QC Shoes Review [2024]: Are they worth it?

Today we’re talking all about QC Shoes in this review. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links.

What are QC Shoes?

Have you seen QC shoe around? These trendy sneakers have two letters on them that look like a Q and a C. Actually, what you’re looking at is a stylized O and an N. The brand is ON Running and you can find all their shoe options at their website https://www.on-running.com/

I ordered a pair a few months ago and am sharing a full review of my experience walking, running, wearing, and cleaning my ON Cloud/ QC shoes.

QC Shoe Review

Maybe you saw someone on TikTok sporting them or you’ve just noticed them on the person in front of you at the grocery store.

The last time I bought myself new workout sneakers was three years ago, a few months after my baby was born, I was trying to find the motivation to get back into exercise and cute new workout gear seems to do the trick (I ordered another pair of APLs that I really like). Here we are six months after my next baby and, sure enough, I started hunting for a new shoe to kickstart my exercise.

The Hunt for the Perfect Workout Sneaker:

My (desired) workouts each week consist of a mix of running, weights, and classes. I was hoping to find a shoe that worked for everything.

I’d tried on the ON Cloud sneakers months ago at my parents house (how do my mom AND my 80 year old grandma have a pair of these before I do?). I knew they were comfortable but I wasn’t looking to get back into exercising at the time (4 weeks post partum and still sleeping in 3 hour increments).

About a month ago I put a poll out on instagram asking for people’s favorite running and workout sneakers. There were lots of one off recommendations but the two most popular answers were Hokas and ON Clouds.

I was leaning toward the ON Clouds just because they look cuter but didn’t want to sacrifice function for style when shopping for an exercise shoe.

When my high school’s Boston-marathon-running track star responded that she loved her ON Clouds and runs in them, I was sold.


Picking which QC Cloud shoe to buy:

There are a million different ON Cloud options and purchasing can be a bit tricky. I chose specifically based on style and price (knowing I was using them mostly for running short distances, long walks, and the occasional workout class). I wish I would have used the shoe selector on the ON website which lets you filter by activities. It makes choosing a shoe much more straight forward.

What I ordered:

  • On Cloud 5: ideal of light running – less than 5 miles, lifestyle, gym workouts (price $140)

other ones to consider:

Are QC Sneakers Worth it?

They are beautiful. They are very comfortable. They are supportive.

The particular style I have also doesn’t require you to tie them and I can slip them on while holding a baby. I am sold.

If you are only trying to find a pair of supportive running shoes, you can find cheaper options. If these are in your budget through, you cannot go wrong with the ON Clouds.

two month update: I love these shoes more and more! It really does feel like slipping into a cloud, especially in comparison to other shoes. My only complaint is sometimes if I’m walking on loose gravel, a small stone will get stuck in the bottom of my shoes.

Pros and Cons of QC Shoes


  • Beautiful These stylish shoes can work with a ton of different outfits. 
  • Tons of Styles/colorways: There are lots of different styles and colorways. 
  • Comfortable:
  • Slip-on/ no tying necessary in some styles


  • Sizing: Some of the sizing is a bit off in the QC Shoes/ ON Clouds. The first pair I ordered in my regular size was too small. I sized up half a size and they are perfect. From other reviews I’ve read, some of the styles run half a size small. Additionally, some sizes have a slightly wider toe box and others run a bit more narrow.
  • Price

QC Sneakers FAQ

Are QC and ON shoes the same?

Yes, these are the same brand of shoes. The correct name is On (short for ON Running which is the full name of the brand).

Where to buy QC Shoes/ ON Cloud shoes:

You can find the widest selection of ON Clouds at onrunning.com
I ordered mine from Amazon (leaving the house with little kids is still hard! and bringing them to a running store? not quite up for that yet).

Your best bit would be to go to a running store and get fitted in person but, if you’re looking for an online option, here are a few places to try:

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Do I have you use ON Cloud shoes for running?

No. I initially purchased these as new running shoes and while, yes, I still wear them for my runs, I have also found myself wearing them regularly for day to day because they feel like walking on a cloud. At school pickup these days I can always spot at least one mom wearing them, too.

What types of ON Cloud sneaker should I get?

There are SO many different types of ON Cloud running shoes that it can get a bit overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to order.
If you’re looking for a specific activity, my top recommendation is to head to the On Running website and filter by activity. You can select from active life, travel, road running, hiking, trail running, competition, tennis, and workouts.
Here are three great options:
ON Cloud 5: Ideal of an all-around shoe. Comfortable for short runs, weights, and other group fitness (I’ve worn mine for jogs, high fitness, and hip hop).
ON Cloudrift: great for road running or treadmill running
Cloud Runner in Waterproof: Ideal for longer runs

What stores carry QC shoes?

You can buy ON Clouds at just about any running store and most places where sneakers are sold. You can pick up a pair at Nordstrom, order a pair on Amazon, or find some limited options at Madewell or Anthropology. REI even has a selection of used ON shoes you can purchase at a steep discount.

Here’s a currently list:
Dick’s Sporting Goods

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