Is Chicwish Legit? A [2024] review and must read before you order

Are you trying to figure out if Chicwish is legit? Is Chicwish a reputable store to order from online or are all their cute dresses too good to be true? Keep reading to find out if Chicwish is a scam or a safe place to shop (spoiler: it is not a scam and I love a lot of pieces from Chicwish). This post may contain affiliate links.

cream sweater dress: available here

My First Chicwish Order

I first saw Chicwish promoted on Pink Peonies, a fashion blog by Rachel Parcel, many years ago. The feminine midi skirts caught my eye immediately and most of the pieces I ordered from them initially 8+ years ago were skirts. I liked them. I REALLY liked them. I wore them regularly for special events and to church. They looked great on. They held up. At some point I gave them to friends, sisters or a thrift store after having two babies and wider hips (so I can’t vouch for them now).

A few times the material of the item was different from what I was expecting. For example, this beautiful skirt looked like it was embroidered when it was actually just screen printed. If you’re set on a specific item, be sure to read the details of the material.

I also had a few coats, tops, and sweaters from them years ago. I loved the coats and the cardigan-style sweater. The pullover knit-wear didn’t seem as high quality. The lace tops I owned from them were fun and stylish and lasted a few years of regular wear before I donated them for newer styles (not because they wore out). In general, I notice the hardware as a place where lower quality might come through. I had no issues with zippers when it came to Chicwish clothing but the buttons seemed less expensive. I preferred pieces without a ton of hardware.

Some favorite past posts wearing Chicwish pieces over the last decade:

chicwish striped sweater: available here

My Chicwish Review of recent orders

I put in two Chicwish orders over the last six months to write this review. With the first I went through the return process so I’d be able to speak to it in the review (and because some of the pieces just didn’t work).

Here’s what I ordered and what I thought about each item:

  • This colorblock skirt in the neutral and in the blue color: I wanted to LOVE this skirt but in person it just wasn’t as pretty as I imagined. It looked just like it did on the website but once it was in my wardrobe I realized it wouldn’t work with as many things as I thought. I returned both.
  • This cream ruched top: I think this is a really fun unique top. It wasn’t sheer and it fit tts (I ordered a small where I’m usually an xs and it was a tiny bit big).
  • This black and white gingham top: So cute! The fit was a little off on me but the quality was fun and it reminds me of something I’d buy at Madewell.
  • Green knit top: This was one of my favorite things from my order. It is unique and flattering while still being understated. I kept this and wore it a few times when I noticed one of the ribbed stitches had pulled. I read through Martha Stewarts tips on reversing a pull but haven’t taken the time to fix this. I’m disappointed this happened but I’m not sure if I can blame it on a lower quality knit or on my own carelessness.
  • This light trench: I really liked this one but I’m a true xs and this only came in a S. The shoulders were too broad for me so I sent it back.
  • This cream maxi dress: THIS DRESS! You guys, this dress was worth the whole order. It is comfortable, flattering, and just beautiful. I’ve highly considered buying it in a couple of different sizes and keeping it as part of a client closet for photoshoots because it wears so beautifully. I ordered the XS and it fit very well. I also lent it to two different friends for family photos (after wearing it for my own) and they’re both a S or a S/M and it worked just fine for them).
  • This scalloped top: I am OBSESSED with the style and fit of this top but the color was much more orange in person than the caramel color in the picture. I tried it on a couple of times but realized I just wouldn’t wear it very regularly in that shade. I returned it, super disappointed in the color (but don’t worry, I found it in black for my second order).

chicwish yellow maxi dress: sold out but more options here

The Chicwish return process

Once I was ready to return my items I logged into my Chicwish account and clicked on my order information. I selected to start a return and a form came up. I was asked which items I was planning to return and to give a reason for each return along with the condition it was in (opened, with tags, without tags). Once I selected the items I was surprised to be offered an alternative option. For each item I was returning, Chicwish offered to let me keep it at a discounted price (so instead of getting the $34 back for the midi skirt, I could keep it for closer to $20. This seemed like a great idea for Chicwish to save on return shipping but I wondered if they do it with every order.

With my second order, I WAS NOT given this option. I’m not sure if it is a first order only thing or if it happens randomly so you can’t count on just pretending to want to return something to get it for a cheaper price.

After I finished filling out the form, I printed the return shipping label and put it on an amazon box I already had and scheduled a USPS pickup. Their returns are located in Tustin which is actually just 15 minutes or so away from me in Orange County.

The return policy is a little deceptive because it clearly states “FREE RETURNS” for US customers returning their order for the first time within 45 days but below it gives you the two return shipping options. One is to use their label and have $7.99 deducted for your return and the other is to use your own label (you pay for return shipping costs) and have nothing deducted.

It took a few weeks for my return to process but, eventually, everything was refunded.

My Second Order

I learned a lot from my first Chicwish order and realized the pieces that I really love from Chicwish are their more feminine dresses and skirts. I kept almost everything from my second order and am so happy with the pieces.

What I ordered and what I thought:

  • Oversized Buttondown in Moss: This is DEFINITELY very oversized and only comes in a S-M and M-L size. I ordered this in my first trimester of pregnancy and it will work really well with a bump and post partum. No complaints and I love the color. Quality for the price seems great.
  • Scalloped top in Black: I found the same scalloped top from my first order in black and ordered it. It is just as good as I remembered and you can’t mess up the color black. It is so chic and something I’d easily pay twice the price for. I haven’t worn it regularly yet because #pregnant but it is a classic piece that will never go out of style. I plan on having/wearing it for the next decade.
  • Long-line Coatigan: LOVE this long, thick cardigan (especially for these mild California winters). The quality appears to be on par with Madewell (much thicker + nicer than something you’d get at Target or Old Navy) but I’ve only worn it a few times so I can’t vouch to how it will hold up.
  • Ruffled Shirred Dress: LOVE this dress. This is what I love about the great finds on Chicwish – they’re a unique feminine style that manages to be on-trend without being the exact thing you’ll find everyone else wearing. This is something I’d expect to see in Anthropologie. I ordered a Small and it works well with my first/second trimester bump and will also work when not pregnant.
  • Red lace dress: I didn’t realize the crochet meant it wasn’t lined so you do need to wear a slip with this one or be baring a little bit of skin. It is beautifully made, though, and I kept it.

Would I order from Chicwish again?

Yes, absolutely. I will stick to things where sizing is slightly less important and keep an eye out for unique and feminine pieces. If I need a dress for an event (or a photoshoot) I’ll check Chicwish. I don’t expect the pieces to last as long as something from Anthropologie but almost (at a much better price point and similar unique style options). When quality matters more than price I would order from Chicwish over Shein every single time.

What I recommend ordering from Chicwish:

I was less impressed with their basics like sweaters and button-downs (although I did keep a long cardigan that I LOVE and a button-down -they’re fine, just not something I’m super excited about). Chicwish really stands out when it comes to unique and beautiful feminine pieces like dresses, skirts, and blouses.

2024 update: I’ve added a few more pieces from Chicwish to my wardrobe over the last year and LOVE so many of them. The biggest winner though is this lemon print sundress I ordered for our babymoon to Aruba. It is non-maternity but very bump-friendly and perfect for dinner on the beach.

Here’s what I’m currently eyeing / would love to order:

Chicwish FAQ:

What is Chicwish? 

Chicwish is fashion retailer originating in China that has been growing since it was established in 2011. They cater to women who gravitate toward feminine and whimsical style. Imagine a cheaper version of Anthropologie with a more limited selection (a lot like Francescas’s).

Is Chicwish a Chinese a company? 

Chicwish originated in China and now also has offices in the UK and the US. They list physical addreses for theses offices right on their website. Their US office is located in Tustin, California (outside of LA).

Who owns Chicwish? 

Chicvision Technology Co., Limited is noted as the company behind Chicwish on the company’s privacy policy page. The firm’s U.K. name is noted as DGL-CHICWISH and the U.S. name as CHICWISH.

Chicvision Technology has a registered office address in London, UK, and was incorporated on August 31, 2018. likely operated under a different company prior to that date since the website domain has been registered since 2011 (and I’ve been ordering pieces from them as early as 2013). The company’s registration notes two active officers, one is based in London, UK and the other is based in Jiangmen City, China.

Is Chicwish Legit

Yes, this is a reputable, established online fashion company. You’ll be able to find complaints about Chicwish (like most retailers) but it is helpful they have a direct email address for customer service on their website as well as phone numbers you can call (different phone numbers listed for the US and UK locations). They also have the physical addresses of their offices located right on their website.

Is Chicwish safe? 

I’ve ordered from Chicwish a handful of times over the years with no issues. The common concern with some of these sites is their security in storing your payment information. Many people have reported successful ordering with a credit card but if you’re looking for an added layer of protection, consider paying with Paypal.

Chicwish Returns

The return policy is a little deceptive because it clearly states “FREE RETURNS” for US customers returning their order for the first time within 45 days but below it gives you the two return shipping options. One is to use their label and have $7.99 deducted for your return and the other is to use your own label (you pay for return shipping costs) and have nothing deducted.

My experience with the return process was very standard. I filled out a form online about which items I wanted to return, printed my label, and scheduled a USPS pickup. It did take awhile for my return to arrive and be processed so it was a few weeks before my refund went through.
There are a few exceptions to the return shipping info – here are the options for returns for US customers:

1. Store Credit + $2 Bonus: If your return arrives back at Chicwish within 30 days of your shipping date, you can receive a store credit for the amount of your return in addition a BONUS $2 credit you can use toward finding something else you’ll love.

2.Refund to original payment: Receive a refund back to your original payment method when you use the Chicwish USPS return label or your own shipping method. Returns must be requested within 30 days (calculated from the date you receive your order) to be eligible for a refund. 

3. Exchange*: Love it, but need a different size, color, or pattern? Chicwish makes this part easy. Exchange requests must be received within 30 days of the original shipment date. Exchanges are free with the pre-paid shipping label from Chicwish (which is not deduced from anything).

Where is Chicwish located?

Chicwish is a Chinese based companies with UK and US offices. The addresses of these offices are listed right on their website. Their US office is based in Tustin (just a few miles from me) in Southern California.

Is Chicwish reliable?

I’ve found their shipping and customer service to be reliable. I had one issue where the return I sent wasn’t refunded right away and I sent a customer service email and they handled it promptly.
Of the 20 items I’ve ordered in the last year, 90% of them were very accurately portrayed in their images. There was this scalloped sweater which was a little more orange in person and less of the camel color I was expecting. There was also this green shirt which turned out to be less muted (I returned it and bought this one instead and I love it).

Is Chicwish fast fashion? 

Chicwish isn’t super transparent about their production and sourcing but the clothing I have from Chicwish has held up to occasional wear for 5+ years before I sold the items second hand ( a lot of skirts / dresses that didn’t fit after a few kids). The items in my recent order are better quality than something from Shein (and this is reflected in the price).

Is Chicwish good quality? 

The quality is good relative to other Chinese companies I have ordered from in the past like Shein and Yoins.

The biggest quality issues I have run into with Chicwish pieces is that their knitwear seems to pull easily (it is also possible I’m hard on clothes and don’t order a ton of similar knitwear from other stores). It is a bit of a pain to get the pull out of the fabric and with two sweaters this happened within 2-3 wears.

Dresses that I ordered from Chicwish remind me of something I’d get at GAP or Maybe Madewell The style is more Anthropologie but the price and quality isn’t quite as high.
I think their dresses and skirts are worth the price and I’ve found more value in their $60+ priced items than in their cheaper items less than $40. In my opinion, you’re paying a little bit more for the style you’re getting at Chicwish but this is NOT a company selling the same quality clothes as Shein at higher prices.

Does Chicwish carry only womens? What about kids? 

Chicwish has a wide selection of women’s clothing and a small selection of girls clothing. The girls clothing mostly consists of “mommy and me” matching pieces like this sweater or these swimsuits.

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