Best Dresses on Temu to order this summer [2023]

Today we’re talking all about the best dresses to order from Temu. Is Temu legit? If you haven’t shopped this new online marketplace before, read my full unpaid Temu review and shopping tips here. All opinions are my own and this post may contain affiliate links.

Temu Company Background

Have you heard of Temu before? Have you seen the little orange bags on neighbors doorsteps? Maybe you’ve watched an unboxing of the most random and inexpensive products on a tiktok video?

Temu is a legit online marketplace based Boston that allows connects customers in the United States with millions of sellers, manufacturers, and brands worldwide. The platform provides affordable products across 29 major categories ranging from fashion, beauty, sports, health, home goods, and office supplies.

I placed my first Temu order a few months ago (you can read the whole process and what I learned here). The one category I really wasn’t impressed with was women’s clothing. I decided to give it another go and see if I had just ordered the wrong things.

Shopping for Temu Dresses

Be warned that the shopping experience on Temu is unique. It can feel like a fun carnival or an overwhelming Target on Black Friday (who remembers when we actually shopped in-store on Black Friday?). I always end up with 20+ tabs open and have to spend a few minutes sorting through everything.

I prefer the shopping app experience to desktop (you can download it from the app store here).

Tips for finding cute dresses on Temu:

When shopping a marketplace as large as Temu it can be hard to find things right away. Here are a few tips that have helped me find cuter things faster:

  • Look at suggested products when you find one thing you like: Start with the links to these dresses and then see what other products Temu suggests for you. Their algorithm is pretty good!
  • Pay attention to reviews and product material information. Did you know you can message a seller directly on the Temu platform to ask questions about the product? If there aren’t any reviews about the fabric material, this is a great option. You can also ask about sizing if you’re hesitant.

Okay, let’s get into my shopping experience and what I ordered!

Temu Dresses Review

Let’s call Temu dress shopping a treasure hunting experience.

You can find some gems but you’ll have to wade through some …. less than stellar options.

I ordered 15+ dresses and some of them were no-gos right out of the package. The fabric felt thin or cheap. Sometimes there was a strong chemical smell. I didn’t try on everything and put them right back in the small plastic bags they arrived in.

Of the 15 or so I ordered, about eight of them were worth trying on. I will say, I liked EVERYTHING better on than I did right out of the bag.

Before I tried the dresses on I used a handheld steamer to get the worst of the wrinkles out (this is my favorite steamer). If you have time, I recommend steaming the dresses for a minute or two before trying them on.

Quality of Temu Dresses

The Temu dresses I ordered varied in quality. Some were on par with something you’d buy at Forever21. Most of them were about what I’d expect from Shein. Some of them were cheaper than either of those.

The majority are made from a thin polyester material, like a handful of the Shein dresses I own. This fabric wrinkles easily so I always steam before I wear. The material is a little silky to the touch, which I like. These aren’t itchy or rough on your skin at all.

I was pleasantly surprised that they were not see-through. You don’t need a slip under the dresses here (except maybe if wearing non-neutral undergarments with the ombre blue one).

I kept a handful of these and anticipate washing them on a gentle cycle and hand drying (like I do with most of my dresses). I expect that they’ll last a few years.

Temu Dresses Sizing

All of the dresses I ordered are forgiving when it comes to sizing. They aren’t super tailored or fitted. I ordered my regular size in most of them (or one size up if they didn’t carry an XS) and had no problem with sizing. All of these I could lose or gain 10 pounds and still wear.

Temu Dresses Return Policy

Temu offers a pretty comprehensive 90 day return policy. Anything, regardless of who the seller is on the marketplace, is eligible for a return as long as it is in the original condition.

The one stipulation is that only the first return of an order is free. This means you should try and return multiple items from these same order at the same time to avoid paying return shipping.

For example, say you bought four dresses from Temu and wanted to return two. You mail them back two weeks after ordering them for free. Then, a month later you decide you haven’t worn the third dress and really don’t need it. You try to return it as well. Because you’re still in the 90 day window for the second dress, it is eligible for a return. But, because you’ve already returned things from the order, you may be responsible for return shipping. I’d recommend waiting to process any returns from Temu until you’re sure about everything from that order you want to keep or return.

My one complaint about the Temu return policy is the work involved on your end as the shopper. For this dress order I had to upload pictures for each item I wanted to return. Here are the steps I took:

  • login to my Temu account
  • click on “Order and Account”
  • select Orders
  • click “Return/Refund”
  • select the package
  • select all items for return
  • select reason for each return
  • upload picture for each item (I tried submitting without images and couldn’t proceed with the return)

I highly recommend doing the return on the Temu app on your phone instead of on a desktop so you can just snap a picture of the item while in the app. I initially tried this on a desktop and it was annoying. On my app I took all the pictures, typed out my reason for returning, and then was able to print the free return label. I scheduled a free USPS pickup and it was gone the next day. I was able to select my original payment method for a refund (that will take 1-2 weeks to process) OR I could have selected Temu store credit instantly.

Favorite things to wear with Temu dresses

7 Best Dresses to order from Temu this summer

Here are mini reviews of the 7 dresses I think you should order from Temu this summer. Whether you’re looking for a cute summer dress, something to dress up, or a coverup to throw on over a swimsuit, I’ve got you. I ordered 15+ and these were the best ones.

Exact prices aren’t listed because between lightning sales, discounts, and coupon codes it seems like the low prices are always changing! I paid under $15 for each dress.

1. Sunshine Tiered Mini Dress

This dress is a little shot of dopamine. You can’t help feel a little bit happier once you put it on. The fun, flirty ruffles make it perfect for summer.

Wear it with sandals to the pool, with espadrilles to dinner or with cute white sneakers for running around town.

The material is thin but surprisingly not see-through. This one will almost certainly shrink so I recommend hand-drying it so it doesn’t get too short.

2. Geometric Maxi Dress

This dress is probably my favorite of the whole lot. You can dress it up or down (think pool coverup or resort dinner).

The material in the pictures on Temu looks more like a cotton but this is definitely a silkier polyester. It comes in 4 colorways.

fun fact: my 8 year old took these pictures and this was the only one he said “you look good in that one, mom.”

3. Bold Faux Wrap Dress

Giving strong Marni designer vibes, this bold print is such a fun one for summer.

The material is a thin polyester (like most of these) but the wrinkles steam out and it would be great for a tropical vacation or summer dinner. It comes in 4 colors and I paid under $15.

Puff Sleeve Gingham Dress

This cottagecore dress is giving strong Disney princess vibes. Maybe it’s the Cinderalla blue? But it doesn’t get cuter than this (and I don’t think you’ll find this same look for cheaper).

Wear this one out with girlfriends, to a baby or bridal shower, or a summer bbq.

5. Ombre Tiered Dress

If you’re looking for something casual and fun, the tiered ombre color blocking on this one is so cute.

This one comes in SIX different cute ombre color options.

P.S. You can easily loose a few inches by washing and drying this one on high if you want something shorter.

6. Floral Button Top Dress

I was hesitant about this one but it was one of the dresses I liked a lot better on. It has a little puff sleeve and button front detail. The side slits are surprisingly high (see the last picture).

The floral is fun and you can pair it with neutrals or just about any shade of pink/red/purple.

Comes in 4 colors and is under $20

7. Floral Bell-Sleeve Dress

The other contender for my favorite dress from the haul, this floral number is bold, fun, and bright. Dress this one up for date night or brunch with girlfriends. You’ll probably want to buy a ticket somewhere tropical just to wear it 😛

I love the bell sleeves (that are full length) and the tiered silhouette. It has good movement for a thin polyester dress and the colors are very fun.

This one already sold out! I ordered it just a week and a half ago. It is worth checking to see if they restocked it AND you can hit “find similar” for a lot of equally bright and fun options.

BONUS: Crochet swimsuit coverup

This was a pleasant surprise! I think this is so fun as a beach coverup or over your suit to the pool.

Fun, soft, and a little sexy.

Other brands besides Temu for cute, cheap dresses

If you’re on the hunt for cute dresses that won’t break the bank, here are a few places to look in addition to Temu:

  • Amazon: You can find a wide selection of dresses under $35 and, in general, these are going to have a higher product quality than Temu
  • Shein: You can find a wide range of prices and quality on Shein at this point. You can still get $12 dresses that are about the same quality as Temu but you can also order $50+ dresses from higher quality fabrics.
  • Shop Cider: Fun, trendy designs with prices and quality a little higher than Temu.
  • Chicwish: These are more expensive but one of my favorite places to order unique + fun/feminine dresses online at a price point under $100
  • ThredUP: Shopping second hand is a great way to find higher quality garments at a lower price point and thredUP has so many options.
  • H&M: If you want to be able to go in store and try on dresses, this is a great US option.
  • Target: Aren’t you always pleasantly surprised by their clothing selection?
  • Walmart! I have been sleeping on Walmart for affordable prices for fashion and just placed my first clothing order this year. There are some GEMS (prices a little bit more than Temu but quality more comparable to GAP).

Browse some favorite recent purchases

We’re trying all the trendy things and letting you know what’s worth it. Are Good American jeans as good as the Kardashians claim? Does Lume deodorant even work? Are Walmart clothes any good? We’ve got you.

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