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Mini Maternity Review: Grey Shein Quarter Zip

Mini Shein Maternity Review: Grey Quarter Zip

I was pleasantly surprised by this pink waffle quarter-zip I ordered from Shein last fall and have been wearing it on repeat. It is a little short with my bump so when I saw that Shein had a maternity version, I snagged it, too.

Here’s how it stacks up:

First impressions: 

I really liked it right out of the package. I light grey is really good and the material is soft. It is a bit thinner than I might guess for a sweatshirt.


I ordered a size S in maternity (my tts at this point and one size up from my regular pre-pregnancy size) and it has plenty of room for a growing bump. I’d say it runs a little big so you get the oversized comfy fit at the beginning and it should fit through your whole pregnancy.


This is a soft thin quarter-zip and I’m happy with the quality for the price. I have a similar non-maternity one from Shein that I’ve been wearing regularly for months. I bought it at the same time I snagged a quarter-zip from Everlane (at 10x the price) and yes, the Everlane piece is definitely higher quality …but also not ten times so.

I’ve worn this grey one a handful of times and think it’ll work really well post partum, too. I’ve been wearing it with the smallest of bumps since about 12 weeks when I didn’t need maternity clothes but wanted things loose and comfortable.


A solid, budget-friendly, minimalist maternity find. Perfect for transitioning into spring and those cooler summer nights.

The light grey color has already sold out (sad!) but they have stocked four additional colors and they’re marked down to SEVEN DOLLARS RIGHT NOW.


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