Madewell Jeans Review – Summer Staple

Have you ever wondered whether Madewell jeans were worth the hype? Today I’m doing a full review of Madewell denim and sharing everything I love about them (and the few things to look out for). Keep reading for a Madewell jeans review. This post contains affiliate linksmadewell jeans and white tee with caged sandals

easy mom outfit: madewell high rise jeans and white tee


jeans: 9″ high-rise // cage sandals (almost sold out – more Madewell sandals here) // classic white v-neck // watch 

Madewell Jeans Review

I first heard about Madewell jeans from fashion blogs a few years ago. I knew Madewell was owned by J.Crew and the jeans retailed for about the same price. So, the next time I was in store I tried a pair of J. Crew jeans … and I really didn’t like them. The pair I tried had very little stretch and I found the pockets unflattering. I wrote off J.Crew and Madewell denim almost entirely.

Fast forward a few years I was chatting with some mom friends and Madewell jeans came up again, but this time, specifically their high rise denim. This got my attention. Ever since having babies I’ve realized how much more flattering, comfortable, and functional high rise jeans are for me.

And so, when they went on sale a few months ago, I snagged this pair of Madewell high rise skinny jeans in the color Patty.

Second time must be the charm (or J.Crew denim is entirely different than Madewell denim and I should have never written them off in the first place). I can understand the cultish following this denim has acquired. Let me tell you about why they’re so great.

Madewell jeans pricepoint

Price point: $100 – $140

Madewell Jeans Sizing:

Madewell tends to run 1 size larger than many denim brands at a similar price point. I size down one size in Madewell unless I’m ordering a jegging.

The pair I’m wearing: 9″ High-Rise Skinny in Patty Wash

madewell jeans and white pocket tee

What I love: Madewell Jeans Review

1. The price point

These jeans aren’t cheap, but as far as designer denim goes, they are likely the best bang for your buck. They compete with brands like AG, Paige, and Rag & Bone but come in at a much cheaper price point.

2. The high rise fit

The high rise Madewell denim runs higher than a lot of other brands touting “high rise” jeans. Their jeans come in 8″,9″, 10″, and 11″ rises. The high rise does a great job sucking everything in and is ideal for tucking in tops.

3. The comfortable material

Madewell sells jeans in a variety of different fabrics so you can get the more stiff traditional denim or something stretchier. This pair has all the stretch and is super comfortable while still giving you some support.

4. They hold their shape

You can wear these Madewell jeans on repeat without having to throw them in the wash. But rest assured that when you do have to wash them, they’ll hold up just fine too.

I can wear mine for 4-5 days before throwing them in the wash but it’s usually because a toddler wiped a greasy hand on me, not because they’ve stretched out. Out of all my pairs of denim (designer and budget), these hold up the very best between washes.

How Madewell Jeans Compare:

I’ll put together a full denim comparison but for now, here are a few quick thoughts.

In comparison to skinny jeans from GAP, they are more flattering and a bit more comfortable.

In comparison to AG jeans they are less soft but hold their shape better between washes.

Where to buy Madewell Jeans

You can grab them online from Madewell.com, Shopbop (limited selection) or Nordstrom.com. If you’re looking for a specific pair, check all three sites to see if one of them still has it in stock. Also, the different sites run different promotions so it’s worth seeing if it’s on sale at one of them. I find that the price is usually the best at Madewell.com unless Shopbop or Nordstrom is having one of their semiannual sales.


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