What a whirlwind two months! There was a moment in time where I said “My husband accepted a new job in Utah last week so I flew to Utah to buy a house this week so he can start his new job next week.”

We are still settling in (and by that I mean we are repacking the house so we can have the interior painted next week).

A few things I’m grateful for right now:

  • The mountains: I miss the sunshine and perfect weather but I feel awe and gratitude (almost) each time I look out our windows at these stunning snow-covered mountains.
  • Baby girl sleeping through the night: Somewhere in the packing + moving + traveling, baby girl decided she could mostly sleep through the night. Sometimes she still wakes up but we’ve cut out all night bottles (I know, I know, very late). It is life-giving to be getting more consecutive hours of sleep for the first time in 2 years.
  • A gym: I never joined a gym in California and WHAT WAS I THINKING? I spent 90% of my mornings at the gym while we lived in Boston and my first kids were young….and now I remember why. A gym with childcare is the secret to motherhood. Endorphins + a little bit of me time.
  • Neighbors: Utah is magical when it comes to neighbors. We have had at least six people drop of baked goods and introduce themselves. I have LOVED so many places we’ve lived but I’m not sure anyone has ever introduced themselves with baked goods before.
  • Family: This move went so much smoother because of loved ones who stepped up and did what I wouldn’t have asked for. Nothing quite like driving up to a new house in a new place and having it already filled up with people you love.
  • Kid’s school: I am so grateful that the big kids come home happy from school each day.

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