Mansur Gavriel Soft Lady Bag Review

Today we’re talking all about the Mansur Gavriel Soft Lady Bag (and Mini Soft Lady Bag) in this unsponsored review. All opinions are my own (I purchased these bags in 2022) and this post may contain affiliate links.

My hunt for the perfect bag: Mansur Gavriel Soft Lady Bag Review

I have been on the hunt for three bags:

  • something I can carry my laptop, specifically when I’m traveling or going to a work event (some kind of nicer tote)
  • a great medium size purse when I’m not using a diaper bag
  • a fun, neutral, little bag that works for carrying just the essentials and can be used for shopping at 10 am or a nice date night

When looking for a bag it is important to me that I love it right now, but that I also can see myself using it five years from now. I didn’t want a super trendy color of style. I was going for something classic.

I have been eying the gorgeous Soft Lady Bag from Mansur Gavriel for a few years now. The silhouette is stunning and it kept popping up as a beautiful neutral bag option on Shopbop. I thought it would easily work for the second two bags on my list (in different sizes).

I first ordered the creamy sand color in the larger size from Shopbop and fell in love. But, upon further inspection, I realized it arrived without the strap. Shopbop didn’t have a replacement strap to send and because I ordered it from a third party, Mansur Gavriel wasn’t able to help. I was almost tempted to keep it anyway because the color was so gorgeous but I returned it. I kept my eye out and found the mini version new in the same creamy neutral color.

I couldn’t get the original Lady Bag out of my head and added that one to the family in red recently as well.

I’ve been using and carrying both for a few months now. Here’s how they stack up:

full size Soft Lady Bag in red and tan (snapped these pictures before I sent the strapless bag back to Shopbop)

The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag: Features and Benefits


The Mansur Gavriel Soft Lady Bag is made of high-quality Italian leather, known for its durability, softness, and smooth texture. The bag is handcrafted in Italy, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Just promise me you’ll smell it when it arrives, okay?


The design of the Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag and Mini Lady Bag is elegant and timeless. It has a structured silhouette with a top handle and a removable shoulder strap. Both bags (the large and the small) close with a drawstring closure that can be put through a loop on the underside of the top flap to close the bag. The bag’s interior is lined with a luxurious soft suede.


The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag is not just beautiful but also highly functional. The Mini Lady Bag has enough space to carry your essentials, including your phone, keys, wallet, and makeup. The full size Lady Bag has even more space and I can fit a notebook, sunglasses, a larger wallet, and some snacks in addition to what I have in the Mini Lady Bag. The bag has a back slip pocket, which can be used to store items that you need quick access to. The adjustable strap makes it easy to wear the bag on your shoulder or across your body, allowing you to go hands-free.


The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag is a versatile accessory that can be dressed up or down. I used the larger size bag at a business conference and regularly use the Mini Lady Bag for dinner dates or running errands on my own without kids.

Lady Bag vs Mini Lady Bag

Okay, let’s talk sizing difference between the lady bag and the mini lady bag.

The original Lady Bag has dimensions of approximately 10.5 inches in width, 8.5 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in depth. It also features a 5-inch handle drop and a detachable shoulder strap with an adjustable length.

  • Height: 9in / 22cm
  • Width: 11in / 27cm
  • Depth: 4in / 10cm
  • Handle Drop: 5in / 12cm
  • Crossbody Drop min: 17in / 44cm
  • Crossbody Drop max: 21in / 53cm

The Mansur Gavriel Mini Lady Bag has dimensions of approximately 8 inches in width, 7 inches in height, and 3.5 inches in depth. It also features a 3-inch handle drop and a detachable shoulder strap with an adjustable length.

  • Height: 5.5in / 14cm
  • Width: 6.7in / 17cm
  • Depth: 2.8in / 7cm
  • Handle Drop: 2.6in / 6.5cm

You can see the differences in the two bags above. One is a small bag that can only carry essentials. I can fit a card case, my phone, a pair of glasses, keys, and some lipstick. The original Lady Bag fits much more. I prefer the mini lady bag when I’m going out to dinner and use the original when I’m out of the house for the day/ need to carry more than my wallet with me.

Both are gorgeous bags and fill two different functions in my wardrobe.

Where to buy Mansur Gavriel Lady Bags:

I ordered my first Lady Bag from Shopbop (and ended up returning it because it was missing a strap). I love ordering from Shopbop because they have great shipping and customer service. They also sell some of their collection on Amazon. I ordered my mini lady bag from Amazon (and it came in a Shopbop box). It looks like Shopbop doesn’t currently have any of their Mansur Gavriel bags in their Amazon storefront (but if you have a gift card, it might be worth checking).

My red lady bag I purchased second hand from TheRealReal, my favorite way to get designer bags at a discount.

Here is a great starting list for places to buy your lady bag:

  • Mansur Gavriel’s site: For the largest selection, this is your best bet. They also run sales for trendier bags or colorways (you won’t see a black lady bag on sale but you might be able to get the green one at 40% off on their site). It also looks like you get 15% off your first order if you sign up for emails!
  • Shopbop
  • The Real Real: A great starting place for authenticated, pre-owned handbags. I’ve ordered a handful of things over the last two years and have been impressed with the quality, prices, and customer service (I’ve run into a few issues and they’ve been quickly and easily resolved).
  • Nordstrom
  • Fashionfile: Another great spot for finding authenticated pre-owned luxury pieces. I haven’t personally shopped here yet but I’ve heard great things.

**just be sure you are paying attention to dimensions if buying from a third party because it isn’t always super clear if you’re ordering a full size lady bag or the mini version.

List of Iconic Mansur Gavriel Bags:

Mansur Gavriel has a few other iconic styles of bags as well as a few new silhouettes. If you’re set on a Mansur Gavriel piece, here are your options:

  • Bucket Bag – A signature bag from Mansur Gavriel, the Bucket Bag features a drawstring closure and a spacious interior. It has an adjustable shoulder strap that allows you to wear it over your shoulder or cross-body. They also have it write now in a woven texture that is GORGEOUS.
  • Mini Bucket Bag – The Mini Bucket Bag is a smaller version of the Bucket Bag. It has the same drawstring closure and adjustable shoulder strap, but it’s more compact.
  • Lady Bag – The Lady Bag is a structured top-handle bag with a flap closure. It’s available in different sizes and materials, including leather and suede (pictured in red here).
  • Mini Lady Bag – The Mini Lady Bag is a smaller version of the Lady Bag. It also features a structured design, top handle, and flap closure (pictured in the sand color here).
  • Tote Bag – The Tote Bag is a classic, spacious bag that’s perfect for everyday use. It has two shoulder straps and an open top, making it easy to access your belongings. I have been eying this on TRR for a classic tote to carry my laptop.
  • Folded Bag – The Folded Bag is a unique design that folds over to create a clutch-style bag. It has a magnetic closure and a shoulder strap that can be removed.
  • Moon Clutch – The Moon Clutch is a crescent-shaped clutch with a top zipper closure.
  • Cloud Clutch – The iconic Cloud Clutch is a cloud-shaped clutch with a top zipper closure. It’s available in different materials and colors and so elegant. I’d love to add as a gorgeous evening bag at some point. How beautiful is this pleated version?
  • Circle Bag – The Circle Bag is a circular bag with a top zipper closure. It has an adjustable shoulder strap and is available in different materials and colors.
  • The M-bag: A new release this year, this fun style is a mid-size has a silhouette that nods to typography and the brand itself. It also comes in a mini version.


The Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag is the perfect combination of style, functionality, and elegance. I’m obsessed. I’ve been carrying both bags for almost two years now and they’ve only gotten better.

Mansur Gavriel FAQ

Is Mansur Gavriel a luxury brand?

Yes, Mansur Gavriel is a luxury brand known for its high-quality leather goods.

Who is Mansur Gavriel?

Mansur Gavriel is a fashion brand founded by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel in 2012. The brand is based in New York City and specializes in minimalist, high-quality leather goods. They also have a line of ready-to-wear clothing.

Are Mansur Gavriel bags worth it?

The brand’s bags are known for their minimalist design, high-quality materials, and attention to detail, which can justify their relatively high price point. If you’re looking for a high quality designer bag, this is a fantastic option.

Are Mansur Gavriel shoes comfortable?

Mansur Gavriel shoes are known for their comfort due to their soft leather materials and cushioned insoles. I have a pair of their slingback pumps and LOVE them. They’re gorgeous and more comfortable than what I own from Jimmy Choo.

Does Mansur Gavriel have sales?

Mansur Gavriel occasionally holds sales on its website and through select retailers. Shopbop includes the more seasonal styles (not the large Lady Bags) in their semi-annual site wide sales.

How to authenticate Mansur Gavriel bag?

To authenticate a Mansur Gavriel bag, look for the brand’s logo and branding on the bag’s hardware and interior lining. The stitching and materials should also be of high quality.

How to clean Mansur Gavriel bag?

To clean a Mansur Gavriel bag, use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the leather. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials, as they can damage the leather.

How to pronounce Mansur Gavriel?

Mansur Gavriel is pronounced “man-sur gav-ree-el.”

Is Mansur Gavriel a good brand?

Mansur Gavriel is a high quality designer brand. You’ll find a lower price point than top tier designers such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton but you’ll still get high-quality leather goods with classic, timeless silhouettes.

Is Mansur Gavriel still popular in 2023?

Yes, Mansur Gavriel is still a popular brand in 2023, known for its timeless designs and high-quality leather goods. They recently launched the Lady Bag in bold new hues to as a nod to the colorful trends of 2023 while still retaining its classic silhouette.

Also, have you seen Taylor Swift carrying her Mansur Gavriel? If its good enough for Taylor, it is good enough for me.

Where is Mansur Gavriel made?

Mansur Gavriel bags and shoes are made in Italy, where the brand sources its high-quality leather and works with skilled artisans to craft each product.

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  1. Great review! I’m wondering: any issue with the regular size Lady bag hanging open while you carry it? I’ve seen it as a complaint in some reviews, and looking at your pics, the top flap doesn’t look as if it has a magnetic catch or anything to hold it down. Any issues?

    1. There is no magnetic closure but there is a underneath closure you can sure if you want it to stay closed – I usually don’t and haven’t noticed a problem with it but there is always that option!