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Unpaid Shein Maternity Review

Today we’re talking all about Shein maternity in this unpaid review. Are Shein maternity clothes worth it? Too good to be true? Keep reading for all the details. This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

Prengnat woman standing in her living room wearing a shein maternity ribbed lounge set.

Shein Maternity Review

When it comes to maternity clothes, you’re probably hoping to find some cute comfortable things you can wear for the next six months without breaking the bank.

Maybe you’ve shopped on Shein before and are wondering specifically about their maternity section.

Maybe you started getting Shein Maternity ads once you google maternity clothes once.

Lets talk all things Shein maternity.

My experience shopping from Shein Maternity

I’ve been ordering things occasionally from Shein, on and off, for the last 8 years (back when they were still called Sheinside). It is always hit or miss. Overall, over the last decade, the prices and quality have gone up (or at least gotten more consistent). It is the same with their maternity pieces.

Some of the things I’ve ordered I have LOVED. They are things I would easily pay 3-4x the price for and staples in my maternity wardrobe. But, there are also things (like this pair of biker shorts) that were a total waste of $5. I will only wear them to snap a picture for this review and maybe to bed/ around the house (mayyyyybe).

I’m going to start with talking through sizing and quality then let you know which pieces and fabrics to stick to and which to avoid, and then share mini-reviews of most of the maternity items I’ve ordered this year.

If you have any additional Shein Matenity questions, you can leave them in the comments section or shoot me an email and I’ll add a FAQ to the end of this post.

I think every pregnant woman should have some comfortable and flattering maternity outfits that make them feel beautiful during this special stage. If you know how to shop and are on a tight budget, Shein maternity can be a great option.

What I ordered from Shein:

These orders were placed over a few months. Some pieces were part of flash sales (read all about how Shein flash sales work) and were heavily discounted.

Shein adds thousands of new products each day and often doesn’t restock once things are sold out. A lot of these specific maternity pieces are no longer available. If you see something you like, order it asap.

  • Biker shorts ($7)
  • 3/4 zip up sweatshirt ($9.75)
  • Peter pan collar blouse ($7.00)
  • Waffle knit long sleeve top ($5.00)
  • Blue floral midi dress ($19)
  • matching ribbed set ($12.92)
  • Black vneck tee shirt ($7.49)
  • Maternity one piece swim suit ($8.00)

Fit + Sizing: 

Shein sizing has gotten more consistent over the years but the best thing you can do to find your accurate size is to read the reviews.

I ordered my regular pre-pregnancy size in most of these and they were roomy for the second trimester. Now into my third trimester, I need things one size up (which is standard for me across most maternity brands).

You should be fine to order your regular maternity size in Shein Maternity. Some items run a little bit big so if you’re inbetween sizes, size down (and read the reviews!).

Getting a great fit in some maternity clothes is tricky. Usually when shopping Shein before I was pregnant, I avoided things were fit is really important. I stuck with things like flowy dresses, cardigans, and oversized sweaters.

In my maternity orders, I mostly stuck to things where fit was less important as well. For a few of the pieces they appear to be regular clothing pieces at just a larger size. Shein will do this with bump friendly pieces; they’ll create two listings for one product and market one as a maternity piece and one as a regular piece.


Shein Maternity quality is hit or miss. Some items are comparable to Target/Walmart/ Old Navy. Some things would not make that cut.

When it comes to quality on Shein, I try to stay away from things with lots of hardware (like lots of buttons or zippers). I also pay attention to the fabric the garment is made out of. Polyester isn’t going to feel as nice against your skin (and will wrinkle very easily). I like to order cotton or cotton blends for things that will be touching my skin. For flowy maternity dresses and tops, I don’t mind a cheaper polyester blend because I am wearing a maternity compression slip underneath them 90% of the time (this Blanqi maternity compression slip is my favorite).

Again, read the reviews and be okay with sending things back that you don’t love. Shein offers free returns for US shoppers.

Best Things to Order From Shein Maternity:

What to Avoid:

  • Anything with a waffle knit fabric: Of all my Shein orders over the last year, this fabric is the most likely to pull and doesn’t hold up well to regular wear and washing). It is always temping because it looks so cute but avoid this one.
  • Biker shorts (see my mini review below)
  • Maternity jeans: I haven’t actually ordered maternity jeans from Shein before BUT I’ve read through the reviews. I also think that a really great pair of maternity jeans is a staple and something worth spending a little bit more on (same goes for one good basic pair of black maternity leggings). For maternity jeans you’re better off shopping the Ingrid & Isabel line at Target or spending up to get a pair of Blanqi maternity jeans (my very favorite).
  • Maternity leggings: For the same reason as above (and because I had such a negative experience with the bike shorts), spend a tiny bit more and get a higher quality pair.
  • A staple you want to wear 3-4 days a week for our whole pregnancy: Spend up on your maternity workhorses (a pair of jeans, black leggings, a stretchy black dress, a great basic maternity tee/ tank) and then mix and match these with pieces from Shein.

Shein Maternity Flash Sales

Shein is continuously running flash sales. These sales usually run for 24 hours and are capped at a specific number of items per product (so there are only 100 of the shirt on sale, for example). Shein flash sale items are not eligible for returns. Only specific colorways are usually included in the flash sale.

Shein flash sales can be great ways to score some pieces at deeper discounts. That is how I got my ribbed maternity set for under $13. The maternity pieces are in a category with baby items so just be sure to filter for “Mom and Baby.”


Definitely don’t rule out Shein maternity. Whether you’re trying to build out your maternity wardrobe on a tight budget, save your money for things you can wear for longer than 6 months, or need a great dress for a photoshoot, Shein is a great option.

Mini Shein Maternity Reviews

Here are a few mini reviews of specific Shein maternity items I’ve ordered and worn.

Shein Maternity Biker Shorts Review

Dislike these A LOT. I kept them just to be able to see if they got better. They’re thin, not completely opaque, and not the nicest material.

I reach for any other maternity bike shorts over these (blanqi are my favorite and fabletics are a great budget friendly choice).

Shein Maternity Blue Floral Dress Review

This dress is 100% polyester and I wear it with this Blanqi slip. It is such a pretty color and pattern and looks great on.

Read the full review here

Shein Maternity 3/4 Zip Sweatshirt Review

I ordered this 3/4 Zip as my first foray into Shein Maternity pieces and have worn in twice a week since it arrived.

This one is sold out but my sister has this non-maternity one from Shein and it would work for the first (and maybe second) trimester as well as post-partum.

Shein Maternity Matching Ribbed Set Review

This is one of my favorite maternity purchases of my whole pregnancy. It is comfortable, cute, and versatile. I would easily pay 3x what I paid for this on Shein for this set. I’ve worn and washed it at least a dozen times. I wear the pieces separately and together. A true gem of a find.

Full review here

Shein Maternity Tee Review

This is a basic black maternity v neck. It is not see through. I have no complaints and wear it regularly. It isn’t super soft but not itchy.

Shein Maternity Swim Review

How cute is this suit? It is a great budget friendly maternity swim option (can’t beat a swimsuit for under $10!).

Read the full review here

A few Shein Maternity Faves


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