing to buy things before you really need them.
  2. Visit local thrift stores: Local thrift stores might have a maternity section but I’ve most frequently seen them in children’s second hand shops. If you have a “Once Upon a Child” near you, they always have a rack of gently used maternity items in addition to tons of kids clothes.
  3. Try local buy nothing groups (search your town and “buy nothing” on facebook): These groups on facebook are all about paying it forward and you can score some great items completely free.
  4. Ask in local mom groups on facebook or nextdoor: Lots of moms aren’t sure what to do with their maternity items (save them for another kid? are we haven’t another kid? I can’t imagine doing this again so soon after a baby) and probably have a box sitting around. Ask in local mom groups to see if anyone has any maternity items they’re looking to sell. Include your sizing and style preference and see if anyone responds.
  5. Shop clearance racks: If you’re less picky about what you’re looking for you can always find great deals by hunting. This list has stores for shopping maternity clothes on a budget but you can also check out this full post on places to find cute maternity clothes and scour the clearance sections.
  6. Stick with basics to mix with your existing wardrobe: Instead of buying a large number of new maternity tops, you could buy a few basic maternity tees and layer them with cardigans or kimonos you already have you your closet. Skip the big statement pieces and go with basics you can mix and match.

Favorite places for cute cheap maternity clothes



Ross usually has a small selection of maternity pieces at their signature low prices. They don’t have an online store but if you have one locally and are trying to save money, try Ross.

surprisingly good selection


Walmart has been upping their fashion game over the last few years and, lucky for us, that extends to their maternity collection. You can find basics and cute trendier pieces at low prices.

They carry a handful of different brands but check out Walmart’s Tried and Tru line.

online thrift store


ThredUP is a MASSIVE online thrift store. They add hundreds (thousands?) of new items everyday and have a wide maternity collection. You can search by brand, style, and condition (like “new with tags”).

I like using ThredUP for higher end pieces at a discount and avoid buying brands that are usually on sale. They tend to price their items at at a discount off the original price (so 40% off a Hatch Maternity tee is a good deal but 40% off a gap shirt that is almost always 40% off on the GAP website? less of a good deal).

PS. Thredup is also a great place for buying post partum jeans if you want nicer jeans you might only fit into for a few months.

You can grab $10 off your first order here

low prices and lots of choices


The Chinese fast fashion giant expanded into maternity clothes in the last few years and their selection is always growing. Shein is known for their low quality and low prices (but they’ve started to raise both). They do a great job photographing their products so it is hard not to want everything on their site.

They have a great selection of maternity dresses, tops, and lounge sets. They would be ideal for maternity photos, your baby shower, or those last few weeks of pregnancy when nothing fits but you don’t need to wear it for long.

P.S. I put in my first Shein maternity order this week and I’ll report back soon!

Check out Shein Maternity Basic’s line for some of their lowest prices.

A few faves

great basics

Old Navy

Old Navy is almost always the first rec I see in any moms facebook group when it comes to maternity clothing. Lots of great options, plenty of basics mixed with more trendy pieces, and a budget friendly price point.

Mamas swear by their leggings + maternity jeans.

tried and true


Target has everything and maternity clothes are no exception. They do a great job partnering with established maternity brands to offer most cost-friendly lines in collaboration with Target. They don’t run great sales BUT are still worth checking out.

Shop the Ingrid & Isabel line for Target here

Shop the Hatch Maternity line for Target here

put it on your radar


If you’re only looking at full priced items, Kohls might not seem like a great budget shopping destination but they have a good selection of maternity on clearance and carry everything from dresses to active wear.

cute with Easy 2 day shipping


Okay Amazon has everything. They carry some pretty expensive maternity items but you can also find some great basics and dresses for maternity photos at great prices. Their maternity landing page also has lightning deals that change regularly and offer more savings.

I love these maternity joggers (I wear them all the time pregnant and they’re under $20).

For the best prices, check out Amazon’s in-house brands like Amazon Essentials.

very trendy and the lowest prices


Boohoo has a HUGE selection of very trendy maternity pieces. If you are looking for a fabulous dress for a night out or pieces that really do not scream pregnancy, Boohoo is a great place to start.

shop the clearance rack


You can count on Macy’s to have solid quality pieces and decent prices so be sure to check the clearance rack.

Macy’s carries brands from the higher end “Pea in a Pod” to “Motherhood Maternity.”

no frumpy maternity clothes here!


If you want to go down a rabbit hole of really cute maternity items, ASOS is your place. They have plenty of higher priced items but if you check through sales and some of their basics, you can find some gems.

Pieces sell out in certain sizes regularly on ASOS so if you see something you want, order it ASAP.

surprisingly good selection

Motherhood Maternity

THE American main-stay staple for maternity wear is Motherhood Maternity. They have everything from pretty dresses to cute basics, along with great jeans and leggings starting at $7.99.

They also have a higher end sister brand called “A Pea in a Pod.”

great basics


H&M has a FANTASTIC maternity selection in their MAMA line. They carry everything from great daily basics to statement dresses. If you’re looking for great, minimalist, European chic maternity style on a budget, H&M is the place to start.

Be sure to check their clearance section or just sort from lowest to highest price items to see with pieces you can snag at a discount.

A few faves

surprisingly good selection

Mother Bee

Mother Bee has a large selection of fun and pretty maternity dresses + tops. They’re carried at Walmart, available on Amazon, and I’ve seen them a handful of times on Zulily’s Maternity Deal’s section.

Shop them on Amazon here, see them at Walmart here, or Check on Zulily here

Secondhand gems


I love shopping secondhand for maternity items because maternity clothes are usually only worn for a few months. On Poshmark you can make offers on specific items to try and get the seller to agree to a lower price.

Check Poshmark for beautiful dresses for maternity photos or higher ticket items like designer maternity denim.

surprisingly good selection


In my previous pregnancies Loft had a great selection of stylist maternity clothes but it looks like they’re only carrying a handful of items right now. Maybe they’re discontinuing maternity? Check out their sale selection that is all an extra 50% off right now.

They carry a handful of different brands but check out Walmart’s

Anything I missed? What would you add to this list?


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