16 Best things I’ve Ordered from Temu

Today we’re talking all about the best things to order from Temu. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

I’ve placed a few orders from Temu over the last year. Things have been hit or miss. Today I’m sharing my tips for finding the best things on the marketplace and the 10 best things I’ve ordered.

What is Temu?

If you’re wondering what Temu is, go start with my first Temu article “Is Temu Legit” which documents my very first Temu order and answers all your questions about the online marketplace. I also researched and wrote this article (with some great insight from talking to the Temu team in Boston) investigating if Temu is a safe place to shop.

The short answer is that Temu is an online marketplace that connects international sellers to US consumers (think Amazon). Founded in 2022 it quickly became the most downloaded shopping app in the US and you will probably see little orange packages on doorsteps everywhere once you start looking for them.

My most successful categories on Temu:

Baby clothes:

I’ve ordered seven different baby outfits on Temu and have been really happy with most of them. They have all been under $10, very cute, and mostly true to size. We’ve worn and washed them a lot over the last few months and they’ve held up well. Quality ranges from below Target to Target quality on the pieces we ordered (and about 1/3 the price I would pay at Target).

The most frustrating part is that things sell out quickly and are usually discontinued. I can’t link to a lot of the cute rompers I got for under $5 because the product listings are no longer available. If you see something you like, order it asap.


I ordered a pair of rattan earrings that are lightweight and very cute (the hook ones). I’ve worn them a handful of times and they’ve been great! I haven’t tried metal jewelry (I stick with Shop Hey June for that) but for statement earrings made from cloth or other similar materials, Temu is a fun option.


We’ve ordered a handful of stickers from Temu and they make great stocking stuffers, Easter Basket additions, or quiet toys for car rides. I love adding them to gifts by slipping a sheet in between the ribbon and the wrapping paper on birthday presents.


Temu has a ton of different toy options and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some of the things I’ve ordered. Here are the favorites we’ve purchased

Water Bottles

Is it just me or do water bottles disappear from the house? At $15-$20 a pop from Target I do not want to be purchasing water bottles every month. Temu ones work just as well as the cheaper ones at Target and are only $5.

Home Decor Accents:

This one makes the cut because the sprays of faux eucalyptus I ordered from Temu have been sitting in a vase on my nightstand for the last few weeks. When everything is clean, these little accents make our bedroom feel more like a hotel, a peaceful oasis, and I love it.

Temu has tons of little things you can use to elevate your space. I also ordered this reader statue. I loved it for two weeks until my six-year-old knocked it off the nightstand and it broke. If you don’t have a six-year-old, this one is fun.

Home Organization

I recently bought Shira Gill’s book, “Minimalista,” and have been on an organization rampage. We’ve been editing down our belongings and then trying to organize everything we keep so there is a specific place for everything.

I would love to have an unlimited gift card to The Container Store because drawer organizers, hooks, and shelf dividers can really add up. Luckily Temu has options in just about every home organization category at a fraction of the price.

Best Temu Finds:

  1. Baby floral jogger set (sold out): This is cute, stretchy, and comfortable. I also saw a friend’s child wearing an identical one who said she bought it off Amazon last year for $20.
  2. Kids striped two-piece set (can be pajamas or an outfit): We LOVE these little sets! My 7-year-old and 3-year-old both love wearing them. We use them for pajamas and as play clothes. They’re cute and very comfortable. The ribbed material is very stretchy and they’re great for summer park days.
  3. These kid’s water bottles: I hate spending money on kids water bottles that seem to get lost once a month at school so we bought these recently and have been using them this summer. They leak when my kids don’t put the lids on properly but I have no complaints.
  4. Baby block set: How fun is this Montessori-inspired block set? I love the price point and the geometric shapes. All four of my kids play with this one but it is the biggest hit for the (almost) 1-year-old and 3-year-old.
  5. Women’s beach bag: I’ve been the Bogg bags all over the pool and social media this summer but couldn’t bring myself to spend that much on a pool bag. I ordered the knock-off from Temu and it has been a great waterproof option for the pool and beach. I wish I would have gotten a color other than white so I didn’t worry about it getting dirty (should have gone navy). One thing to note is the product image looks wider than the actual bag I received (pictured in top picture). Check the measurements before ordering.
  6. Blue and white geometric print maxi dress: This is my favorite of all the dresses I ordered from Temu (you can read the full post on Temu dresses here).
  7. Kitchen bag sealer: This little device sticks to my fridge with a magnet and reseals any open plastic bags. We use it for chip bags, bags of pasta, and even bags of veggies. You push a button to turn it on and then it melts the plastic together to form a new seal. It is very easy and works well to keep everything fresh.
  8. Packing cubes: I love packing for trips with packing cubes but didn’t want to spend $40 to buy a set of these for each family member. This $5 set from Temu isn’t as nice but it gets the job done and makes traveling a lot easier.
  9. Baby beach toys: I bought these just because they are so cute and was impressed with the quality.
  10. Faux Eucalyptus Spray: Slowly elevating our space at home and LOVE how these look in a vase I thrifted sitting on my nightstand.
  11. Wall hooks: In my effort to give everything a specific place to go, I ordered a set of these wall hooks to add to the inside of closets for things like hats, belts, and bags. They’re a lot cheaper than the ones I ordered on Amazon but work just as well.
  12. 24 sheets of 3D stickers: I ordered this set for under $4 and it was a steal. I use these to keep the kids entertained during meetings, I add them to Easter baskets or birthday presents. They would also be great to hand out to classmates on a birthday (do your kids’ schools also have the birthday child bring in little goodie bags for all the other kids? slightly backward IMO but that’s what happens here and these would be great).
  13. 100 piece Bow Set: Does any baby need 100 bows? Probably not but we love having every color of bow in hair tie form for our little 10-month-old. She wears one of these every single day.
  14. Woven Rattan Earrings: Can’t beat these lightweight earrings for summer for under $3. I have them and love them (for the rare night out when I don’t have a 10-month-old pulling at my earrings).
  15. Drawer organizer inserts: I love these for organizing all my drawers. I’m currently using them in my nightstand, my kitchen drawers, and my desk drawers. These are 1/2 the price of similar ones I ordered on Amazon and do the job! I wish I would have found the ones from Temu earlier and saved $ on my first set.
  16. Kids writing board: These are great for entertaining kids in the car, on the airplane, or just to have at home. I keep one in my purse and pull out when a kid needs something to do when we’re out and about.

What are your best Temu finds?? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. When I get a message from Temu that something in my order has sold out, how can I find out specifically what it is that I’m not getting?