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Are Shein Earrings Legit? Review + Best Pairs [2023]

Today we’re talking about ordering earrings from Shein in this review. Wondering if Shein earrings are any good? Keep reading for all the details. All opinions on Shein jewelry are my own. This post is not sponsored (I paid for my order) and may contain affiliate links.

Deciding to try Shein Jewelry

I have been ordering from Shein on and off over the last decade. I spent years avoiding their jewelry because it seemed like something THAT CHEAP couldn’t be very good.

Back in March (2023) I headed to a fun conference in Palm Springs and a new friend gifted me a cute pair of earrings. She confessed that the gift, along with all the earrings she’d been wearing that week were from Shein. Mind blown.

This is a working professional woman in her 40s. Who looked cute and put together all week.

I decided I would give Shein jewelry a shot.

Shein Earrings Review

When I hopped on the Shein site to pick a few pieces to try it was overwhelming. Shein has hundreds (thousands?) of earring listings on their site. The prices range from twelve cents to $138 with most of them being $2-$10.

I finally picked a few pieces that I really loved the pictures of, curious to see how they’d compare. I also have the few statement pairs from my friend at the conference I’ll be including tin this review.

I ordered things that were under $5.

Here’s how they stack up:

Shein Earrings I ordered

Initial impressions:

They look great right out of the package. They aren’t packaged beautifully or anything but most come clipped into a piece of white cardboard with a plastic covering. They have little back pieces to secure them on year ear. The earrings themselves don’t look cheap when you open them.

My one disclaimer here is that I am not pairing them with high-end jewelry. If I try and wear a pair of silver Shein earrings with my Tiffany silver necklace, you can tell the Shein pieces aren’t as high quality. But, if you aren’t trying to mix Shein pieces in with high-end pieces, you’ll be just fine.

If you’re going to gift them, I would figure out a better way to package them. These could be darling gifts for girlfriends or party favors if the packaging is dressed up a bit.

Quality of Shein Jewelry:

There is a huge range of prices and quality when it comes to Shein jewelry. Today I’m only speaking to the pieces that I ordered which all fall in the $2-$10 range.

The metal pieces were copper or zinc alloy which means I expect that eventually they’ll begin to tarnish or turn green where they come in direct contact with my skin. I have read about the trick of putting a coat of clear nail polish over any part of copper jewelry that comes into contact with your skin but haven’t tried it yet. This prevents the copper from coming into contact with any oils on the skin that cause a chemical reaction and turn green.

For most of the earrings on Shein’s site, you can look at material details to find out what the earrings are made out of. You can’t count on this information being available, though. For the pearl drop earrings I ordered the material is listed as “fabric.”

I have worn each of my pair of earrings a handful of times. The larger metal ones I ordered are not super comfortable but I really like the way they look. The metal on them has not tarnished at all in my week or so of almost full-time wear.

Shein Earring Sizing:

One thing that gets me often when ordering accessories from Shein and Temu is THE SIZE! Things are often much smaller than I anticipated. This happens when product images don’t have anything else in them for sizing reference.

I’ve gotten lots of hair bows and hair clips that are tiny. It also happened with a few pairs of earrings. The dimensions on the website are accurate so pay attention to those when you’re ordering your jewelry.

Tips for ordering/wearing Shein earrings:

  • Take good care of them: avoid showering, swimming, or lots of sweat on your earrings.
  • Avoid touching them: The oils from your hand can tarnish your jewelry over time so try not to fiddle with them while you’re wearing them. They’ll last longer. This applies to all jewelry and not just Shein pieces.
  • Consider non-metal pieces: The friend who introduced me to Shein earrings was always sporting colorful, fun, oversized pieces. They have a wide selection of raffia, beaded, and tassel earrings. These are not going to tarnish (because they aren’t metal).

Here are a few things I’ve been eying:

How fun are these Shein earrings? I usually stick with a simple pair of gold huggies but now I want to branch out a bit:


If there is a pair you love, go for it! Don’t expect these to last forever and definitely treat them with care. Don’t swim in them or shower in them. I would not order these to replace my tried and true gold earrings for daily wear. I would absolutely order a really fun pair for a big event or special date night.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Shein earrings.

Shein Earring Alternative: Hey June

If you have a few more dollars to put toward jewelry, I will always recommend Hey June jewelry over Shein. They have Nordstrom quality pieces at Target prices and I live in their earrings and necklaces. I wrote a full review on Hey June (and after shopping there for years they finally gave me a discount code so you can get 15% off). The gold huggiest (pictured on my sister above) are my most worn pair of earrings.

Shein Earrings FAQ

Do Shein earrings infect your ears?

Cheap earrings, particularly those made with low-quality materials or containing high amounts of nickel, can cause irritation, allergic reactions, or infections in some people, especially if they have sensitive skin or metal allergies. Nickel is a common allergen that is found in a lot of Shein earrings.

If you have a known allergy to certain metals or have experienced problems with earrings in the past, I would avoid ordering earrings from Shein. Go with something from Shop Hey June instead – you’ll love them!

Are Shein earrings good? Are Shein earrings bad?

I’ve had a positive experience with Shein earrings so far. I especially like the non-metal earrings. I found some of the metal pieces I ordered to be less comfortable than my other pairs of earrings and I expect them to tarnish quickly.

Are Shein earrings hypoallergenic? Are they nickel free?

No, Shein earrings are not hypoallergenic and you cannot count on them being nickel free. Not all of the pairs contain nickel but, if you have an allergy, it is impossible to get details on the type of metal (I wouldn’t trust what is listed).

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