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Best Maternity Bra (budget friendly)

Today we’re talking about the best cheap maternity bra if you’re on a budget. Don’t miss the full list of places to buy cute maternity clothes.

Best Maternity Bra: Mini Review

One of the first signs and symtoms of pregnancy can be breast tenderness and swelling.

By week 8 I was in desperate need of some new bras.

Can you wear underwire bras while pregnant?

There is a recommendation floating around to avoid underwire bras while pregnant. This is based on the assumption that the wire could restrict milk production which begins before your baby arrives. This is mostly unfounded (and certainly doesn’t matter up until the end of the third trimester).

That said, if you’re planning on nursing, these bras also have the nursing straps so they work well for nursing and pumping after baby arrives.

Finding the best maternity bra

I asked around in a couple of facebook groups and read lots of reviews online before ordering this three pack on Amazon for $30 (so $10 a bra).

Here’s how it turned out:

First impressions: 

These were comfortable right out of the package. The material seems standard, soft, and good quality. The colors were as-expected given the product photo.


I ordered a size M in these because, based in previous pregnancies, I know what to expect. I was properly sized and fitted for a maternity bra halfway through my second pregnancy and was a 34DD (a few cup sizes larger than usual).

These fit well without the extenders right now but they aren’t tight and I have room to grow. Right now, though, they are still incredibly comfortable and supportive enough for my workouts (medium intensity).

They also have clips which make them nursing friendly if you plan on pumping or nursing after baby arrives.


I’ve been wearing these daily for the last month and have no complaints. Moms on facebook mentioned how they’re still their most comfortable bras after previous pregnancies and love wearing them even not pregnant so it sounds like they hold up really well.


A solid, quality, comfortable bra at a great price point for pregnancy. Highly recommend.

They only come in a three pack but you can choose a few color options. I went with the three colors and opted for a pack with black, nude, and soft pink.



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