Is Temu Legit? [2024] Review after spending $100

Have you ever wondered if Temu is legit? Looking for Temu reviews? Today I’m talking about my experience shopping on Temu and giving you all the tips on how to get things that are awesome. This post is not sponsored, but it may contain affiliate links.

My first Temu Review

I have seen a few of these bright orange packages on doorsteps around our neighborhood and heard a bit about Temu on social media. I decided to see what the hype was about and placed my first order last month.

Since initially writing this post, I’ve placed another 2 orders.

What is Temu?

Before we get into what I ordered, let’s chat for a second about what Temu even is. Temu is an e-commerce platform that connects US customers with millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands worldwide. The platform provides affordable products across 29 major categories ranging from fashion, beauty, sports, health, kitchenware, and office supplies.

There is a website and a coordinating app that are packed with product options. Everything feels very busy (and slightly overwhelming). There are flash sales, limited time offers, and every-changing discounts. I can’t even tell you how many tabs are open on my browser after 5 minutes of shopping.

Is Temu Legit: My shopping experience

Here’s what I ordered from Temu:

Just two weeks after I ordered my items a few of these have already sold out (especially the ones that were on flash sales). I have linked what is still in stock at the time of writing this. My whole order was about $100 with a discount code I found (by googling Temu discount code for your first order).

Lots of kids and baby clothes/ bubbles/ rompers:

Women’s fashion

Some household items:

Toys/ Kids items:

It took under two weeks for the items to arrive. Everything arrived together in one package (with lots of tape around the bright orange bag).

First impressions:

One of the first things I noticed was the smell. The shoes and some of the clothing items have a strong chemical smell. Some of the clothing items didn’t.

Some of the items were also much smaller than I was expecting. I should have been a little more diligent about reading the descriptions.

What I like about Temu:

The app and the website feel a bit like treasure hunting! After spending 20 minutes searching I ended up with 39039 tabs open and lots of things that had caught my eye.

I really like Temu for discovering new products. I found some fun kid toys I didn’t know we needed but we LOVE. There are lots of cute little organization things at much cheaper prices than you’ll find at Target.

I love the prices and the ease of seeing other suggested products when I find something I like.

I was also pleasantly surprised with the baby clothes. After it arrived, I washed everything before I put my baby in them. They are cute, comfortable, and SO affordable. The big winner was probably the full set of bow clips that would be 4x more expensive on Amazon.

I also appreciated their quick shipping time. When I placed my order the estimated delivery window was between the 8th – 16th and the package arrived on the 6th.

What I don’t like about Temu:

A lot of the things don’t seem like they’re going to last a long time. I’ll skip ordering any more shoes from this marketplace. In all fairness, I did order the cheapest things I could find to see how they compare so it is possible that there are higher quality things on Temu listed at higher prices. They just aren’t the things that are under $3.

I don’t love that things sell out so quickly. If you find something you like, you almost have to order it right away because there is a good chance it will be gone next week.

History of Temu

Temu was launched in September 2022, and is available as a website and mobile app on Google Play and iOS App Store. Since its launch, Temu’s mobile apps have become the most downloaded apps on major US app stores. According to TechCrunch, Temu’s apps have held the No. 1 position in daily downloads since late 2022, outpacing other popular apps like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and Shein. Temu also provides an explanation of what it is on their YouTube channel.

The platform’s unbeatable prices across more than 29 categories make it difficult to resist. Temu offers baby products and beauty items for as low as $0.49 and household items and pet supplies under $5. Tempting right?

Temu is a subsidiary of PDD Holdings. It is incorporated in Delaware under the entity WhaleCo Inc. and is headquartered in Boston

The platform went live in the US in September 2022, allowing global vendors to sell and ship directly to US customers. Right now it appears that many of vendors on Temu are based in China.

Temu fast-tracked its growth by offering free product to people who encouraged new users via affiliate codes, social media, and some gamification.

Temu launched in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK in early 2023. It also increased its visibility with a Superbowl Ad this year.

Is Temu a Chinese company?

Temu is incorporated in Delaware, headquartered in Boston, and owned by PDD Holdings, a Nasdaq-listed, multinational commerce group with its principal executive offices in Dublin, Ireland. While PDD Holdings also owns Pinduoduo, a social commerce app based in China, PDD Holdings itself is also not a Chinese company.

Temu is a US-based marketplace that allows global manufacturers, brands, and suppliers to sell directly to consumers around the world.

Is Temu Legit?

I know, a vegetable cutter for 50 cents seems like a scam. And a cute baby outfit for under $5?

Temu is able to offer products at lower prices because of its Next-Gen Manufacturing (NGM) model, which allows merchants to better match supply and demand. With better insight into consumer preferences, merchants are able to create more tailored products with the right specs and quantity. This allows for multiple areas of cost savings from production, inventory management, and marketing, which are all passed onto consumers in the form of low prices.

When it comes to Temu, you are usually paying for lower-quality, mass-produced items.

I think it can be great for things you don’t need to last forever. For example, I do NOT need a super high quality vegetable cutter to make cute shapes out of cucumbers for me kids (the 50 cent version works just fine). I also don’t need a $100 baby sweatsuit for the three months my daughter can wear it. But the sweatshirt I ordered? That I would like to be higher quality.

**I did pick the very cheapest adult clothing items to order so I might give them another shot and order a few things that are not the least expensive things on the site.

Temu Shipping

Temu is connecting Chinese businesses (or other global retailers) with American consumers so products are shipping from overseas. I placed my first order with Temu on March 29, 2023 and it arrived at my home in California on April 6, 2023.

Here is my Temu timeline:

  • order placed on the 29th
  • email received the 31st that my order was being packed
  • email received 1st that my order was packed and awaiting shipping
  • email received 1st that my order shipped
  • package received 6th

How long does Temu take to ship?

Temu provides an estimated shipping time of 7 to 15 days for its products. This takes into account the time required for products to clear customs and inspection. These are just estimates and not guaranteed arrival times.

Where does Temu ship from?

Temu ships directly from global manufacturers.

Temu Sizing Guide

Because Temu is a marketplace for different manufacturers, it is important to read the individual sizing guides for each product. I ordered a variety of clothing items and the sizing was NOT consistent across different products.

For example, I ordered a few different baby items in the 9-12 months and some were much larger than others. It is similar to ordering baby clothes off of Amazon (different brands are different sizes and you need to know you correct size in each brand).

Tips for Shopping on Temu

Okay, so TEMU is a legit site, but, how can you find really great items? With tens of thousands of items to choose from across so many categories, how do you find something you’ll love? If you’re looking for dresses, I went through and found the best dresses from Temu to order. For other things, follow these tips:

1. Read the Temu Reviews:

The BEST thing you can do to improve your experience with Temu is to read the reviews of items before you purchase. It is helpful not only to see if it has positive reviews, but to check the review’s comments about sizing, quality, material, and color.

You can find out if something is better quality, running small, or has issues with the quality upon delivery from the reviews. It is also helpful to look at the images uploaded and compare those to the product pictures. Sometimes colors are a little off from product images to the customer reviews are a must-check. 

I’d generally caution against ordering something without a review – you can always try it but you won’t be sure what you’re getting until it arrives.

That said, you get some peace of mind with Temu’s Purchase Protection program, which actually offers full refunds if your items do not match the photos or descriptions, arrive damaged, or do not arrive.

2. Pay attention to the materials

If you’re ordering clothes, I recommend checking the type o fabric. If you’re ordering a toy, check to see what the material is (sometimes the images look like you’re getting a nice wooden toy and the thing that arrives is a cheap plastic). I don’t think you can always trust the product images so be sure to check the descriptions as well.

3. Stick with the Temu sizing measurements

Even if you’re usually an XS and you think the size guide must be wrong because on this top it’s telling you to order a L, believe the sizing guide. And remember, the sizes aren’t consistent across the site so keep your measuring tape handy and check the measurements for each item you add to your cart. It’s also helpful to check Temu’s reviews from customers about sizing.

Conclusion: Will I order from Temu again?

Yes, for some things.

I will steer clear of any women’s fashion items. Everything I’ve ordered from Shein has been better than the women’s clothes/shoes I got from Temu.

I will definitely be looking at little baby sets again. I’m already thinking about goodie bags for my daughter’s birthday party and think the little sunglasses would be a darling addition. Or maybe the pop-it purse as part of a birthday present for some upcoming parties we have? I will definitely be ordering stickers from them again and am open to trying some household organization things in the future.

Temu Reviews

Here are reviews of a few pieces I’ve bought recently from Temu.

Baby matching floral jogger set

This is possibly my favorite thing from the entire Temu order. It is soft, stretchy, and incredibly cute. It runs true to size and we’ve already washed it twice.

This exact one is sold out already (of course!) but they have so many similar options and I’ll be ordering more in the future.

The quality reminds me of something I’d buy at Target (or a little bit below) which works well for something my daughter will wear 1-2 times a week for the next few months.

Women’s sweatshirt review

This is horrible. It smells like someone spilled chemicals all over it. It feels like it is made out of foam (almost like a very cheap wetsuit?).

This is not something I’m interested in wearing at all. I ordered two different crewneck sweatshirts and they’re both this bad.

Baby bow set review

I ordered two different sets of little girl’s bows and love them both. They’re cute and functional. I would order both again (if I needed any additional bows after this).

Temu FAQ

Is Temu legit?

Yes, Temu is a legitimate e-commerce platform that sells various products at affordable prices.

Is Temu safe?

Temu’s payment links are all PCI-certified, which is the highest certification you can have. They also offer a variety of payment methods including third-party service providers like Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay if you would like to further protect your payment information.

Personally, I use Paypal when ordering from new sites (like when I ordered Lume deodorant last month) as an added layer of protection.

What is the Temu app?

The Temu app is a mobile application that allows customers to shop and browse products from Temu’s online marketplace.

Where is Temu located?

Temu is an online platform that operates globally, with its headquarters located in Boston.

Where is Temu shipped from?

Temu sources its products from various countries, so the location of shipment depends on the origin of the product. Most of them seem to ship from China.

Is Temu ethical?

Yes, Temu is an ethical company. Temu is committed to its values, which include social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and integrity. From day 1, Temu has offset carbon emissions from every order. They also have strict vetting standards for merchants on its platform which are outlined in their Code of Conduct. If any merchant is found to violate Temu’s policies, they may be banned from the platform.

How does Temu work?

Temu is an online selling platform, kind of like Amazon. It works by allowing sellers to list their products on the platform, which can then be purchased by buyers. The platform uses an escrow system, which means that the payment is held by Temu until the buyer receives their product and confirms that they are happy with it. Once the buyer confirms that they are satisfied with their purchase, the payment is released to the seller.

How is Temu so cheap?

Temu is able to offer products at such low prices because it sources products directly from manufacturers. Temu is also able to offer products at such low prices due to its Next-Gen Manufacturing model (discussed above). 

Does Temu use child labor?

There is no evidence to suggest that Temu uses child labor. Temu has strict vetting standards for merchants on its platform which are outlined in its Code of Conduct, which is available on the website:

What does Temu mean?

Temu is a made up word derived from the company’s slogan of “Team Up, Price Down.”

How do you pronounce Temu?

There has been come disagreement over the pronunciation of Temu. The brand has confirmed that it is pronounced “tee-moo.”

How does Temu make money?

I assume Temu makes money by taking a commission on each sale made through its platform but this has not been verified.

How to get free stuff from Temu app?

You can sign up as a Temu affiliate and earn credit by sharing your affiliate code with friends on social media. I haven’t personally signed up or tried this yet but I’ll report back.

Is Temu publicly traded?

Temu is a subsidiary of its parent company, PDD Holdings, which trades on Nasdaq under the ticker PDD.

How long does it take Temu to ship?

Shipping times vary depending on the location of the seller and the destination of the product. Customers can expect shipping times ranging from a few days to several weeks.

Are Temu and Wish the same?

No, Temu and Wish are different companies, though they operate similarly as online marketplaces that offer affordable products. Unlike Wish, Temu is solely focused on serving consumers and does not allow drop-shipping on its platform. Wish serves both B2B and B2C. 

Is Temu fast fashion?

No, Temu is not a fast fashion company. Temu is an everyday store that sells products across over 250 categories from clothing and beauty to pet supplies, electronics, home decor, and more. It is the go-to destination for people who want to maximize their budgets or who simply love the best deals. 

Unlike fast fashion companies like Shein, Temu does not own or sell any of its own products. Temu is a pure third-party marketplace. 

Temu encourages customers to shop mindfully by combining small orders to reduce waste from excess packaging and deliveries. Although Temu’s products are highly affordable, it does not promote overconsumption or “fast fashion.” Rather, Temu’s goal is to give people accessible options to afford what they need and want at the right price for them. It’s about intentionality and choice so that consumers can buy exactly what they need.

That said, my experience purchasing clothing items from Temu (in the womens and children’s department), the clothing items are lower quality fast fashion items. The baby clothes have been comparable to Shein but the women’s items were lower quality than what I have ordered from Shein the past. I’ll update this on my next Temu order when I try a few of their mid-priced items.

Can I trust Temu?

Temu is a trustworthy platform. Temu’s payment links are all PCI-certified, which is the highest security certification that you can have. They also offer a variety of payment methods including third-party service providers like Paypal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay if you would like to further protect your payment information. Under Temu’s Purchase Protection program, you can also shop with peace of mind since you may receive a full refund if your items do not arrive, arrive damaged, or do not match its photos or description.

Temu discount code:

You can use this link for a 30% discount code on your first order. You can also use the code: fav53606

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  1. how do I return some items that are not what they seemed and wrong size.

  2. Don’t shop Temu !!!! Screwed up my orders not once but twice today. Haven’t given my temu credit that’s 270 dollars and then refused to credit my account for all the hassle!!!! Save yourself the trouble. Shop elsewhere!

  3. I have ordered a LOT of items from Temu with varying results. some of the clothes I ordered are now my favorites to wear. I bought some clothes for my sister and she feels the same way. However, I have also bought clothes that looked absolutely nothing like the product picture or description. Thankfully I only buy items that are very inexpensive. Some household and garden items were also laughable quality, but again some have been very useful. I have not personally returned any items (too lazy) but read reviews that seemed to indicate Temu is very accommodating about returns. All in all I really like Temu, sometimes too much!

  4. THIS IS A CHINESE -OWNED COMPANY, even though it has been registered in the state of Delaware and has offices in Dublin, Ireland. ANY company can be registered as a base in other states, primarily noting that Delaware has the best “incorporation” protection as business goes. BE AWARE: According to the BBC, US lawmakers are warning of an “extremely high risk” that products sold on the Chinese online shopping site Temu have been made with forced labour. A report by US Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party says TEMU and SHEIN’s business models allow them to bypass trade rules and tariffs as well, and everything on the site is third-party, in other words, NOT produced or manufactured by them. TEMU is, in fact, owned by Chinese e-commerce giant PDD Holdings, owner of Chinese online retailer Pinduoduo.

  5. You lost me when you said you can trust them because you will receive a full refund if not satisfied. They won’t even talk to me. Can’t get a real person to tell me how to send something back. No packing slips at all. All they want to do is chat online and they want you to join a website. I’m done wit TEMU.

    1. I’m so sorry – that must be so frustrating.

      Did you try calling the customer service line? I have had an easy return experience every time and I was also able to get a real human on the phone when I had a question about how the return process worked.

  6. My daughter tells me not to shop with Temu as they are nothing but “land fillers”. Meaning they’re dirt cheap so their products don’t last long and end up in landfill quickly. But I’m very happy with my purchases and I’m on a fixed income so I have to be careful with my money. I guess their products have improved before they got to Australia as they seem to be the new kids on the block that everybody talks about but no one will admit to being a customer of.