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Shein Kids Swim Review [2024]

Today we’re talking all about Shein kid’s swimsuits in this unsponsored review (I bought these swimsuits myself and all opinions are my own).

Shein Kids Swimsuit Review: Girls and Boys

We have been ordering swim suits from Shein for the last two years and it is time to write the full review. I’ve ordered a handful of girls suits (3-4) and one boys swim suit.

Just like with about everything else, Shein has A MILLION darling swim options when you search for kids swim suits. They’re all under $20 with lots of them under $10, especially when you find a coupon. At that price they’re cheaper than Target. The real questions are,

  • “Will they hold up to playing in sand and chlorine all summer?”
  • “Will they be comfortable?”
  • “Will they run true to size?”

In this review I’ll be comparing them to kids suits we’ve had in the same time frame from:

Here’s how Shein kids swimsuits stack up:

First impressions of Shein Kids Swim: 

Each of the girls swimsuits I’ve ordered have been so cute right out of the bag. They don’t seem drastically different than something I’d order from Amazon or Target.

The pair of boy’s swim trunks, on the other hand, were quite dissapointing. They were thin and unlined.I was pretty convinced my picky 7 year old who cares a lot about comfort and is used to wearing nicer swimsuits, would never choose to wear these.

Shein Kids Swimsuit Fit: 

Shein Kids swimsuits fit true to size or a tiny bit big so go ahead and order your regular swim sizing.

Shein Kids Swimsuit Quality 

This is where I have been pleasantly surprised. I was expecting Shein kids swimsuits (especially ones I ordered for $7) to be a fun option for a few months one summer and then probably thrown away. I expected them to fade in the washing machine like the Target and Amazon suits do.

The color and vibrancy of these suits has stayed around through a full year of wearing and washing (in California my kids are swimming 9+ months out of the year). In that same time period the $25 Hope and Henry swimsuit from Amazon has faded from vibrant to pastel. The pink striped suit my daughter is wearing in these pictures is over a year old and has been washed and worn dozens of times.

I still generally will avoid buying boys swim trunks from Shein but my son has worn these without complaining 5-6 times and reports they are “pretty comfortable.” So, if you’re on a tight budget, these are not a bad option.

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Shein Kids Swim FAQ

Are Shein Kids swimsuits worth it?

If you’re looking for a cute swimsuit for your kids on a budget, these are great options!

Are Shein girls swimsuits good quality?

Shein kids swimsuits don’t compare to the quality of J.Crew but, in our experience, they last longer than suits 2-3x the price from Amazon or Target. They don’t fall apart and the ones we’ve had have lasted my kids over a year (by which time they’re growing out of suits anyway).

Are Shein boys swimsuits comfortable?

The one Shein boy’s swimsuit we ordered was unlined and I don’t plan on ordering another one. My son doesn’t complain and picks to wear it from time to time.

How long do Shein girls swimsuits last?

We’ve had one Shein suit for a year and a half (worn regularly for at least 12 months of that) and it is about time to retire. It has stretched out a bit and there is some popsicle stain I can’t seem to get out (which is my fault).

Depending on how often you swim, how hard your kids are on swimsuits, these might not be ones you pass down from kid to kid but they’ll last you a full summer or two of swimming.

Do Shein Kids swimsuits have UV protection?

No, as far as I can tell, there is no additional UV protection in Shein kids swimsuits.

Shein Kids Swimsuits Conclusion: 

We’re big fans of all the one piece girls swimsuits we’ve ordered from Shein over the years. They aren’t the same quality as a $50 swimsuit but they hold up just as well (or better in some cases) than $20+ swimsuits from Target and Amazon.

It is also worth noting that Shein kid’s swimsuits tend to sell out quickly and not be restocked. Both of these exact suits are sold out (but I just got the girls ruffle one piece in red and it seems to be the same style/ design).

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