Blanqi Maternity Jeans Review

Today I’m talking all about Blanqi Maternity Jeans in this full review of the most comfortable pregnancy pants on the planet. All opinions are my own and this post contains affiliate links.

Maternity Review: Blanqi Maternity Jeans

I have been pregnant four times. I have purchased / been given / tried over a dozen brands of maternity jeans.

I have worn $12 jeans thrifted from thredUP. I have tried $200+ maternity jeans.

I take my maternity jeans very seriously 😉

These ones are, hands down, my favorite. I’ll tell you why.

First impressions: 

These caught my eye in an instagram ad and I couldn’t stop thinking about them.

I have a pair of Ingrid & Isabel boyfriend jeans (that they don’t make anymore) that I LOVED last pregnancy because I get to a point where I am tired of skin-tight anything. I had been looking for maternity denim options that weren’t skinny jeans this time around and was excited about this trend of straight legged jeans.

I loved the straight leg crop style of these and the light wash is great for these last months of spring/summer pregnancy.

Right out of the bag I noticed how soft and thick these pants were (and that the full belly maternity panel is a light color instead of the navy it is on most of my other pants).


I missed the memo on the website that these run large so I ordered my larger pregnancy size in jeans (which is 2 sizes up from my non-pregnancy size). Pants this size tend to fit the second half of pregnancy for me (I gain 40 – 50 pounds each pregnancy so I do not stay in the same size maternity clothes throughout pregnancy). They are a little big. I wish I would have gone down one size (and very well may order these same jeans in a darker wash and one size down if they’re ever restocked.

The fit is forgiving, though, and I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly in two months (and I’ll wear them 2-3 times a week between now and then anyway).

Quality + Comfort

I should not be surprised that a brand known for its support leggings would make the most comfortable maternity denim. But somehow I am still AMAZED at how comfortable these are. The jean material is thick and substantial (not a jegging material) and still buttery soft and stretchy. I actually prefer them to leggings most off the time because they’re just as comfortable without being tight on my legs.

The full belly panel is a light nude/ off white color and made of the same soft stretchy, supportive material as their leggings and bike shorts.

What I love:

  • A FULL PANEL AND FRONT BUTTON: Why don’t more maternity jeans look like this? I love how with side panel maternity pants you still get a front button which gives you the ability to do a little front tuck if you want to. That said, I prefer a full belly panel for comfort and support as I get into my second trimester. With these you get the best of both. The belly panel starts an inch or so below the front button on the inside of the pant so there is a space to tuck in your shirt a little bit if you’d like. I think this will also be so helpful post partum because you can wear maternity jeans that don’t look like maternity jeans (but they also sell post partum jeans with a smaller belly panel that look fantastic).
  • Comfort: These cannot be beat for comfort when it comes to maternity jeans
  • Style: The straight crop (which are really just straight leg ankle jeans on me at 5’4″) is in right now and a great balance to more fitted maternity tops. When not pregnant I like to find some balance in an outfit with something being fitted and something being more boxy or flowy (skinny jeans with chunky sweaters or boxy tees, looser pants with fitted bodysuits – you get the idea).

What you might not love:

  • These are not your supportive / make your legs look fabulous jeans. Jeans with less stretch will hold you in and flatter more (I have a thick pair of James Jeans dark maternity skinny jeans that are very flattering in a way these aren’t). That said, your legs are already fabulous and when I am looking for a great pair of maternity denim I care a lot more about style and comfort than “looking smaller.” This is a plus for me on these jeans.
  • Sizing is generous. Size down.


If they have your size and its in the budget, go buy these maternity jeans right now. If you need a different style of maternity jean (something a little more formal for the office?), Blanqi has a few other cuts + colors of maternity denim and, my guess is, they’re all just as awesome as these ones.

While you’re at it, I also have and love their leggings, bike shorts, and compression slip dress for under all my maternity dresses and they’re all fantastic.

Outfit details:

  • Sweater/ coatigan: Chicwish (SO cozy + thick – perfect for windy spring evenings at the beach – it sold out in this camel color but there are a few left in cream here and black here )
  • Top (maternity): Loyal Hanna (a bit sheer and best for nursing or second trimester maternity but won’t fit over my third trimester bump in a few months – a beautiful neutral staple)
  • Sunglasses: Karen Walker (pricey but great quality and on sale)


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