10 best purchases of 2023, so far

Today I’m talking all about my favorite closet additions and purchases of the year so far. This post is not sponsored but may contain affiliate links.

How are we already more than halfway through 2023? My kids are in year-round school so we’ve been back in school for two months and gearing up for a long fall break.

I’ve been on a big organization + minimizing kick as I try to get our house in order for this next school year. I ordered Shira Gill’s book, “Minimalista” and have LOVED how getting rid of a lot of extra has transformed how it feels to live in our space.

As I’ve been clearing unworn things out from my closet, I have loved to see there are some old pieces that I’ve had for years that keep getting worn over and over. It also made me feel great about a few purchases from 2023 that have gotten a TON of wear.

And, to be honest, it helped me realize there were a few things I should have not purchased because they’re still sitting in my closet mostly unworn.

Brands I have been shopping this year:

  • Quince: I placed my first order with Quince in December to try out their cashmere as gifts and have been hooked since.
  • The Real Real: I placed my first order with the Real Real two years ago for Christmas presents for Ben but have loved shopping this used platform for higher-end products.
  • Walmart: Walmart clothing is new to me this year and I have found some gems.
  • Mansur Gavriel: One of my favorite French designers I finally pulled the trigger on this year

Best purchases and closet additions of 2023, so far

Southern California edition:

1. Quince Cashmere Boyfriend Cardigan

This is easily my most worn layer in my closet. I love the easy coastal style it gives and it is SO incredibly soft. You get strong Jenni Kayne vibes at about a quarter of the cost.

I’ve been moving toward more a of a daily uniform, using the same outfit formula, and this is a sweater I would love to own in a couple of colors and wear daily. It is a great summer layer for cooler mornings or breezy evenings and then I’ll wear it all fall and winter as well. When I catch myself trying to buy another clothing item because it is on sale I ask myself, “Would I rather have that than another Quince Boyfriend cardigan?” The answer is almost always no.

It comes in Grey, Black, and Cream and is just under $150.

2. Dime Beauty Perfume

I tried Dime Beauty earlier this year (full review here) and have really liked the skincare. I added a perfume sampler to my order on a whim and fell in love with them. The scents are great and I now have two full-sized bottles. They’re clean, fantastic scents and I feel good about wearing them around the baby.

I love that you can start with a sampler and figure out what scents you like best. I had Ben smell each of them as I wore them and ordered the bottle that we both loved the most.

For reference, I love the ILYSB perfume the most (you can read my full review and the ranking of all Dime’s scents here).

3. Perfect boxy tee

I ordered this Good American tee from Shopbop and it is perfect. It is thick, not at all sheer, and so cute. It is pricier for a tee (about $40) but I reach for it all the time.

It comes in black and white.

4. Walmart Wide Leg Crop Jeans

I’ve heard fashion influencers talk about Walmart fashion for the last few years and have been super skeptical. I finally placed an order back in January to see what the hype is about (and to write this full review). I returned some things, loved some others but these jeans are the big winner. They’re $30 but I reach for them all the time over denim 5x the price. I also bought them in the cream a few months later and love them.

See more Free Assembly jeans here.

5. Magnetic Bag Sealer

I ordered this little magnetic bag sealer for my fridge for under $5 and use it almost every day. It is so convenient right on my fridge. In the last 48 hours here are few things I have used it to reseal:

  • a bag of powdered sugar I didn’t want to risk spilling
  • a bag of chips I didn’t want to go stale
  • a bag of cereal that doesn’t have a reusable container
  • a bag of frozen peas I only used part of

P.S. not a clothing item or a closet addition but its my favorite $2 I’ve spent this year so including it here

6. Drawer Organizers

I bought two of these sets from Amazon during prime day (my one purchase along with another Dime Beauty perfume). They’ve transformed my kitchen and bathroom drawers.

I also ordered this set from Temu to see if it is the same. They are a little lower quality BUT they’re a better price point and for plastic drawer organizers, I don’t think quality matters. I wish I’d found the Temu ones to start with.

7. Small Neutral Purse

This mini soft lady bag from Mansur Gavriel is one I have been eyeing for years. I finally hit purchase on it and it has gotten a lot of use over the last 5 months. I have stopped using basically every other small bag for evenings out. I LOVE the silhouette and that it goes with everything. It was a splurge, but one that I plan on having in my closet for the next 20 years.

*You can read my full review of the bag here. I purchased this one new but bought the larger version in red off of The Real Real earlier in the year. The smaller size in the light neutral color gets a lot more wear.

8. On Cloud Shoes

I decided to try and get back into some regular exercise and these shoes were a great jumpstart. I traded in my pair of APLs (that I bought to jumpstart a similar workout thing after my third baby was born almost 4 years ago). The ON Clouds are SO comfortable. They really do feel like walking on clouds. I am not a serious runner (not running more than 1-2 miles at a time) and I also use them for walks around the neighborhood and workout classes.

I got this style which I can slip on while holding a baby (magic!) and doesn’t require me to tie any laces.

9. AYR French Fry Tee

I am a sucker for a great striped tee. I bought this one in two colors this year, the blue and white along with a brown and white. I’ve worn one of them every single week through spring and summer and I don’t see that stopping into fall. It seems like a big price tag for a basic tee but it holds up well and will last for years.

These are the first pieces I’ve tried from AYR (stands for “All Year Round”) but they won’t be my last. Next up on my list to try is this pair of denim.

10. Louis Vuitton Neverfull Tote

My daily tote bag got a major upgrade in March. I traded out the Madewell leather tote for the Louis Vuitton Neverfull. I went with the damier pattern so there were far fewer logos and picked the medium, mm, size. it fits my laptop, planner, hard drives and chargers when I’m working. It can easily fit my diaper essentials and things for errands with the kids.

After five months of nearly daily use the shape of the bag has relaxed slightly but it still looks basically brand new.

shop new

Honorable Mentions:

Hey June Gold Huggies

I bought these in a larger size this year and LOVE them. These are my most worn pair of earrings (I have them in three sizes). They are comfortable and chic. I can sleep in them no problem. I often shower in them. I put the smaller pair in at 38 weeks pregnant and took them out at a few weeks post partum for the first time.

P.S. Use code ELISABETH for 15% off your order.

Also, Hey June is one of the most fantastic women owned small businesses to support. I LOVE their products (Nordstrom quality jewelry at Target prices) and getting a glimpse at the behind-the-scenes on instagram.

I’d love to hear, what are you favorite purchases this year?

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