Colored Organics Baby Clothes Review + Discount Code

Today we’re talking all about the baby brand Colored Organics in this review. This post is not sponsored and may contain affiliate links. You can always use the code ELISABETHMCKNIGHT15 for 15% off.

Colored Organics Review: Organic Baby + Kids Clothes

My babies wear pajamas 90% of the time for their first year of life so we have been on the hunt for some cute pajamas that almost look like we got dressed.

I started getting Instagram ads for “Colored Organics” and after I saw a darling friend’s daughter in one of their cute dresses this fall, I decided to place my first order.

So far I’ve ordered two sleepers, two tops, and a pair of leggings.

Here’s how they stack up.

First impressions: 

The prints are so cute! I was surprised by how the fabric didn’t seem super soft. To be fair, up to this point baby girl has mostly been wearing bamboo sleepers and nothing compares to bamboo when it comes to softness.

Colored Organics Company Info:

Colored Organics sells GOTS certified baby and kids clothes from newborn through 6T. They have a mix of sleep and play clothes and frequently launch new collections (often the same products in a new print or a new fabric). I love how in each collection you get coordinating colors for easy mixing + matching along with cozy layering.

Everything is certified organic so you’re getting clean, soft, high quality fabrics up against your baby’s skin. I’m only a few months into having my kids wear their pieces but I anticipate these being clothes that can get handed down from kid to kid (like our organic Hanna Andersson cotton items).

They offer free shipping to the US on orders over $25.


I find their pieces run true to size for infant and kid sizing. They are similar to staple baby brands (baby girl is wearing the same size in Colored Organics as she is in Carters).


Colored Organics is GOTS certified organic (I’m a newbie at organic clothing but from what I understand, any brand can say they’re “organic” but having a certification like GOTS is a good measure).

I have been impressed by how the fabric has held up to frequent wear and laundering. Each piece seems to have gotten a little bit softer without fading, pilling, or stretching out.

Where to Buy Colored Organics Products

You can purchase directly from Colored Organics’ website for the largest selection but you can also buy their baby clothes from a couple of different retailers (which might be useful if you have a gift card or are trying to add them to your baby registry):

Colored Organics Discount code:

You can use the code ELISABETHMCKNIGHT15 for 15% off!


Colored Organics is a solid, darling, organic choice for cute baby and kids clothes. I would recommend and I will be ordering again.

I love the options they have for coordinating and matching pieces between baby and sibling. There are a few good gender neutral option

P.S. If we were looking for outfits for family photos, I would 100% buy this dress for a little girl

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