Dime Beauty Perfume Review + Best Scents (not sponsored)

Today we’re talking all about Dime Beauty Perfume in this honest, unsponsored review. Wondering what the best Dime Beauty Perfume scent is? Two different users (me and a friend) ranked our favorites. Find out how long they last and which are dupes for high-end perfumes. You can always use the code “ELISABETH” for 15% off. This post contains affiliate links.

Have you tried Dime Beauty’s perfumes yet? Yes? Then you know why I’m so excited about this post! If not, you’re in for a treat.

We’ll dive into Dime Beauty’s full perfume lineup. We’ll look at ingredients, how long the scents last, and the scents themselves.

When I decided to get serious about simplifying my morning and evening skincare routine at the beginning of 2023, I looked into Dime Beauty a little bit more. This was easy because once I did an initial Google search I got a continuous stream of social media ads 😛 You can read my full Dime Beauty skincare review and learn more about the company.

Dime Beauty Perfume

On a girl’s trip a few months ago I mentioned I was planning to order a Dime Beauty skincare set. My skincare/healthcare guru girlfriend started raving about Dime’s perfume. I’m not even sure she’s ever used their skincare (and it isn’t part of her current routine) but she insisted I add a bottle of perfume to my order.

How could I say no?

Dime Beauty is known for their clean perfumes at reasonable price points (not sure what a clean perfume is? you can read my full explanation here).

What is the best Dime Beauty scent? What scent should you buy?

Eeeek! Scent is so personal. An article on the internet cannot tell you which is the best perfume for YOU to wear. I highly recommend ordering the sample set and figuring out which perfume you like the best to find your new signature scent.

When I started, I ordered the sample set and narrowed it down to 3 scents that I loved. I then had my husband pick his two favorites from the full sample set and they happened to be 2 of the 3 I had chosen. Once we did that, I ordered my first full-size bottle of my favorite of the two.

I prefer fruity and floral scents. I gravitate away from musky scents while other people love them.

That said, here is the full lineup of Dime Perfumes and what we think about each of them.

Dime Beauty scents, ranked (according to me)

  1. ILYSB: mine and my husband’s favorite)
  2. Lovely Sweet Dreams: This one is incredibly similar to ILYSB and it was hard to choose between the two for my first full bottle purchase.
  3. Malibu Nights: I like this one! Light but sophisticated.
  4. 7 Summers: Tied with Malibu Nights. I’m not sure which I’d order first.
  5. Felt Cute: This is Dime’s newest scent and is based on YSL’s “Light Blue.” It is light, fun, and flirty.
  6. Core Memory: I ordered a full bottle of this after Heidi recommended it. I like it but I don’t love it straight out of the bottle the way I do ILYSB and Lovely Sweet Dreams. The top notes of floral are a bit strong for me but I really like how it smells on after an hour or so. This one smells so classic.
  7. Dans Le Bois: To me this is very similar to 7 summers with a little more musk. Update: This one is also growing on me. I reach for it regularly now. I also like to layer it with other more feminine scents. I’ll add two spritzes of this with Felt Cure or Core Memory.
  8. Running Late: coming so soon!
  9. Tuesday Date Night: A strong sandalwood scent which isn’t always my favorite. I do get a lot of compliments when I wear this one from other women.

It is worth noting I also own and wear Tuesday Date Night (I got the full-size bottle as a gift). Even my least favorite Dime Beauty scent is a good one.

Dime Beauty Scents, ranked (according to my friend who first told me about Dime perfume)

My dear friend Heidi (who initially turned me on to Dime perfume) graciously lent her expertise as I compiled info on the scents. I’ve included her list of favorites and commentary so you can get even more of a feel for each perfume. She has different taste in perfume than I do, clearly, but still loves all of them.

  1. Dans Les Bois + Core Memory: These are tied for first. I’ve been reaching more for Core Memory all summer since it is a bit lighter. It is light, romantic, and flirty. I wore Dans Les Bois all fall/winter. Dans Les Bois is more sophisticated and mature. It has more spice and it is a bit “moodier” for date night.
  2. 7 Summers: A good everyday scent (a perfect spritz before the gym) – light and summery as the name suggests. It is another good date night perfume. Reminiscent of warm vanilla sugar from old-school bath and body works.
  3. Malibu Nights: I didn’t love this one initially but it has grown on me a lot!
  4. Lovely Sweet Dreams: This one is good. l like it but it’s not my personal favorite in comparison to the three above. It is a more mature scent in my opinion.
  5. I love Your Smell Baby: This one is fruity, fun, and flirty, a younger scent for sure. I gave the rest of this one to my daughter and love it on her (knowing that she isn’t wearing any paraben/ phalates endocrine-disrupting perfumes).

Heidi hasn’t tried Tuesday Date Night so that one isn’t ranked.

Packaging + Presentation

I love the clean, classic silhouette of the bottles. They are not pretentious or particularly eye-catching but they’re streamlined and chic. Just like the branding/packaging of all of Dime Beauty’s products, they look great on your counter. Each bottle comes in a small cardboard box (which makes for easy wrapping if you’re gifting these).

Overall I love the clean aesthetic. The shape makes them easy to store in a cabinet while still looking sophisticated if you have them sitting out on a counter or shelf.


The claim is that these fragrances last all day. They don’t.

If I put it on at 8 am, at 8pm I can only smell a faint bit on my wrist if my nose is right up to my wrist. I would say they last a couple of hours. I would reapply after 4-5 hours.

I’ve had strangers and friends alike stop me to ask what I’m wearing because they think it smells so good. These have all been people within a foot of me after using 2-3 sprays (one on wrist and one on neck) within an hour and a half.

Dime Beauty Scent list:

Let’s get into the details of each scent. At this point of publishing, I own all of the Dime Beauty perfume scents and one of the colognes. I don’t have the classic #1 cologne fragrance. I have full bottles of 3 of the perfumes and the perfume sampler that includes the rest of the scents. Dime Beauty has been the only perfume I’ve worn for the last few months.

Fragrance Notes and Composition:

Dans Le Bois

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

Dans Les Bois® is feminine, bold, and intoxicating. A sophisticated multilayered scent featuring warm tones of cedarwood and subtle fresh florals. Perfect for date night but would also work for the office. This is also supposedly very similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 (but 7 Summers is a closer dupe).

Dans le bois Scent Description

  • Top notes: Blood Orange, Lemon, Jasmine
  • Mid notes: Lavender, Saffron, Sage, Flower Petals
  • Base notes:  Amber, Woods, Leather and Vanilla Sugar

7 Summers

Inspired by Baccarat Rouge 540

This one smells like a summer night and is a fantastic dupe for the iconic Baccarat Rouge 540. It is light while still being sophisticated.

7 Summer Scent Profile: Best for Summer Date Nights

  • Top Notes: Juicy Pear, Champagne, Warm Sugar
  • Mid Notes: Opulent Lavender, Vanilla, Praline
  • Base Notes:  Woody Musk, Coconut Cream, Bergamot

Core Memory

Inspired by Light Blue by D&G

This bright, citrusy fragrance will awaken your senses and take you back to your favorite core memories. It reminds me of smelling the perfume ads inside my mother’s magazines growing up. Classic, elegant, feminine.

Core memory Scent Description

  • Top notes: Apple, Sicilian Mandarin, Frozen Grapefruit Peel, Bergamot
  • Mid notes: Juniper, Rosemary, Bluebells, Rose, Jasmine
  • Base notes:Bamboo, Cedarwood 


My favorite

This light fruity scent takes you right back to a summer picnic or a candy store. When I was checking out at a department store last month while wearing this, the cashier asked if I smelled the cotton candy, too. It is young, light, flirty and fun.

*I grabbed this picture from Dime’s site but the new bottle just says ILYSB for the name

I Love Your Smell, Baby Scent Profile:

  • Top notes:  Peach, Raspberry, Red Fruits – like apple, plum, grapes
  • Mid notes: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Cyclamen, Coconut Water
  • Base notes: Cotton Candy, Vanilla Sugar, Woody, Sheer Musks, Amber

P. S. Dime’s site describes this one as a sandalwood and gardenia scent but I don’t get that at all from this one. It isn’t florally or musky and I don’t smell any sandalwood. Heidi and I both agree this is very sweet, fruity, light scent.

Lovely Sweet Dreams

another favorite

Lovely Sweet Dreams embodies the essence of playful, spunky, and sexy. It has light fresh, floral and fruity accents. To me this is very similar to ILYSB with a little more sophistication.

Lovely Sweet Dreams Scent Profile:

  • Top notes:  Peach Nectar, Creamy Coconut, Apple
  • Mid notes: White Lily, Freesia, Jasmine, Rose
  • Base notes:  Vanilla Bean, Blonde Woods, Soft Musks, Tonka Bean

Tuesday Date Night

Inspired by SANTAL 33

Dans Les Bois® is feminine, bold, and intoxicating. A sophisticated multilayered scent featuring warm tones of cedarwood and subtle fresh florals. Turn heads and stand out as you explore the world with Dans Les Bois, French for “into the woods”. This is also supposedly very similar to Baccarat Rouge 540 Dupe (but 7 Summersis a closer dupe).

Tuesday Date Night Scent Description:

  • Top notes: Cardamom, Iris
  • Mid notes: Violet, Leather
  • Base notes: Smokey Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Amber, and lots of Musk

Malibu Nights

good everyday scent

Malibu Night captures the serenity of a pleasant evening beach stroll. With light, refreshing, sweet tones, this coconut musk and berry scent is a great everyday scent.

Malibu Night Scent Description:

  • Top notes: Raspberry, Pear, Green Leaves
  • Mid notes: Coconut Milk, Pink Rose, Peony
  • Base notes:  Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cloud Musk

When to wear Dime Beauty Perfume:

  • Best for every day: ILYSB, Malibu Nights, Tuesday Date Night, Core Memory
  • Best for date night: Dans Le Bois, 7 Summers, Lovely Sweet Dreams
  • Best for girls night: ILYSB, Core Memory, Lovely Sweet Dreams


How much do Dime Beauty perfumes cost?

You can purchase Dime Beauty perfumes in a few different sizes from Dime’s website and from Amazon. For anything purchased on Dime’s website, you can subscribe for autorenewals for 20% off OR use the discount code “Elisabeth” for the same discount without the auto-ship requirement.

Combo Deals:

  • Two Perfumes: You can buy two perfumes for $86 which comes to $69 after the discount “ELISABETH.” That is just about $35 per bottle! You can mix and match most of the perfume options for this. There is also an option on a different listing to buy a “his and hers” combo of perfume and cologne (which I ordered when I bought “Core Memory” and the cologne).
  • Perfume + Roller: You can add a roller to your perfume purchase and get both for $69. The 20% off discount brings this to about $53. I haven’t tried the rollers but would love to have in my purse if I were going to be going straight to an event after work or even the gym.
  • Two Roller Pack: Just want rollers? You can get two in your choice of scents for $48. With the discount that is just under $37.

Dime Beauty usually offers free shipping on orders over $50 in the United States.

In conclusion, Dime Beauty perfume is awesome. If you’re looking for an affordable, clean perfume that smells fantastic, you’ve found it.

Stop looking. Start shopping (and I dare you to try and stop at just one).

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