Shein Kids Clothes: Review + Tips Before You Order [2024]

Today we’re talking all about Shein Kids. Have you ordered from Shein before? Keep reading to learn whether this fast fashion giant has kids clothes worth buying (short answer: probably). 


Shein Kids

What is Shein Kids? 

Shein Kids is the childrenswear segment of the fast fashion giant, Shein. Shein is a Honk Kong based international brand that launched back in 2008 under the name Sheinside. Since then it has grown rapidly around the world. It expanded into childrenswear in the last few years and offer thousands of options in baby, girls, and boys clothing. 

4 Years of Ordering From Shein Kids

I’ve been ordering pieces from Shein for myself since 2013 but didn’t realize they had a kids section until 2017. I’ve been ordering from Shein Kids off and on for the last four years and found a lot of gems! I have mostly used them for statement pieces and occasion wear (think pretty dresses, fun tops, accessories) but have also ordered swimwear, matching sets, and jackets. 

Here’s a picture of cute little Adelaide wearing one of her first tops from Shein back in the day. 

I love how they have such a wide assortment of items, free and easy US returns, and unbeatable prices. 

What Kind of Pieces can you find on Shein Kids? 

Shein is well known for overwhelming shoppers with thousands of options. You can buy everything from kids underwear to fancy dresses on Shein Kids. 

Here are some popular categories you can shop: 

Its worth noting that a lot of the sizing for the toddler clothes goes up to 120 which is a us size 6-7. You can usually get better pricing in the toddler section so if you’re looking for something in a size 7, start with the toddler section. 

Shein Kids Clothes Quality

As with most things, you get what you pay for with Shein. The quality is not going to be the same as something you pay $49 for when you get in on Shein Kids for $11. These are not the clothes your kids are going to play in the park in every day, all summerm for two years in a row and then hand down to a sibling or cousin. 

That said, there are a few tricks for finding great things on Shein Kids and you can find things that are a lot better quality than their price would suggest.

I also really love Shein for finding things that are unique and different. One year I bought my son a cute striped shirt from Target and over the next few months saw no fewer than 15 friends who had done the same thing. Does that really matter in the grand scheme of things? No. But, if you like having things that people haven’t seen 20 times in the aisles at Target, Shein is a great option. 

Tips for Finding Great Pieces on Shein Kids

1. Read The Reviews

On Shein Kids, reviews are your best friend. You can see what the patterns and colors looked like out of the package for other shoppers and compare them to the product images. 

I like to check if things are see through and how soft the material is. 

Reviews are also helpful for sizing information to see if things run true to size or not. 

2. Skip Lots of Hardware

The place where Shein’s lower quality really comes through is in the hardware (think buttons, straps, and zippers). If you’re deciding between a dress with smocking and one with buttons down the front, skip the buttons. 

Of course there are exceptions to this (and you can usually find out in the reviews how some of the hardware holds up). 

3. Pay Attention to Fabric Type

Consider what you want your child to wear this item of clothing for and the type of fabric you’re buying. I bought a romper for my daughter that was supposed to be for playing at the park and the cute fabric had no give which made it harder to run and play. The same fabric worked just fine for a blouse but the stretchy romper we picked was much better for climbing and running. 

4. Take Advantage of Returns

Shein Kids (and the whole Shein site) has a great return policy in the US. Take advantage of the free return shipping and order a couple items that might work and see which one fits the best after it arrives. 

5. Pick Pieces Where Fit is Less Important 

Shein is better for cozy sweaters and tees than it is for tailored pants. This holds true for Shein Kids as well. 

6. Think About Occasion Wear: 

If you’re anything like me, you get excited about events where the kids need something special to wear. I tend to look at more expensive sites than usual for something like a wedding, family pictures, or a big occasion. But, these are actually perfect opportunities to shop on Shein. You can find DARLING outfit options that will look really nice for your event at a fraction of the price. Instead of spending up on quality for something they’re only going to wear once or twice, save that for their everyday play clothes that need to hold up for frequent laundering. 

Shein Kids Clothes Reviews

Here are a few reviews of specific items we’ve ordered from Shein Kids over the years. They aren’t all still in stock but I’ll share what we liked and similar options. 

Shein Kids Boys clothing review

We ordered this matching set for my 2 year old and my 6 year old. The buttons are functional and the fabric is soft. Everything runs true to size. There was a stray string or two that I cut off before having the boys wear them. A great set for the under $10 price point. So far we’ve washed it a few times and it hasn’t faded yet. The shorts are stretchy and comfortable and the shirt, while pretty thin, is soft works well with just about every other pair of pants in their closets. 

This set is still in stock and on sale for $6 (down from $14) 

Shein kids girls clothing review

We LOVE this smocked blouse. I ordered up thinking she’ll grow into this throughout the school year and wish that I hadn’t. The color is vibrant and fun. The material is soft/silky. The shirt is unlined and needed a loose thread cut before my daughter wore it. Other than being too big, she said it was comfortable. 

This top is available in three colors and is under $10.  How pretty is the burgundy color? 

Shein Kids Accessories Review

I really like Shein for girls accessories like purses and jewelry. We got this little bow bag and Adelaide has been loving it for dress-ups. The bag is very cute. On close inspection you can tell it isn’t super high quality but she’s using it mostly for play and the occasional mom + daughter date so I’m thrilled not to have paid $20 for it. 

PU leather bow bag comes in three colors and is $5 (we got it for even less because we used a coupon code – Shein is almost always running 10% – 15% off orders above $29) . 

Shop All Kids Purses Here

Shein Kids Swimwear Review

We tried kids swimwear for the first time in 2021 and it didn’t disappoint. We ordered this striped swimsuit with the ruffle detail. Adelaide wore it 10-20 times throughout the summer here in California and we washed it many times. Unlike our suits from Target, it hasn’t faded. I’m very impressed with the quality for the under $10 price point. We’ll definitely be ordering more next year. 

Shop all girl’s one pieces here 

Shein Kids FAQ

How does Shein kids sizing work?

Shein Kids has one of two options for product sizing. They either list the product size by age (2Y, 3Y, 4Y, etec) or they offer centimeter sizing that looks something like 80, 90, 100, etc. Here is a good guide for converting your child’s regular US size into centimeters. 

US size 2 = 80
US size 3 = 90
US size 4 = 100
US size 5 = 110
US size 6-7 = 120
US size 8 = 130

Shein sizing used to run small but do not size up anymore. Things run true to size. Shein also has sizing info on their site and you can see actual measurements for each size if you want to be 100% sure. 

How Long Does it Take Shein to ship? 

Shein takes 1-3 days to process each order before your package ships. After the order is processed, shipping time is 6-8 business days for standard shipping and 2-4 business days for express shipping. 

How do Shein Returns Work?

Shein offers free returns in the US! 

45 days for return (package must be postmarked by the 45 day mark) 

Return shipping is free on the first return from any order (just use the shipping label they provide). You can return as many items as you want in this return, they just all need to be shipped together. 

if you want to make a second return for your order you can use your own shipping method or pay $7.99 for a shipping label from Shein (but really, just figure out which items you want to return after your package arrives and make one return) 


Any other questions? Leave them below! 

Have you tried Shein Kids before? What did you think? 

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  1. Got introduced to Shein this year by a neighbor of mine i haven’t orderd anything yet i would like to for my toddler she is big boned in South African size Mr Price she wears sizes 2-3 yrs and she hasn’t even turned 2 yet if its possible i would love for you to convert sizes from Shein to South African Size if its possible because iam really lost

  2. I ordered some stuff for my friends newborn baby and the packaging says keep away from heat and fire. I am confused because why would you sell clothing for a baby if it’s flammable.