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Mini Shein Review: Maternity Swimsuit

Mini Shein Maternity Swim Review: Green Ruffle Maternity One Piece

I can’t find any of my maternity swimsuits from pregnancies past (a few moves in-between will do that to you) and the last few pool trips my non-maternity swim has been so uncomfortable so I snagged this maternity swimsuit on a whim from Shein.

Swim is something I generally would rather spend up on for quality and fit but after such a positive experience with some of my Shein swimsuits last summer, and given how much time we spend at the pool all year round in California, I thought it was worth trying out Shein Maternity Swim.

First impressions: 

I really liked it right out of the package. I love the color and the ruffle detail. The fabric was similar to some of the better Shein swimsuits I ordered last summer and is fully lined.


This swimsuit runs true to size but I ordered a size up from what I am right now so that it will fit through more of my pregnancy. As a result I didn’t love the fit when I put it on. It is a little loose, especially in the bum which, combined with the less coverage, is not my favorite.

Pre-pregnancy I am a true XS and I usually gain 40+ pounds each pregnancy and go up a pregnancy size or two by my third trimester. I ordered a medium and right now a small would fit much better. It still works though and I’ve worn it to the pool twice in the last two weeks.

It fits well through the bust and belly my one complaint is that it has a little less bum coverage than I was expecting (I should have paid more attention to pictures). It is not cheeky but a little more so than I am interested in by the time I’m 6 months along.


For the $6 I paid, you can’t beat the quality of this suit. I’ve only worn this twice and washed it once (I often hand wash my swim but didn’t with this one and it was fine).

The material isn’t super thick or slimming. It doesn’t do you any favors like a really good supportive swimsuit could, but you are also not spending $100.

This is lower quality than you’d find at Target but something I’ll wear for the rest of my pregnancy (or as long as it fits). With maternity swim it isn’t always easy to find styles you love at a variety of price points. If you aren’t looking to spend $60 on a maternity swimsuit you’ll only wear a handful of times, this is a great option! If you’re feeling self-conscious in your pregnant body and you want a supportive suit to feel great in on your babymoon (and are okay spending a bit more), skip this one. In general, you get what you pay for (although in this instance I’d say this is more of a $25 suit than a $10 suit).


This is a cute very budget friendly maternity swim option. I like it. I kept it. I’ll keep wearing it.

That said, I am still waiting for H&M to bring back this very similar maternity suit that is my all-time favorite maternity swim (and only $35). I just ordered the one maternity suit they have on their site right now and have high hopes.

*Sunnies available here (an investment but I plan on having these years longer than this maternity suit)










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