Is Cider Clothing Legit: A review and tips before you order [2024]

Have you ever wondered if Cider Clothing is legit? Looking for Cider reviews? Today I’m talking about my first time ordering from Shop Cider. This post is not sponsored, but it may contain affiliate links.

Intro Cider Clothing Story

Have you gotten Instagram ads for Shop Cider? Maybe you’ve seen their colorful, fun pieces on your favorite TikTok influencer? A friend mentioned this new-to-me brand (founded in 2020) and after one Google search I was getting constant social media ads for weeks.

I have been on the hunt for a few more sustainable brands than Shein but still at a low price point to recommend, and Cider seemed to fit the bill.

Realistically, though, the ad for this striped polo got me. I’d been eyeing a $300 version on Shopbop and the $100 version at Madewell. Shein had it for under $20 but high quality knits are not Shein’s specialty. The $30 price point of Shop Cider (and the inundation of ads) convinced me to try it.

History of Cider Clothing

Cider was launched in 2020 (in the middle of a pandemic!) by four friends who were trying to find a more sustainable, affordable, and inclusive fashion option. By 2021 they had over a million followers on Instagram and have used social media (on IG and TikTok) to spur their growth.

Is Cider Legit? My Shopping Experience + Shop Cider Review

You’ve probably seen the popular cute orange sweater from last year or something else colorful from Cider on your favorite instagram influencer. Shop Cider’s biggest marketing strategy is social media and if you spend any time there after reading this article, you’ll likely see their ads popping up everywhere.

So, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the knit striped polo. I added a few other things to my cart (for market research, obviously :p). I selected things in two different sizes to compare and placed my order (a sweater, a vest, a top, and a pair of pants).

I placed the order even though I heard a lot of shipping was getting delayed. Sure enough, ten days later I got a notification that shipping had been delayed and my account had been credited $8. The items arrived about a week later (just 1-3 business days past the specified window) which was pretty typical for retail during that period.

Here’s what I ordered:

The items arrived in two different packages because the pants I ordered were on back order (this was noted on the product page when I ordered so I was expecting it).

First Impressions:

I was obsessed with this striped polo right out of the bag! The bow top wasn’t quite doing it for me (it was thin, the bow looked bigger than I expected, it looked like a boxier fit) and the sweater vest looked smaller than I was expecting. My general rule, though, is wait to pass judgment until I’ve tried things on with hair and makeup done to see how things really look.


I’ll include detail descriptions about the quality of each of the items in the individual mini-reviews posted below but overall the quality of the product is so-so. The thicker knits seem to be of only a slightly lower quality than Madewell (and at over 1/3 the price that seems pretty good) but the trousers are paper thin and unlined.


Overall, sizing is true to size but if you’re in between sizes, go with your larger size. I did find that some things from Shop Cider were a lot more cropped than I expected.

Conclusion: Will I order from Shop Cider again?

Yes, if there is a style I really love, I will order from Shop Cider. In general, I’ll stick with more expensive and better quality brands for pieces I can be a bit rougher on and get more wear out of.

But for things like dresses, fun statement sweaters I wear with a base layer, I’ll keep an eye on them (and probably succumb to another instagram ad).

Tips for Shopping on Cider

Okay, so Shop Cider is a legit site. But how can you find really great items? With tens of thousands of items to choose from across so many categories, how do you find something you’ll love? 

1. Read the Cider Clothing Reviews:

The BEST thing you can do to improve your experience with Cider is to read the reviews of items before you purchase. It is helpful not only to see if it has positive reviews, but to check the review’s comments about sizing, quality, material, and color.

You can find out if something is sheer, running small, or oversized from the reviews. It is also helpful to look at the images uploaded and compare those to the product pictures.

2. Stick with the Cider sizing measurements

Even if you’re usually an XS and you think the size guide must be wrong because on this top it’s telling you to order a L, believe the sizing guide. And remember, the sizes aren’t consistent across the site so keep your measuring tape handy and check the measurements for each item you add to your cart. It’s also helpful to check Cider’s reviews from customers about sizing.

3. Be ready to steam + hang dry: 

Out of the package pieces are quite wrinkled and unimpressive but they clean up well. I typically hang dry delicate clothing and Cider pieces are no exception. Be sure to have a steamer on hand (this is my favorite one from Amazon) to freshen up your pieces. 

4. Stick with Paypal

If you’re concerned about your payment and safety, stick with something like Paypal so you aren’t giving out your credit card information.

Best things to buy from Cider Clothing

Cider Clothing Reviews

Here are reviews of a few pieces I purchased from Cider clothing in my first shopping experience

Striped Polo Sweater // Cider Clothing Review

Hands down, this is my favorite item from the order. I’ve worn and washed it a handful of times over the last month and really love it (especially for the price point!).

It comes in a couple of fun different colorways and runs true to size for a cropped fit.

Cream Bow Sweater // Cider Clothing Review

This long sleeve mix between a sweater and a top . I had high hopes for this top but it just looks kind of weird in person.

Black Sweater Vest // Cider Clothing Review

This short sleeve black sweater vest is very trendy right now and a great price point to try it out.

Wide Leg Trousers // Cider Clothing Review

My second favorite item from my order are these trousers. I ordered the shorter length and they’re perfect for my 5’4″ frame without wearing heels. They are very thin and need to be steamed. They don’t do you any favors (they don’t suck anything in) but I really like the pleats in the front and that I could try this style of pants for under $40.

Shop Cider FAQ:

Is Cider Clothing ethical?

This fast fashion brand, headquartered in Hong Kong, creates low quality clothing very affordable prices. These pieces are not likely to last for years of frequent wear. 

Where is Cider Clothing based? Where are Cider’s clothes made?

Shop Cider is headquartered in Hong Kong with their main warehouse and production located in Guangzhou, China.

Are Cider clothes good quality?

Good quality is relative. From my limited shopping experience, their clothing is higher quality than other Chinese fast fashion retailers like Shein.
I ordered very similar sweaters from Shop Cider and Madewell to compare the two. The Madewell sweater is larger and the material is thicker. The catch is the Madewell sweater is 3-4 times the price and I’d say its a little bit nicer but NOT four times as nice. I’ve washed both a few times and the Madewell sweater has pilled sooner.

Does Cider have good customer service?

I haven’t returned anything to Cider yet but I’ll update this once I have. As of now there is an email address right on the cide website you can message for support. There is also a full support website with a “chat with us” feature to get in contact with someone on the Cider team.
If you’ve used Shop Cider’s returns or had an interaction with their customer service, will you leave a comment and let us know how it went?

Is Shop Cider considered fast fashion?

Yes, Shop Cider is considered a fast fashion brand. Fast fashion is defined as “inexpensive clothing produced rapidly by mass-market retailers in response to the latest trends.” It claims to have more ethical production practices, taking demand into consideration in real time to produce only what they are able to sell (which eliminates clothing waste on their end of supply chain but doesn’t address the issue of mass-produced cheap clothing).

Is Cider a Chinese store?

Yes, Shop Cider is based in Hong Kong. However, on their website, Cider says their team is spread out across 14 countries (with 60% of their employees being female). Their website says they have teams in London, Guangzhou (likely where clothing is produced), Brisbane, and New York.

Is Cider like Shein?

Yes, Cider and Shein are both Chinese fast fashion companies that bring trendy items to market quickly. Cider claims a more sustainable production model that yields less waste (they say they do a better job predicting demand so there are fewer pieces of clothing that aren’t sold). Cider also has higher prices and, from my limited shopping experience, higher quality on a lot of pieces.

How is Shop Cider’s Shipping?

How long does Cider take to ship?
There is a 1-3 processing time for in stock items. After 1-3 days your in-stock items should ship and take 4-8 business days to arrive, depending on which shipping method you selected.
One of the items I ordered was back-ordered and so it arrived later than the rest.

How long does Cider take to deliver?
There are two shipping options when you are ordering from the United States. You can pay for standard flat rate shipping for $4.99 (free on orders over $39). With standard shipping you can expect your items to arrive in 5-8 business days.

You can also pay for express shipping (flat rate of $15.00) to get items in 4-6 business days.
Cider ships from its main Chinese warehouse. They partner with DHL for shipping.

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