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Unpaid Kindred Bravely Review + Discount Code

Today we’re talking all about Kindred Bravely, the well-known maternity and nursing bra brand, in this unsponsored review. This post does contain affiliate links and you can always use the Kindred Bravely discount code ELISABETH15 for 15% off your order.

My experience with Kindred Bravely

I first heard of Kindred Bravely from facebook groups when asking about the most comfortable bras to wear while pregnant. I was looking for something without underwire (and bonus points if it could work post partum for pumping/nursing). The number one recommendation, hands down, was to splurge and order a Kindred Bravely maternity bra. I have to admit, I didn’t listen. I ordered this three pack of bras from Amazon instead (and they’re a solid choice at a great price point).

Fast forward a few months when I finally got my hands on an actual Kindred Bravely maternity/nursing bra. They’re worth the hype.

Since then I’ve ordered more than a handful of Kindred Bravely pieces for maternity and post partum. I’ll share my favorites below but, in general, everything is good and some things are fantastic.

A bit of history on the Kindred Bravely brand

Kindred Bravely was cofounded by Deeanne in 2015 after she struggled to find a cute and comfortable pair of pajamas while she was nursing her one-year-old.

Since then they have expanded to include a full line of maternity and nursing wear focusing on undergarments and lounge swear. In 2022 they launched a maternity and nursing swimsuit line and in 2023 they launched “Kindred Forever” which is their first collection for after nursing (aka: not maternity or nursing).

What I love about Kindred Bravely

  • Quality of the fabric: This is where, for me, Kindred Bravely is a step above things you’re going to find on Amazon. Not only are their pieces softer and more comfortable right out of the package but they hold up to lots of wearing and laundering. This comfort makes a big deal when your skin is already tight and you’re super uncomfortable while pregnant or in the crazy hormone stage post partum.
  • How everything feels.
  • Fit

What I don’t love about Kindred Bravely

  • Limited color options: There are not a ton of color options, especially in some of my favorite bamboo pieces.
  • The lace accents on maternity and post partum pieces: Some people love these and I’ve heard great reviews from people who are looking for more feminine maternity + nursing intimates. For me, though, the lace isn’t as soft or comfortable as I’d like and in those first few weeks post partum I need comfort a lot more than I need a little lace.

Best products to buy from Kindred Bravely:

Here are my favorite pieces from KB. These pieces are absolutely worth buying from Kindred Bravely.

1. Bras

The Kindred Bravely maternity and nursing bras are worth the hype. They’re a step up in quality and comfort from the ones I’ve ordered on Amazon and tried from other brands. Here are a few I recommend/love:

Mom wearing maroon Kindred Bravely bamboo pajamas on a white couch while holding baby.

2. Bamboo Lounge Line

My very favorite pieces from Kindred Bravely are from their bamboo lounge line. The material on these is a thick, luxe, super soft, cooling bamboo mix that feels so wonderful. This was the only material I could stand touching my bump at the very end of my summer pregnancy. About a week postpartum when my hormones were going crazy my skin got very irritated (dry, itchy, sensitive). I lived in these pieces until everything evened out. Here’s what I have and love:

  • Bamboo maternity and post partum joggers: I wore these throughout my pregnancy, through my post partum period, and 6 months after baby I still live in them. I have them in two different colors and I reach for them over my lulu joggers regularly.
  • Bamboo nursing hoodie: I didn’t nurse or pump this time around and I still LOVED this. I sized up for a more generous fit when I ordered my first one at 7 months pregnant and then re-ordered it a few weeks post partum in my smaller size. The nursing zippers are very discreet. I didn’t nurse and LOVE this. My sister is currently nursing and LOVES this. It is out of stock right now but I’m hoping they bring it back!
  • Bamboo nursing crewneck: The same material and discreet nursing zippers as the hoodie, this crewneck is a bit more versatile. It is a sweatshirt but if you order it in black you can dress it up a bit and get so much wear out of this nursing staple.
  • Bamboo lounge tank (nursing/ maternity and regulary style): I have and love both of these
  • Bamboo nursing tee: My sister lives in this one
  • Bamboo lounge shorts: A great staple for a summer pregnancy
  • Ribbed bamboo maternity tee
  • Bamboo nursing top: This one has a built in bra and was my favorite thing to wear under a robe in the hospital. If you buy one nursing tank, let it be this one.
  • Bamboo pajamas: I have the long sleeve version of these and they are so luxe – comfortable, easy nursing access, and my favorite thing to change into at the end of each day.
  • Bamboo thigh saver undergarment (great for under dresses during a summer pregnancy)
  • bamboo maternity underwear:

3. Pajamas

I sleep in my bamboo joggers at least once a week but if you’re looking for a great pair of pajamas, Kindred Bravely has you covered (whether you’re pregnant or not).

Again, anything with the bamboo fabric is amazing. I have the full length set in a deep wine color and they feel so luxe (plus, postpartum, dark red is a great color you don’t have to worry about bleeding and ruining it).

4. Postpartum or Maternity Leggings

These are incredibly comfortable leggings. They are not the “suck you in and do you lots of favors” leggings you want to put on to go get dinner with your girlfriends. Instead, they’re the “I want to change into these right when I get home” or “run errands in” or “wear 24-7 after having a baby.” There is very little compression in them (which is great for some things and not great for others). I didn’t wear these for working out but they were a fantastic lounge + sleep legging. I packed and wore these in the hospital.

5. Anything for your hospital bag

Kindred Bravely sells a full hospital bundle which looks fantastic but you can also just buy individually anything you’re looking to get for your hospital stay. One thing I wish I would have ordered to labor in is their delivery gown (fabric makes a big difference for me when I’m laboring through contractions).

What to avoid from Kindred Bravely:

The only thing I haven’t really loved is their high rise post partum underwear with the lace trim. Don’t confuse this with the fourth trimester underwear which is A DREAM and feels incredible.

I do have very sensitive skin in the first few postpartum weeks when hormones are fluctuating but the lace on these wasn’t my favorite. They weren’t uncomfortable but they didn’t give me that same exhale of joy I get when I pull on anything from Kindred Bravely’s bamboo lounge line.

Kindred Bravely, can you make postpartum underwear out of your bamboo fabric, please?

update: apparently they do make this and I missed it. I wish I’d had these during pregnancy + post partum!

Kindred Bravely FAQ

How to wash Kindred Bravely bras?

The majority of Kindred Bravely’s bras have care instructions on their website that say to hand wash, use gentle detergent, and line dry.
I have multiple bras that have these directions and I have always thrown them in the washing machine with my regular loads (regular load washed on cold). I occasionally will hang dry them (like I try to do with all my bras) but usually I put them in the dryer on low. We haven’t had any issues so far. Going forward I’ll try using a gentle cycle instead but 6+ months of regular washing + wear in the machine and they’re just fine.

Is Kindred Bravely worth it? Are Kindred Bravely bras worth it?

Yes, absolutely yes.
If there is one part of your maternity or post partum wardrobe it is worth spending up on, it is the thing that is touching your sensitive skin all day long. These bras are a step up from anything else I’ve tried.
Additionally, if you’re pumping, having a hands free bra makes a huge difference (back in the day I cut a sports bra to make something like this – wish I’d had this one instead!).

Is Kindred Bravely legit?

Yes! They’re a fantastic mom-owned company that makes high quality and comfortable pieces for pregnancy, delivery, nursing, and beyond.

Does Kindred Bravely run small?

All my Kindred Bravely pieces have run true to size or a littttle bit big. I recommend ordering your regular size.

Where can you buy Kindred Bravely?

You can shop their full collection on their website, Kindredbravely.com.
You can also shop an assortment of their products on Amazon, Target.com, or Walmart.com.

Does Kindred Bravely have sales?

Yes, Kindred Bravely runs different promotions on different products. You can also purchase bundles of products at discounted prices. You can also use the code “ElisabethM15” for 15% off.

Kindred Bravely discount code:

You can use the code ElisabethM15 for 15% off your order. You can only use one Kindred Bravely discount code per order.

Some items are excluded from discounts (like things on Final Sale).

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