Shein Phone Case Review

Today we’re talking all about Shein phone cases. I’m reviewing the ones I ordered and giving you all the details to know before you order.

Shein Phone Case Review

I’ve been ordering from Shein for over 8 years but they keep adding new categories all the time. One new-to-me item from their site are tech cases.

Their phone cases range from $1 – $5, with most being between $1-$2. I ordered a handful to see how they held up.

My questions before ordering Shein Phone Cases:

  • Is it safe to put my $1000+ iphone in a $1.50 case?
  • Would it hold up as well as the $30 amazon case I was currently using?
  • Would the phone cases from Shein look like the pictures?

Here’s what I ordered:

I ordered all of these cases for my current iphone, the 12 pro. They have phone cases for over 10 different sizes of phones. From what I can tell, the price for each case does not vary between phone sizes.

First Impressions of the phone cases from Shein:

The phone cases are cute! They are just as I expected given the product image and I was pretty happily surprised by the quality.

Right out of the bag, they appear to be a little thinner than the $30 case I bought from Amazon last year but not significantly. Each case comes in a thick clear zip-lock bag package.

My one complaint about some of the cases is the volume buttons are hard to use on the side of the phone through the case.

Spoiler: Overall, I’d say these are 100% worth the $1.50 and I won’t spend $30 on a phone case from Amazon again.

The Shein Phone Cases I ordered:

Rainbow Striped Phone Case

This one is very cute. I like that the protective covering comes up over the sides a little bit so it protects the front edges/corners of your phone. It isn’t super tight (it isn’t too big but it is very easy to put on) and I think that is what makes the volume buttons a little bit harder to navigate. They still work, just not quite as seamlessly under this case. It wouldn’t be enough to deter me from using the case if I had it but if I was choosing between this and another Shein case, I’d go with another one.

It does have a convenient pocket on the back for cards/ ID but this pocket opens right up to the back of the phone (so your card is stilling on the back of your phone not against another layer of case). Basically there is a slit in the back of the case for a card. I don’t love that this means my phone is more exposed (dirt getting in, if liquid happens to spill it is easier to get in, etc). I do like that the camera cover is not a separate piece but just part of the same silicone.

Striped Phone Case:

This is more of a hardshell case with a textured back. I really like the look of this case. The fit of this one is the most similar to my Amazon case but the side buttons are HARD to use. It seems to get better the more you use it but I have to use almost twice as much pressure with my fingers to change the volume. This one seems the most protective/ supportive but I wouldn’t order it just because of how hard the buttons are to use (the right side button seems fine and the volume buttons work through the case but just not as well).

There are a lot of very cute color options for this one, though!

Flower Hand Strap Phone Case

This one looked so fun on the website so I added it to my order. It looks just as cute in person as it does online but I’m not entirely sure what the point of the handstrap is. It is a little too loose to make the phone feel more secure. The strap is easily unclipped from either side so you could clip it into your purse or something?

It is very cute and, using the handstrap, you are a little less likely to drop your phone. The back doesn’t have any additional camera protection (just a big hold where the cameras are) . It fits well. The side buttons get dramatically better after a few minutes of use. If it is your style and the floral strap is speaking to you, go for it.

Anti-Drop Faux Leather Phone Case:

This one is definitely my favorite. The faux leather quilted look is chic without being flashy. The buttons are easy enough to use with the case and I’ve dropped my phone a time or two in it over the last few weeks and it is just fine. Plus, it matches this belt-bag I wear all of the time so perfectly. It comes in a million different colors, too. Love it, especially for $1.50.

I would prefer one where the plastic piece that goes over the camera was the same color as the rest of the case (they offer it, just not in the colorway I ordered).

Shein Phone Case FAQ

Would I order Shein Phone Cases Again?

Yes! Luckily, I now have 4 cases for under $10 and don’t need any new phone cases but yes, in the future I would totally buy a phone case from Shein again. I’ll continue using the faux leather quilted one as my day-to-day case.

Are Shein phone cases protective?

These are not otterbox cases but they’re just as protective as the $30 case I ordered from Amazon and don’t seem significantly different than Kate Spade cases I’ve had in the past.

What is the Shein phone case scandal?

When looking into buying a Shein phone case (I googled some other reviews before I placed my order, per usual), I came across a bit of info about the Shein phone case scandal.

In May of 2021 Buzzfeed reported that Shein apologized and removed a phone case from its website that depicted a design of a handcuffed Black person being outlined in chalk. The phone case was initially called Shein out in screen shots of the phone case on twitter by Jayunna Williams, a 21-year-old from Oklahoma, calling it “disturbing.”

Shein made a public apology and explained the artwork was “created in reaction to the 2014 murder of Michael Brown” to “show support for the [Black Lives Matter movement]. They acknowledged they did not get permission from the artist, a frenchman, Jean Jullien who posted the image on instagram in response to the police shooting of Micahel Brown, a Black 18-year-old, in 2014. Jullien asked Shein to donate all proceeds any profits from the phone case to the BLM movement.

Have you ordered Shein phone cases before? What did you think? Find any other great ones?

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  1. I am about to order a phone case from Shein, seeing this warning and stopped. For all of their phone cases I added to my shopping cart, it shows the warning: This Product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to