3 Best Pairs of Maternity Pajamas

Today we’re talking all about the best maternity pajamas if you’re hoping to be cute and comfortable during pregnancy. This post may contain affiliate links.

On the Hunt for Best Maternity Pajamas

Is your bump finally getting too big for your regular pajamas? Or maybe you’re just looking for a little luxury to add to your sleepless nights? Spending so much time in bed that you figured you might as well have some fantastic pajamas to grow that baby in? Shopping for a friend? Whatever it is, I’ve got you covered in today’s list.

Things to consider when buying maternity pajamas:

  • Fabric type: Is this made from breathable fabrics and that are going to be comfortable on your growing skin? If you’re looking for soft, often stretchy fabric this is going to feel good as your body continues to change.
  • Nursing friendly: if you’re planning on nursing, a lot of maternity pajamas will work for nursing as well. Look for a button-up set if you want them to double as your best nursing pajamas as well.
  • Season: Consider what time of year you’re buying maternity pajamas for and what style of pajama you’ll want to wear during your third trimester and postpartum.
  • Color: Not to get too graphic on you BUT if you are hoping to wear the same pair of pajamas postpartum, I’d recommend getting a darker pair. The last thing you want is stressing about bleeding onto your favorite pair of buttery soft pajamas and not being able to get the stain out because you were too tired to do laundry for a few days. I love light-colored pajamas during pregnancy but postpartum I stick to dark bottoms.

Maternity Pajama Brands:

Maternity options have exploded in the last ten years; there were SO many more options during my last pregnancy than with my first. This means you have so many choices when it comes to picking how to dress your bump….which can also be a bit overwhelming.

Let’s break down the top brands (and a few of my favorite under-the-radar ones) that are selling maternity pajamas right now:

  • Kindred Bravely: You can count on them for super soft fabrics that will feel great on your growing bump and postpartum body. Anything from their bamboo line is fantastic and the pajamas are no exception. They also have a summer lounge line in the bamboo fabric that I slept in for a lot of my third trimester.
  • GAP: Their modal line has been a favorite during pregnancy and beyond for me over the last decade. They’ve expanded their maternity collection in the modal fabric and I included it as one of the top picks below.
  • Old Navy: Lots of on-trend maternity pieces that don’t break the bank. I haven’t tried their pajamas but I’ve heard good things.
  • Angel Maternity: It will be hard to just add pajamas to your cart if you go check out the Angel Maternity website. I also love them for maternity dresses.
  • Belabumbum: With high-quality maternity loungewear and workout wear, you can count on Belabumbum for great fabric.
  • Hatch: If you’re looking for luxury maternity wear, Hatch has you covered, literally. Their line is full of gorgeous pieces that you’ll love to wear through pregnancy and beyond (12 months postpartum at the time of editing this article and I wore my Hatch lounge shorts to the pool yesterday).
  • Target: Always a solid choice for maternity wear and they have a few great pajama options.
  • Lake Pajamas: This luxury pajama brand launched a maternity collection last year and everyone who has tried these raves about how soft the 100% cotton is.
  • Pink Blush Maternity: Queen of cute maternity dresses, this brand also has lots of lounge and sleep options. My favorite are their super soft delivery robes.

How cute are these current maternity pajama sets you could snag on Amazon right now? If you need prime shipping and want these in 1-2 days, check out these options:

3 Best Maternity Pajamas

Here are mini-reviews of some of my favorite maternity pajamas I’ve ordered over the last four pregnancies. I’ve also included a few at the end recommended by members of my due-date group on Facebook (we all had babies in the same month and share product recs all the time).

Best Splurge: Hatch Maternity

Made from a super soft and stretchy jersey, this pair is something you won’t want to take off. It has a relaxed fit that works for all stages of pregnancy. Everything I have from Hatch is FANTASTIC and you can count on this pair to be the same.

It also comes in black which would be perfect for your hospital bag, too.

Best Overall: Kindred Bravely Bamboo Pajamas

These are my all-time favorite pajamas. They come in long sleeves and short/short sleeve options.

If the button-down isn’t your preferred pajama look, just shop any of Kindred Bravely’s bamboo lounge line and make your own set. The fabric is incredible and they were some of the only things I wanted to wear 10 days past my due date in August.

The bamboo maternity/ nursing joggers + sweatshirt is another favorite I have slept in many times.

“ELISABETHM15” gets you 15% off!

Best Budget: Amazon Set

You can’t beat this one for the price and the nursing functionality. I haven’t tried this one personally BUT it has more than 1000 reviews and a rating over 4 stars. If you’re in warmer weather, this is perfect.

Under $30 and comes in a few solid colors, a few striped options, and a floral.

Honorable Mentions:

Angel Maternity Capri Set:

Cute, comfortable, and works just as well postpartum. I love this set! My only complaint is that by the end of my third trimester this one didn’t quite fit anymore and I wish I would have sized up.

I really like that this is a short sleeve top and pants/capris (instead of shorts). Also comes in grey and a shorts option.

GAP Modal Sleep Separates

Amazing. Buttery soft. You’ll never take them off.

My one complaint here is you have to order the pieces separately BUT it does mean you can customize your pajamas to whatever you like.

I recommend the modal sleep top and the modal joggers (not technically pajamas but one of the most comfortable things I have ever put on my pregnant body). I have bought these and gifted these for multiple pregnancies. They’re comparable to the Kindred Bravely set.

Kindred Bravely Night Gown

If you’ve been looking for a maternity nightgown, this is your best option. The fabric is fantastic and it will hold up through pregnancy and postpartum (but you probably won’t ever want to stop wearing it).

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Kindred Bravely Jogger + Hoodie Set

I have this in two colors and still wear it. You can see it in the pictures at 9 months pregnant. This is soft and stretchy. While not technically pajamas, I slept in this many times 😛

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