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Mini Shein Kids Review: Ribbed Henley Lounge Set

Today I’m sharing another mini Shein Kids review. You can find my full review of Shein kids and shopping tips here. 

Mini Shein Kids Review: The Ribbed Henley Lounge Set 

I’ve been eying these two piece sets on Shein Kids for a few months now and finally ordered this one for all three of my kids. At $14 for the set, it is a bit higher than I usually spend on Shein pieces but much cheaper than the Hanna Andersson pajamas my kids spend half their life in. 

This set is technically in the boys section but I ordered it for my daughter, too. 

***These would make AWESOME inexpensive holiday pajamas! 

First impressions: 

Right out of the bag I loved the deep forest color and was impressed with how soft the material is. 


This ribbed set is very soft. The material is a light to midweight thickness. 

One of my kids is pickier about how clothing feels and loves his Hanna Andersson pajamas. I was a little worried he wouldn’t like wearing this lower priced set in comparison to his higher quality cotton pajamas but I was 100% wrong. He wore it fo 36 hours straight last week and only changed because I told him he couldn’t wear it to school two days in a row. 


The sets run a tiny bit big on the smaller sizes but I would recommend just ordering your child’s regular size and letting it be a bit loose as they grow into it. I ordered a 130 for my 6 year old and a 100 for my 2 year and 5 year old. The 100 is huge on the two year old, fits my 5 year old well (who usually wears 4t – 5t) and the 130 is a bit big on my 6 year old who wears size 6. 


$14 for the set. Right now the yellow is on sale for only $10 but selling out fast. 


These would make great holiday pajamas. The pieces can also be mixed and matched (wear the henley with jeans for school and wear the pants with another sweatshirt). My 6 year old also wore the whole set to school last week. 

I would 100% order these again, pending they hold up over the next few months. We’ve washed them 2 times already in the week that we’ve had them because my kids want to wear them so frequently. 

I’m currently on the hunt for a matching adult set. 



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