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13 Best Places for Formal Maternity Gowns

Today we’re talking all about the best places for formal maternity gowns! Need a fancy maternity dress for an event with a dress code? Keep reading for the best stores and some of our favorite dresses. This post contains affiliate links. 

Tiffany Rose White Maternity Dress worn here at 40 weeks 

Best Places for Formal Maternity Clothes:

Are you pregnant and looking for a great formal maternity gown? Is there a special event coming up and you need to try on some formal maternity dresses?

First of all, congratulations! 

I remember trying to find a gown for a gala when I was pregnant with baby #3 and having a hard time coming up with options that would really work. There were so many things that were made for maternity photoshoots but not so many options for black tie events.  I ordered a handful of dresses to try on and was so happy to find something that could make me feel beautiful (when I felt more like a beached whale each day). 

I’ve put together a full list of where to buy the best formal maternity clothes online that would be perfect for an upcoming special event. Most of these are going to be sold only online so your best bet is ordering a couple, trying them on at home, and returning what doesn’t work. If you really need to try them on in person, Nordstrom is probably going to be your best bet. 

Good news for all moms-to-be! 

Whether you are shopping for a black tie special occasion or just want something fancy and stunning for maternity pictures or your baby shower, here are the best places to buy formal maternity gowns. 

5 Top-Ranked Formal Maternity Brands:

Tiffany Rose (top choice) 

This is your best option for high quality formal maternity wear with gorgeous fabric. Established in 2003 with an aim of offering the most stylish black tie maternity wear, maternity occasion wear, maternity bridal dresses, maternity formal wear, and lace maternity gowns, Tiffany Rose is a UK brand that is now carried in Nordstrom. That said, they have a vast range of designs that range from more casual everyday dresses to maternity wedding dresses.

What is most worth talking about when it comes to Tiffany Rose dresses is the fabric. Their dresses are made with gorgeous high quality fabric that drapes so beautifully. Anecdotally, I also loved the way their dresses felt on my growing bump. When my skin was stretched and itchy, the soft luxe fabric of Tiffany Rose dresses felt so good! I’ve owned and worn a handful of their dresses over the year and can personally vouch for how well made and beautiful they are in person. 

This British brand is my top choice for chic maternity formal wear. You will not get anything else like these buttery soft fabrics and stretchy material. I’ve ordered and worn dresses from them during each of my three pregnancies and they are high-quality gorgeous pieces. In these you’ll be the best-dressed at the party.

Nordstrom does carry a good selection of Tiffany Rose pieces if you want to take advantage of Nordstrom’s easy shipping + returns.


Nordstrom offers a curated collection of formal maternity gowns and maternity evening dresses. 

Nordstrom has easy free shipping and returns which make it a great option for trying a few different formal dresses and differed size dresses to find your best fit. This is going to be one of your best choices for brands you can count on for quality.


Whenever I visit the Asos store online, I just want to buy all their maternity pieces. They have a unique selection of stylish pieces you wont find anywhere else and this includes some more formal maternity wear options. Look through their longer dress options for something that will come off more formal. Asos sizing has been a bit tricky for me in the past so I recommend ordering two sizes and trying them on at home to find your best fit.


Seraphine designed its fabric solely for Moms-to-be. It brings high-quality soft and fine fabric pieces equipped with a range of slots such as maternity formal and occasion wear(baby shower, wedding or work edit) , Lace maternity gowns, black tier maternity wear, Pants, Shorts & Skirts, jeans, activewear, dungarees, etc. I haven’t ordered formal wear from Seraphine before but I have worn a handful of their pieces over my last three pregnancies and the quality is always top notch. If you see something you love from Seraphine, it’ll probably be awesome. 

The beauty of its designs is that you can wear these maternity dresses even without a pregnant belly, after years of pregnancy. 


Shopbop always offers a very small curated quality selection of well-embellished fabric from a range of renowned brands (Hatch, Ingrid & Isabel, or Blanqi ) and their maternity choices are impeccable (while you’re at it, check out their designer maternity denim selections). Like Nordstorm, they provide free shipping and fast free returns. This makes it super easy to order a dress in a couple of sizes or try a few different styles, try them on at home, and return what you don’t need. They might not have anything super formal right now but it is worth checking. 

Each Shopbop order comes with a printed return label so all you have to do is tape up the box and stick on the label and you’re ready to schedule USPS pickup. 

Sexy Mama Maternity

Sexy Mama Maternity has a large collection at floor length maternity dresses geared toward a baby shower or a maternity photoshoot. Most of them can be dressed up for formal events (just pay attention to how much fabric is at the bottom- some of the dresses are designed for maternity shoots but not necessarily for formal wear with lots of excess fabric at the bottom). There are lots of color and silhouette options. Most of their dresses are a slim fit body con style that really show off the baby bump. If you’re having a hard time deciding you can use the chat feature on their site to get input from a stylist.

Baltic Born

Baltic Born carries a wide range of flowy dresses that work for pregnancy and beyond. They’re especially popular for maternity bridesmaid dresses. When my sister got married last year I was 9 weeks post partum and my other sister was 8 months pregnant. We could both find something to wear from Baltic Born. I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the quality of these dresses but they did photograph really well.

Budget Friendly Maternity Formal Wear

These options aren’t going to be quite as high quality and might not pass the test for a black tie wedding but they are going to be more budget friendly. For a lot of events you can dress up any full length black maternity dress to make it more formal. Pair it with nice pumps (go for a thicker heel if you’re further along) and nice jewelry. Here are your options: 


Of course Amazon is included on the list. You can find lots of options for full length maternity dresses with free shipping and I’ve rounded up a few below that can pass as formal gowns.

Pink Blush

Pink Blush has trendy and budget-friendly maternity wear with everything from floor length dresses to pajamas. I love Pink Blush Maternity for their flattering wrap dresses that work during pregnancy and post partum. They also have great options for dresses for maternity pictures. You can sort their large collection by color if you’re looking for something in particular. 


Have you had a look at Walmart’s maternity collection? Maybe not your first thought when looking for formal maternity wear but Walmart might surprise you. This one in black would be my top pick.

Shein Maternity

Shein is one of the largest online fashion retailers that sells a huge collection of maternity wear. Whether you’re looking for fancy maternity dresses or your go-to maternity tees, Shein has options. With this fast fashion giant you are getting lower quality pieces at much lower prices. Don’t expect the quality on these to be anywhere near Tiffany Rose (but don’t expect the prices to be anything close either).  You’ll find lots of floor length maternity options for under $30. Just be sure to order 3 weeks before your event to guarantee it arrives in time (usually it arrives sooner than that but better safe than sorry). 

Shein offers free returns so go ahead and order a few different styles in two sizes so you have options to try on at home and find something that fits well and feels great. 


ThredUP is an online second hand clothing retailer that carries a wide range of brands. I’ve shopped on thredUP for years and they have a great maternity section. Maternity is one of those things that works really well buying second hand because usually the items have only been very gently used. If you’re trying to save money, check their maternity dress section first. Search and see if they’re carrying anything from the brands listed above (Tiffany Rose, Seraphine, Hatch) 


Tiffany Rose Maternity Dress worn here

Best Rental Brands for maternity clothing:

If you’re looking to rent maternity wear, you have a couple of options. This can be a great option for maternity party dresses that you only need to wear once. Brands like Motherhood Rental, Runway Maternity, Mine for Nine, A Pea in the Pod, Le Tote, etc, offer maternity rentals at a variety of price points. Here are your best options for maternity rentals:

Motherhood Rental:

From this store, you can rent 3 dresses at once.  You just pay 69$/ month (with free shipping and returns) for unlimited box swaps. 

Armoire Maternity

Another great option for maternity wear rentals! You can rent maternity, bump friendly, and nursing friendly styles from high end brands. 

  • Price: Plans range from $69/month to $139/month

Mine for Nine:

Choose from more than 1,000 different maternity clothes which includes blouses, jeans, sweaters, as well as occasional fancy dresses. 

For most of the items you get to keep for a full month with the exception of the maternity occasion wear which you have to return to a store within 14 days. 

  • Price: no membership fee, just pay the rental charges of the clothes that you borrow.
  • Membership perks: Are you sure of your size? If not, then you can order the same dress in two different sizes by paying a small extra charges. 

Rent the Runway

Rent the Runway has a limited number of high quality maternity options. You can either pay the one time rental fee or join their clothing rental subscription and get new items to wear each month. 

Good luck shopping! Did I miss any formal maternity wear options? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line at hello(at)elisabethmcknight(dot)com

looking for a maternity gown? I'm sharing 10 best places to shop for formal maternity wear so you can look and feel gorgeous and your next event
looking for a maternity gown? I'm sharing 10 best places to shop for formal maternity wear so you can look and feel gorgeous and your next event
looking for a maternity gown? I'm sharing 10 best places to shop for formal maternity wear so you can look and feel gorgeous and your next event

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