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Today I’m talking all about my experience with Shop Hey June jewelry over the last 7 years. I’ve been talking about Hey June on the blog for the last 5 years and became an affiliate a few months ago. Use code “ELISABETH” for 15% off.

What is Shop Hey June

Hey June was started by founder, Bonnie, out of her garage nearly 8 years ago while she was working as a teacher to provide for her little family. She started with birth stone necklaces (I had one in dark red for baby Lincoln!) and since then has expanded, honed in, and created a line of jewelry that is wearable, fun, and stylish.

Hey June focuses on high quality materials (I love that they explain the difference between gold filled, solid gold, and gold plated jewelry). Almost everything on Hey June is gold filled which means it is going to last longer, tarnish less, and be a better quality metal. They are truly jewelry pieces you can wear all the time. I’ve been touting them as “Nordstrom quality and Target prices” and I stand by it. I have more expensive pieces of jewelry that have tarnished much more quickly. This is the best option for jewelry for everyday wear and I think you’ll love the powerhouse women behind the business. This is truly a brand you can feel good supporting with your dollars and wearing with every outfit.

Spoiler: I love Shop Hey June jewelry and have worn something from their line every day for the last 3 years. The quality, value, and style cannot be beat. Favorite product: Thickies

My experience shopping at Hey June

My first piece of jewelry was a birthstone necklace from Hey June about 8 years ago. In the last 4 years or so I’ve been purchasing their earrings regularly, along with a few other pieces.

I started with their geometric studs (still a favorite but it is hard to bring myself to wear earrings with backs after discovering huggies). Hey June has a huge line of fun studs and they have regular new launches around most holidays.

My very favorite pieces from Hey June are their huggies. I have worn a pair all the time for 2 months STRAIGHT – showering, going to the bea, sleeping, giving birth – all the things. They go with anything, add a bit of class to every outfit, and are so easy to wear because you don’t need to take them out.

All my pieces from Hey June have held up incredibly well. My Kya necklace started to tarnish after a couple of months of regular wear. After reading Hey June’s care guide, I realized it was because I was fiddling with it constantly throughout the day and the oils from my hands were causing the tarnish. In contrast, the huggies that I put in my ears and don’t touch for days at a time, still look brand new after months of wear.

Hey June is, hands down, my most worn jewelry brand. I love that their pieces are high quality enough to stand up to daily wear and that they offer classic options that go with everything.

My favorite pieces from Shop Hey June:

Here are a few personal favorites I own and love from Hey June:

  • Thickies
  • Huggies
  • Geometic Studs: I love the simple design of these cube studs
  • Kya Necklace (I also have the baby version to give to my daughter in March for girl’s day)
  • Lion necklace: This one is very trendy and fun
  • Brene Bracelet: my sister gave this to me as a bridesmaid gift and I’m obsessed (the matching necklace is also beautiful)

Fit + Sizing of Hey June pieces: 

There are pretty comprehensive measurements for each piece on Hey June’s site. I love being able to compare images of necklace lengths before purchasing. Bonnie also does regular try-ons of the pieces over on instagram when they launch or are going on sale so be sure to follow along there (I also love seeing some of the behind-the-scenes of this female owned business).

Hey June Jewelry Quality  

Nordstrom quality at Target prices is what you can expect from Hey June. They have a pretty comprehensive care guide on their site but I love this paragraph at the very end:

“Aside from gold, gold-filled jewelry is the most forgiving of metals. That means if you forget and hop into the pool, it likely will not punish you. Our jewelry is for the laziest women and for the busiest women. It is for women who don’t want to have to think about it. Everything we said about storage, cleaning, and avoiding chemicals is absolutely true for the longest wear and for your best bet of it not tarnishing. All that being said, you could ignore all those rules and still get months and years with your gold-filled pieces. It’s a pretty easy-going metal. Yes, it lasts longer and wears better if you give it a little TLC. But if you ignore it for months on end, can it still hang with you? Chances are really good.”

It truly is jewelry for the busiest and the laziest women.

Best Things to Order From Shop Hey June:

  • Huggies (my personal favorite): The ultimate sleeper earring that you’ll never have to take off
  • Any fun studs
  • Gifts for girlfriends
  • Seasonal items
  • Bridesmaid gifts: My sister did bridesmaid gifts from here and picked something different/meaningful for each member of her bridal party. It was thoughtful and something we can each wear regularly.
  • Matching mommy + me necklaces
  • Little girls’ first jewelry: The price point and quality of Hey June make it the best option for a little girl getting started with jewelry.

Are they good for second piercings?

Do you have a second hole? Bonnie is always on IG giving recommendations for how to style additional piercings and good earring combos.

Shop Hey June Discount Code:

You can use the code “ELISABETH” for 15% off your order.


I cannot recommend this brand enough. It has been a staple in my day-to-day jewelry for years and I hope it will be in yours, too! If you’re trying to up your accessories game and don’t want to break the bank, start here.


(and use “ELISABETH” for 15% off!)

Mini Hey June Jewelry Reviews

Here are a few mini reviews of specific Hey June items I’ve ordered and worn.

Hey June Thickies

These are the perfect pair of earrings. They look incredibly polished and put-together. Because of the way they are made (there isn’t a back part that can poke into your ear) you can sleep in these. They past the swim test, the shower test, and the nap test.

If you are new to shopping at Hey June, this is the piece I recommend you start with. I have brought these to favorite things parties for years, gifted them to friends, and on my little sister’s wedding day, all three of us sisters were wearing these.

shop thickies

Hey June huggies

These small hoops are a slightly thinner huggie than the thickies, these are the earrings I put in at 36 weeks pregnant and took out TWO MONTHS LATER. That’s right. I gave birth in these earrings. I did post partum in these earrings. In the last month of pregnancy I swam, showered, and slept (not enough) in these earrings.

These are truly an earring you can put on and forget about. You can do life in them. They still look brand new after months of constant wear.

Hey June Kya necklace

I love the intricate detail on this one. I have this in two different sizes and have worn it regularly over the last three years.

Hey June Brene Bracelet

This one is so pretty but I wasn’t expecting it to be unlined. I wore it mostly as a swimsuit coverup or else I would have needed a slip underneath it (this would would have been perfect).

Hey June Jewelry FAQ

What is The Hoop?

Hey June has an insider group that gets first notice on new launches and products. You can sign up via text here.

Does Hey June do sales?

Yes, Hey June runs great sales a few times a year. I love to stock up on earrings the week or two before Black Friday when they do their big holiday sale (perfect for buying earrings for gifts for the holidays – they’re a great hostess gift, favorite things party gift, or gift for any woman on your list).

That said, Hey June does limited runs of most of their pieces and it seems to be hit or miss whether they’ll restock. If there is something you really love, DON’T wait for it to go on sale. In fact, if you hear about a launch of a product (they’ll share on IG), sign of up for their texts to shop early. Lots of their new launches sell out before they even go public.

Are Hey June pieces good for sensitive skin?

Do you have an allergic reaction to many pieces of jewelry? Are you looking for a good pair of hypoallergenic earrings? The high quality, gold filled metal on Hey June’s pieces mean they’re going to wear better than many cheap earrings but if you’re particuarly sensitive, check out their “delicate” line. My little sister has skin that will turn green with most jewelry and she’s been able to wear earrings from this line without a problem.

Are they really the best earrings to wear all the time?

Yes, yes they are. When it comes to an earring you can wear all the time, you’re looking for huggies or flat back earrings. The last thing you want is to go to sleep and have a sharp earring back poking you in the neck. Tiny hoops that connect all the way around (huggies) are a good choice for daily wear earrings.

What is Hey June jewelry made of?

The majority of pieces from Hey June are gold filled (less expensive than solid gold but much better quality than gold plated). They also carry a more limited selection of sterling silver pieces. Many of their gold pieces come in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver colorways.

Photos by me, from Hey June’s site, or my sister’s Utah engagement + wedding photographer, Bruna Villagra.

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