Pink Blush Maternity Review [2023]- Read before you shop.

Today we’re talking all about the maternity brand Pink Blush Maternity in this review. This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links. =

pregnant woman in grey maternity dress with denim jacket on stairs outside.

Are you pregnant and looking for some cute and budget friendly maternity clothes?

Have you come across Pink Blush Maternity online and are wondering if they’re legit?

Today we’re talking all about the really cute maternity brand, Pink Blush, and I’m sharing the good, the great, and what to be wary of. You can bet Pink Blush Maternity is on my list of 30 places to find cute maternity clothes!

7 years of shopping Pink Blush Maternity

I have worn Pink Blush maternity pieces for all three of my pregnancies. There was this striped top I wore 7 years ago, that I thought was a sweater and ended up being more of a thin long sleeved tee. There was this dress that I loved wearing my final trimester of my third pregnancy because it was SO comfortable. I have found Pink Blush Maternity to be mostly awesome. They have a wide assortment of clothing options 

What I love about Pink Blush Maternity

I really love the price point and the style of Pink Blush Maternity clothing. There are always so many cute options on their site and everything doesn’t SCREAM maternity, you know? You can order a handful of pieces without breaking the bank and feel great in them. 

The other thing I can generally count on from Pink Blush is that their fabric feels nice on. Their pieces are soft on my growing bump and I haven’t ever had an issue with them being scratchy. Their dresses are SO comfortable (which is a must when your skin is stretched so much come the third trimester). 

What I don’t love about Pink Blush Maternity

I haven’t always been able to tell the quality / fabric type of Pink Blush Maternity clothing from the website. In my experience, the things that look like thick, cozy, sweaters are really just thin knit tops. This works really well if you’re 7 months pregnant and always hot in Southern California but isn’t the best if you were hoping for a warm maternity sweater for winter in Boston. Be sure to read the description of each piece and don’t count on knits to be super thick. 

The quality is definitely lower than something you’re going to get at Seraphine or Hatch BUT the price point and the comfort are great. Plus, these are pieces you’re wearing for a pregnancy or two and not on regular rotation for the next five years. 

pregnant women in beige linen maternity dress from pink blush maternity.
Pink Blush LInen Dress

Best things to Order From Pink Blush Maternity: 

Pink blush maternity reviews

Mini Pink Blush Maternity dress review

pregnant woman outside in a grey maternity dress from pink blush maternity.

Cute, comfortable, and goes with everything. Throw on a jean jacket, add a cardigan, or wear it all by itself. This is such a great basic for your maternity wardrobe. 

This exact one on Pink Blush Maternity is sold out but this one is super similar and has 3/4 sleeves (even more flattering) and is fully stocked in a few colors. 

Mini Pink Blush Maternity Tee Review

pregnant woman with a yellow maternity shirt on with jeans.

This is, hands down, my favorite basic maternity tee (and I’ve tried many). It is hard to find a maternity tee that isn’t fitted. This one comes in lots of colors, the v neck is flattering, and you can knot it for a more fitted look or wear it loose. I didn’t discover it until my third pregnancy but you can bet, if I ever hare more kids, I’ll order it in other colors. 

Shop it here now

Mini Pink Blush Maternity gown review

Pregnant woman in full length cream maternity gown.

This maxi dress can be dressed up or down and was one of THE MOST comfortable things I put on my body while pregnant. I wore it all the time in my third trimester because it was one of the only things that felt good in those last, uncomfortable weeks. 

Shop similar Pink Blush maxi dresses here

Best Maternity Dresses to Order from Pink Blush 

Here are a few of my current favorites (and I’m in my second trimester right now so you can bet some of these are in my cart):

Conclusion: Should you order from Pink Blush Maternity?

If it is in the budget, yes! They have a great selection and soft, cozy fabrics.

A few other brands you might like:


How do pink blush maternity clothes fit?

Pink Blush maternity pieces run true to size. I tend to gain a lot of weight each pregnancy so I size up so things will fit me throughout my pregnancy. 

What are Pink Blush Maternity returns like? What is their return policy? 

Pink Blush Maternity accepts returns of eligible items postmarked within 30 days of the delivery date.  All U.S. returns are eligible for FREE return shipping when returned through a return bar. When shipped via pre-paid label, a $5 fee will be deducted from your refund amount. Refunds are issued to your original payment method or in the form of PinkBlush Store Credit, via eGift Card. There are a few items that are excluded from returns.

Where is Pink Blush maternity located?

Pink Blush headquarters are in Lake Forest, CA (so close to me here in Orange County!). 

Is Pink Blush only maternity?

No! Pink Blush outfits you before, during, and after pregnancy. They have great lounge wear options for after baby arrives and nursing friendly options but they SHINE at maternity dresses. In addition, they also have a regular non-maternity clothing section. 

Where to buy pink blush maternity?

You can buy Pink Blush Maternity online from their website. As of right now Pink Blush doesn’t have any physical locations. 

How long does Pink Blush Maternity take to ship? 

Pink Blush Maternity packages up orders Monday through Friday and it usually takes 2 days from the time you place your order for the item to ship. Shipping time will depend on which shipping option you select at check-out. 

Is Pink Blush Maternity legit? 

Yes! I’ve ordered and mostly loved what I’ve ordered from them for the last seven years! 

Pregnant woman in yellow maternity tee, jeans, and striped shoes.

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  1. I find the quality is poor – thin materials, poor stitching, a lot of hanging loose threads, asymmetrical lines (not on purpose), fake buttons…and I disagree with your comment on the price point being right. These clothes should be much cheaper for the quality. I also recently bought 2 of the same tank top from them, same size/ different colors. One was easily 4 inches shorter than the other. They replaced it. Same exact problem. So they also have a quality control problem. My favorite maternity pieces that I’ve found (and WAY cheaper) are random things I’ve come across on Amazon.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth for all the information. It was very helpful since it is very hard to find pregnancy clothes these days.