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Mini Shein Review: Puff Sleeve Blouse

Today I’m sharing another Mini Shein Review with a perfect little blouse for the office. You can find my full review of shopping on Shein (with tips) here. 

Mini Shein Review: The $10 Puff Sleeve Blouse

I’ve been on a neutral kick and looking for a few things to wear to some conferences I had/have this spring. I was looking for something cute but classic enough I would be able to wear it season after season. I don’t wear shirts this dressy that often and have had great luck with Shein blouses in the past. I was specifically looking for something that would work with jeans and dress pants but would also work under a blazer.

This blouse caught my eye while scrolling through Shein and, like most thing son the site, seemed too good to be true. I loved the puff sleeve detail and the versatile black + white colorway and at $10, I decided to see if it would work.

Side note: Did you know you can heart styles on the app or while logged into your account on your browser? It makes finding things you like easier when you go to make a purchase and I’m convinced hearting a few styles you love helps them give you better suggested items …. which is quite helpful when a brand has 10,000 new items a day.

First impressions: 

What I love: The sleeve detail is just as cute as I expected!

What I don’t love: Right out of the bag it was a bit creased (as to be expected) and the fabric had some static.


This top is 97% polyester and 3% spandex (per Shein’s website). The fabric doesn’t actually have any stretch to it (despite the spandex) but it is soft/silky feeling. I am overall quite pleased with the material. If I steam if before I wear it, it looks great (and much more expensive than the $10 I paid for it).

The other win is that the sleeves hold their puff/style really well. I packed this for a conference in Palm Springs last month (where we snapped these photos) and the sleeves looked like this after being smashed in a suitcase all day.

There are no visible buttons/ hardware which is usually where I find Shein’s items tend to look cheap.


This runs true to size. I am usually an XS and this only comes in S, M, L, and XL. I ordered a small and it works but could be a bit smaller.

Styling Ideas

  • With straight leg jeans and heels
  • With dress pants
  • With a pencil skirt
  • Under a blazer (love it under this white one!)




I’m a big fan. If you need a blouse for the office or just for a dressier event, this one is great. It comes in a few different colorways but the classic black is my favorite. The bright green is also a fun one for spring and summer!

outfit details: 

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