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Madewell Maternity Jeans Review – Are they worth it?

Today we’re talking all about Madewell’s Maternity jeans and whether or not they are worth the $150 price tag. I’m sharing what I love and what I don’t along with a few other favorites. This post is not sponsored (I purchased these jeans last pregnancy) and may contain affiliate links.

Madewell Maternity Jeans Review (after 2 pregnancies)

Right before my first pregnancy I modeled a few looks for our local Saks Fifth Avenue in Cincinnati and tried on my first pairs of high-end denim (by the time we had the shoot I was 6 weeks pregnant and not sharing the news yet!). I fell in love with the buttery soft material, the flattering structure, and the fantastic washes.

A year and a half (and two pregnancies + babies) later, I bought my first pair of designer denim (used via thredUP). I was sold.

By the time I was pregnant with my third baby I was a convert and lived in Agolde, AG, and Mother jeans most of the time (jeans make up 90% of my daily wear). Nicer denim holds up longer, is generally more flattering, and often more comfortable.

My question was, does this apply to maternity jeans, too?

I was not interested in spending $200+ on a pair of jeans for what might be my last pregnancy (spoiler: it wasn’t) but I wondered if there was the same step up in quality, style, and comfort between my maternity jeans from GAP and an AG pair as there had been in the non-maternity styles.

I discovered the Shopbop maternity section (a FANTASTIC curated selection of high quality + on-trend maternity pieces) and scrolled through their maternity denim options. I settled on a classic pair of Madewell maternity jeans (mostly because the price was quite a bit lower than some designer maternity jeans listed but still promised to be better than the GAP and Old Navy jeans I had in my maternity bin).

First impressions: 

They look and feel just like regular Madewell denim with a full belly panel.

Side Panel vs. Full Belly Panel Maternity Jeans

Some women prefer a side panel versus a full belly panel on maternity jeans. I am in this camp for a few weeks in my first trimester but quickly move on to preferring a full panel maternity jean. I find that the time when side panels work I can also get by with using the hair elastic trick on my jeans. By the time my belly gets big enough, the side panel pants don’t stay up as well and aren’t as comfortable while sitting down. I do love that you can do a front tuck in side panel maternity jeans, though.

I think side panels are great for the first stages of pregnancy and for wearing post partum (if you do actually put on jeans). I find full belly panel maternity jeans more comfortable and easier to keep up. I’m also willing to pay more for a great pair of full belly panel maternity jeans because I’ll wear them more of my pregnancy and I wear them during the time later stages of pregnancy when I struggle to really like clothes / the way my body looks in clothes.


I ordered a 26 which is the same size I had at the time in a regular pair of Madewell maternity jeans. They were a little big right out of the bag.

As my pregnancy went on my belly got bigger and I gained some weight everywhere else and these fit perfectly.

The general recommendation is to order your pre-pregnancy size but depending on how far along you are and how much weight you have gained, your pre-pregnancy size may be a little big.

Unless you need these for a specific event or something where fit is super important earlier on in pregnancy OR you are one of those people who gains 15 pounds your entire pregnancy (I am not), order your regular size.


I’m 5’4″ and the inseam on these is 28 inches. They’re a bit long for me and I cuffed them the first pregnancy I wore them. This time around I’m just going to cut a raw hem at my preferred length (right above the ankle) at about a 25.5 inch inseam.

Quality of Madewell Maternity Denim:

These deliver the same high quality denim that regular Madewell jeans are known for. They hold up well. They have a good amount of stretch making them very comfortable (and a little closer to the jegging side of the spectrum while still being real denim).

I wore these regularly through one pregnancy and have started wearing them again this time around.

Where to Buy Madewell Maternity Jeans:

Your largest selection for Madewell maternity jeans is always going to be right on Madewell.com

You can also find a good selection of them at Nordstrom and a pair or two at Shopbop.

Amazon now carries Madewell pieces (I’ve ordered a few Madewell things from Amazon) so if you have a gift card or something, this is a great option. You don’t get the same discounts you might get at Madewell.com if you’re ordering on Amazon so it is worth comparing prices.


If they’re in your budget these are a great pick for a comfortable, quality pair of maternity jeans. They’re going to be more comfortable and flattering than a similar pair from GAP and I like these better than maternity jeans I have or have tried at higher price points (James Jeans, Mother, and AG).

This is the most common wash/cut/fit of Madewell maternity jeans that I’ve seen but they also have a few other pairs.

I just ordered these ones which I’m super excited about (I LOVE a non-skinny jean in my third trimester anyway and the light wash straight leg is very in right now).

outfit details: Madewell maternity jeans // Yoins Trench Coat // Black Sandals // ribbed maternity tee // sunglasses // bag


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