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5 Best Places to buy Used Maternity Clothes

Today we’re talking all about the best places to buy used maternity clothes. Looking to find pre-owned maternity clothes to wear this pregnancy? Keep reading.

used maternity clothes

Pregnancy is an exciting and exhausting time …. and finding clothes you love can be a challenge!

Have you considered an online consignment store for your maternity wear? Whether you’re looking to save money or help the environment, shopping consignment stores for maternity can be a great option for finding quality maternity clothing secondhand.

Why shop secondhand stores for maternity:

  • Saves money
  • Good for the environment
  • People wear maternity clothes for such a short period of time that the items are often in excellent condition. You can usually find great deals on like-new pieces (kind of like anything in a newborn size)
  • wider variety of styles

5 Best places for Used Maternity Clothes

Through four pregnancies and LOTS of maternity clothes shopping, here are the 5 best places for buying used maternity pieces:

Top Pick: ThredUP

ThredUP is an online thrift store that sells gently used women’s and children’s clothing. They have a very large maternity section and you can easily filter by size, color, style, and condition.

I have found some of my favorite maternity pieces on ThredUP from brands like Hatch Maternity, GAP, and Seraphine.

Tips for shopping on ThreduP;

  • stick with brands that don’t go on sale super often: thredup bases its prices on the original sale price. 50% off a brand like Hatch is going to be a great deal but 50% off old navy maternity items are going to be about the same price you can buy them new on OldNavy.com
  • check out maternity jeans: ThredUP is a great place to score higher end maternity jeans
  • look for occasion dresses: Some people wear their baby shoer dress just one time and then don’t have a use for it anymore. Don’t miss ThredUps selection of used maternity dresses.
  • Click here for $10 off your first order
Shop Maternity on ThredUP

Top luxury pick: TheRealReal

TheRealReal is a luxury goods site that sells authenticated pieces from handbags and shoes to clothing and accessories. They have a limited selection of higher end maternity pieces.

Tips for shopping on TheRealReal:

  • Things are discounted based on how long they’ve been on the site. Once you’ve created an account you can “heart” your favorite items to keep track of them. If something is too expensive for you right now, there’s a chance no one will buy it and in a few weeks it will be even cheaper.
  • Create saved searches if you’re looking for something in particular.
  • There is a $12.95 flat shipping cost so if you’re going to buy multiple things, order them all at once.

Motherhood Closet

The popular maternity giant, Motherhood Maternity, recently launched a resale portion of their site called “Motherhood Closet.” They carry far more than their own maternity clothes in this consignment section. They also have a rental option.


Not specifically a maternity store, this resell website and app allows you to purchase items directly from the original owner. This means you can negotiate pricing and it also means you can’t always count on people to follow through and ship the item (don’t worry, you don’t pay if you don’t receive your item). If you find something you love, be sure to see if the seller has any other items you’d like and they might offer a bundle discount.

Best deal: Mommy’s Trading Post

This used baby gear and baby clothes site also has a section for used maternity clothes. Their prices are the best of all five but their pictures are the worst. It will be a bit like treasure hunting but you can find some great deals!

You can also rent used maternity options and bump friendly styles from the following places:

A few tips for shopping maternity consignment:

  • Look for good quality brands to find pieces that likely have lots of life left in them. Some of my favorites are Isabella Oliver, Ingrid & Isabel, and Hatch Maternity.
  • Check out children’s thrift stores and consignment shops like “Once Upon a Child” if you’re hoping to shop in person. In addition to children’s clothes and baby equipment, most of these stores will have a rack of maternity clothes for sale as well.
  • Don’t rule out Facebook Marketplace! You can find a lot of things on facebook marketplace or in local facebook groups. Look for bundles where you can get a whole bin or bag of pieces for one low price. Don’t see anything for sale? Ask in a local moms group and see if anyone is looking to sell their maternity clothes!

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