5 Best Pairs of Maternity Underwear

Today we’re talking all about the best pairs of maternity underwear that feel great on the growing bump. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links.

Let’s get right into it. Finding clothing that looks great during pregnancy is one thing but finding pieces that feel great against your growing and stretching skin? Another entirely.

Today we’re talking all about the best pregnancy underwear. Finding a great base layer to start with can make the rest of any maternity outfit feel better.

Types of maternity underwear:

There are two different cuts of maternity underwear when considering the front part that will be accommodating a growing bump.

Under the bump

This maternity underwear sits under your belly. You can find pieces that are cut straight across the front and stretch to accommodate your growing bump. They also have under-the-bump underwear that has a crossover cut in the front (a v shape) that is designed specifically for your growing bump. Of the two different under-the-bump options, I recommend looking for pieces with the crossover cut/v shape because they tend to be more comfortable, dig into your growing skin less, and fit a bit better.

Over the bump

This type of maternity underwear acts similarly to the panel of maternity jeans and goes all the way over your belly.

Which style of maternity underwear is better?

This is going to come down to personal preference, your stage of pregnancy, and the type of maternity clothes you wear. Here are a few things to consider:

  • If you hate anything tight on your bump, go for the under-the-bump maternity underwear.
  • If you are wearing looser maternity clothes and want some compression or something soft against your bump, choose the over-the-bump maternity underwear.
  • If you’re wearing full panel maternity pants, consider under-the-bump underwear. If you have an over the bump underwear, a maternity pants panel, and then a shirt (maybe a tank and then a shirt!) you are getting lots of layers which can be a little much.
  • You can also take into account the season. In winter, over-the-bump underwear bothers me less. Aside from working out, I wore over-the-bump underwear for all of my first two pregnancies. My second two babies, however, had August due dates and come mid-July, I couldn’t handle that much fabric tight on my stomach.

Best pairs of maternity underwear

I have tried a million different pairs of maternity underwear of the last 4 pregnancies and read countless reviews. Here are the very best pairs.

Best budget maternity underwear: Shein Silky Set

This was a HUGE win from Shein during my last pregnancy. When it comes to maternity clothes, fabric is even more important to me because my skin is usually more sensitive. I had low expectations for this set but was VERY pleasantly surprised. These are silky and incredibly comfortable. They don’t have any compression and work well under pants with a full maternity panel.

They come in a set of five in a variety of neutral colors, have full coverage, and you should 100% add them to your cart. These are a great option and better than sets 5x their price.

Best over the belly (budget friendly)

Target doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their updated undergarments section. Have you felt anything from their Auden line before? This line went viral back in 2022 as a SKIMS dupe and their maternity pieces are equally fantastic. The jersey lining is going to feel great on your bump and help with no visible panty lines.

The only downside is the limited color options (comes in a three pack of assorted colors).

Best maternity compression underwear: Blanqi

Blanqi excels at crafting pieces from fabric that feels fantastic on your growing bump. These are comfortable, supportive, and stretchy. They sell out in between restocks so if you see your size in stock, snag it.

While these aren’t sold as a specific compression garment, they offer a light level of compression (which is all that is recommended during pregnancy) and I love these under dresses or any bottoms without a full maternity panel.

Best under-the-belly

Kindred Bravely makes my all time favorite fabric to have against my skin while pregnant and post partum (the closest contender is the cooling compression fabric from Blanqi). Their bamboo lounge material is SO soft and comfortable. These under-the-belly bamboo maternity underwear are the ultimate under-the-belly intimates. If you buy one set, let it be these.

P.S. Use ElisabethM15 for 15% off at Kindred Bravely

Best splurge: Hatch Cotton Underwear

Hatch is always a safe bet for a maternity splurge (dresses, tops, belly oil, hospital sets) and this includes their underwear. Made of a pima cotton and spandex blend these are soft, stretchy, and oh-so-comfortable. If they’re in the budget at $28 a pair, you won’t be disappointed. Take advantage of Amazon’s free shipping and order them here.

Bonus: Best post-partum underwear

These are the most luxurious pair of post partum underwear that exists. This is what you’ll want to live in for the first few days after the hospital. The fabric is a thick, high quality, super soft material. There are also TWO different places for ice packs or heat pads (that come with the underwear.

By two or three weeks post partum I didn’t feel like I needed all of that high rise material anymore.

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