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Shein Baby Review: Too good to be true?

Today we’re talking all about Shein Baby, a new category from the fast fashion retail giant, Shein. All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored (I paid for my order) and may contain affiliate links.

Shein Baby Review

Did you know that the fast fashion retail giant, Shein, also carries baby clothes now? This category is relatively new for them, launching sometime around 2020.

I’ve been ordering from Shein on and off over the last decade (I cringe looking at these very very old outfit photos when the brand was still “Sheinside”). The Shein Baby department wasn’t around (or wasn’t on my radar) the last time I had a baby so when little Rose joined us last summer, I knew I wanted to give it a shot.

I placed my first order when baby girl was about 5 months old and she’s been wearing these pieces over the last month and half.

Here’s how they stack up:

shein baby crotched bubble // colorblock sweater set // scalloped bubble // baby socks

The Shein Baby clothing pieces I order

Shein Baby Sizing: 

Shein baby sizing is not consistent.

Shein baby sizing reminds me a lot of Shein’s women sizing ten years ago. The sizing varies between products and it is a bit harder to know exactly what you’re going to get. My guess is their infant sizing will get more consistent in the next two years but, for now, it is a bit of a guessing game.

Shein’s baby category covers 0-3 years and certain products are offered in specific sizes. They have a smaller selection of newborn options and a wider selection of things for infants in sizes 6-9 months and up.

I recommend reading reviews to see how pieces run. You could also consider ordering two sizes and taking advantage of free US returns.

Quality of Shein Baby Clothes

The quality of Shein baby clothes is hit or miss. This is where reading the reviews and the product details makes a big difference. There are some items that are fantastic deals (think baby boutique quality at a quarter of the price). There are other things that aren’t going to be very soft or hold up well to frequent washing.

Concerns about chemicals in Shein baby clothes:

There has been some hype lately about harmful chemicals on Shein clothes. This is based on a report from Greenpeace Germany. The campaign group analyzed 47 Shein products and found that 15 percent contained ‘hazardous chemicals’ (at levels that breach EU regulatory limits). Of the items that had high chemical levels, one was a baby dress.

For baby clothes, best practice is to wash clothing before putting it on baby. I don’t always do this but with Shein baby items, I wash before wear.

Best things to order from Shein Baby :

What not to buy:

  • pajamas: I haven’t actually ordered Shein baby pajamas but the items my baby spends the most time in are the ones I typically order in a higher quality.
  • base layers (onesies)

Here are a few things I’ve been eying:


This is a true treasure hunting opportunity. You can find some great things on Shein baby at fantastic prices. I was pleasantly surprised by most of my order and I’ll likely order a small number of things when the weather turns warm.

If you can afford spending up, there are a few baby brands I recommend over Shein. You’ll get more consistent quality and sizing.

Mini Shein Baby Reviews

Here are a few mini reviews of specific Shein baby items I received.

Shein Baby Crotchet Knit Bubble

This knit set was my least favorite of the things I ordered from Shein Baby. First of all, it runs very big. She was swimming in this one (in contrast to the other little bubble that I ordered in the same size and fit perfectly).

The material is more of a crotchet and it isn’t super soft. It seems like it will pull easily. It would be very pretty for a baby blessing, baptism, or photoshoot if you need a simple white one piece.

The crotchet details are pretty and I’ll report back more on quality when she finally grows into this.

Shein Colorblock Knit Sweater Set

I was very impressed with this little colorblock sweater set from Shein Baby. The pink color is sold out as of now (cross your fingers for a restock) but they have it in a few other colors.

The material is thick and incredibly soft. It runs a little big. I ordered the 9-12 months and she’s swimming in the pants but the cuff works just fine. She wears them together and we use the top with leggings regularly, too.

There are functional snaps at the top that make getting it on and off easier (makes the neck hole wider). The snaps are not super high quality but they work. This would be a darling baby gift.

Shein Baby Scalloped Knit Baby Bubble

This piece is a gem from Shein. It is incredibly soft, the details are on point, and it runs true to size.

We have worn and washed this one 4-5 times so far and it has held up very well. It comes in two colors and I will be ordering the next size up for sure.

At $10 this is something I’d expect from a small baby boutique at 3x or 4x the price.

P.S. We also really like this knee high sock set she wears with them I got on Shein for about $5 for the set. It looks like they’re made by a third party retailer and are carried by Shein.

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