Hello Bello Diapers: A review

Today we’re talking all about Hello Bello diapers in this honest review. This post was written with support from the brand. All opinions (and cute baby photos) are my own, just like always.

mom holding baby wearing a hello bello diaper on a white couch with kitchen in the background

Let’s talk baby products.

Four kids in and you might think I know what I like and stick with it. It turns out, there are SO many new products on the market since the last time I had a baby (3 years ago). We have mostly stuck to the things that we know but we’ve had a little fun dabbling in a few new things here and there (it feels A LOT less overwhelming than it did with baby #1 when I had to figure out all the things).

One thing we’ve been experimenting with is diapers. I had a tried + true brand for babies 1-3 but I’ve learned a bit more about ingredients used in baby products since then and I’ve been open to trying some cleaner alternatives. Plus, where my third baby never had a diaper rash, this one seems to have a little more sensitive skin. Hello Bello reached out and asked if we were interested in trying out their diapers. I’d heard positive reviews from a few friends so we decided to give them a shot.

Hello Bello is a well-known brand that specializes in producing premium diapers for babies and toddlers. The company was co-founded by actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard in 2018. Hello Bello’s mission is to provide parents with affordable, eco-friendly, and safe diapering options without compromising on performance.

In today’s review, I’m talking about our experience with Hello Bello diapers, some of the features that set this brand apart, and whether or not they’re worth the price tag.

What Makes Hello Bello Diapers Special?

Adorable Designs: Fashion Meets Function

Okay, how cute are these? One thing that sets Hello Bello diapers apart is their adorable designs. From cute animals to colorful patterns, these diapers add a touch of whimsy to your diaper-changing routine. And you know, in the summer we probably spend a good portion our day ONLY in a diaper and these ones make it feel almost like an entire outfit 😉

Premium Materials: Gentle on Baby’s Skin

Hello Bello diapers are made with premium, high-quality materials that are gentle on sensitive baby skin. There are no harsh chemicals and potential irritants; Hello Bello diapers are free from chlorine, latex, and fragrances, making them suitable for even the most delicate skin. We had no sensitivity issues with Hello Bello (and we did with some other leading diaper brands).

Superb Absorption: Keeping Leaks at Bay

I love a cute pattern and clean materials but the most important thing about diapers in this house is whether or not they work. The last thing any parent wants is a leaky diaper situation. Hello Bello diapers come equipped with an advanced absorbent core, designed to keep your baby dry for longer periods. We didn’t have blowouts or leaks with these.

Hello Bello Diaper Review: Our Experience

We started using Hello Bello diapers when our 4th baby was 6 months old.

What I love about Hello Bello Diapers

  • They’re effective! All the other things about a diaper don’t matter very much if they’re leaking or you’re having blowouts. We don’t get either with Hello Bello.
  • The cute prints
  • Dry exterior. These diapers have a unique feeling on the exterior of the diaper and they never feel soggy or wet.
  • They’re hypoallergenic and natural which means they’re great for sensitive skin.

What I don’t love about Hello Bello Diapers

  • Don’t appear as soft or fluffy to the touch.
  • In my experience, they seem to run a tiiiiny bit small. Order your baby’s regular size but if it’s almost time to size up, go ahead and order up.

What else to order from Hello Bello:

  • Bath bombs! big kids are obsessed with these and I love the clean ingredients
  • Hello Bello wipes
  • Diaper rash cream: I haven’t needed this often but it has been effective.
  • There is a full line of bath and body Hello Bello products for little ones including bubble bath and body wash. We haven’t used the bubble bath but I can recommend the body wash.
  • they also have overnight diapers! If you’re struggling with leaks during the night, try these.

A few favorite moments in Hello Bello this week:

It is hard to believe this last little baby of ours is 8 months old. EIGHT! Where did the time go? I probably just can’t remember in this permanent state of sleep deprivation 😉 Here are a few sweet moments this week in our Hello Bello diapers.

  • We’ve been in a rental car for the last few weeks which gives us a middle seat next to the car seat for the first time. It has been so sweet listening to the big kids play with baby girl on the drive or step up to feed her a bottle when she’s hungry schlepping between after-school activities. It also means we’ve had a little extra trunk space for those diaper changes on the go (thank goodness).
  • Playing “catch.” Our three year old is really into playing with the baby right now and a favorite today has been sitting her up (surrounded by pillows) and having them play “catch” with soft balls. Mostly it involves him throwing them at her lap and her trying to eat them but they both love it.
  • Bathtime. Baby girl gets bathed the least frequently of all our kids but such is life as the youngest. She has started getting really excited when I start to fill up the tub and loves splashing around in the water. We’re still working on not trying to drink all the bath water but I hope she’s always as excited about SOMETHING as she is about bath time. Speaking of bath time, 6 year old requested a bath bomb “like mom” after a long afternoon of dance yesterday and was thrilled when I pulled out Hello Bello bath bombs for her.
mom kissing baby wearing a hello bello diaper on the couch.

Hello Bello FAQ:

Are Hello Bello diapers good?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers are known for being good quality and effective at preventing leaks. They’re made with materials that are gentle on babies’ skin and free from harsh chemicals, making them a popular choice for many parents.

How many diapers come in a Hello Bello diaper bundle?

It depends on the size of the diapers and the specific bundle you purchase, but generally Hello Bello bundles range from 120 to 245 diapers.

Where can I buy Hello Bello diapers? Who carries Hello Bello diapers?

Hello Bello diapers can be purchased online at hellobello.com (pro tip: subscribers get access to exclusive designs and products)! They are also available at select retailers including Walmart and Amazon. 

Do Hello Bello diapers run small?

Hello Bello diapers are designed to fit true to size. In my experience, if you’re on the line between sizes, size up.

Are Hello Bello diapers non-toxic?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers are made with non-toxic materials and are free from chlorine, fragrances, and lotions. They are also cruelty-free and vegan.

How can I tell what size Hello Bello diapers to buy?

Hello Bello diapers come in various sizes based on the weight of your baby. The packaging will have a weight range listed to help you choose the correct size. It’s important to choose the right size to ensure the best fit and prevent leaks. If you’re on the fence between sizes, size up.

Are Hello Bello diapers biodegradable?

Hello Bello diapers are not biodegradable, but they are made with sustainable materials and are designed to reduce environmental impact. They are free from chlorine and made with an absorbant wood pulp core liner sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Are Hello Bello diapers chemical-free?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers are made without harsh chemicals such as chlorine, latex, and fragrances. They are made with gentle materials that are safe for babies’ delicate skin.

Are Hello Bello diapers compostable?

No, Hello Bello diapers are not compostable. However, they are made with sustainable materials and are designed to reduce environmental impact.

Are Hello Bello diapers eco-friendly?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers are made with sustainable materials and are designed to reduce environmental impact. They are free from chlorine and made with a wood pulp core sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Are Hello Bello diapers good for sensitive skin?

Yes, Hello Bello diapers are made with gentle materials that are safe for babies’ delicate skin. They are free from harsh chemicals and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.

My last baby has the most sensitive skin of my four kids and these work well on her.

Conclusion: Are Hello Bello Diapers Worth it?

If you’re looking for diapers that are effective while still being gentle on your little one’s skin, Hello Bello is a great option. I haven’t found anything other diapers of this quality that also offer darling prints.

P.S. Don’t forget to add some of their bath bombs to your order!

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