Lily & Bean Hettie Mini Bag Review: Best Hermes Kelly Dupe?

Today we’re talking all about the Lily & Bean Hettie Mini Bag in this unsponsored review. All opinions are my own (I purchased this bag on my own) and this post may contain affiliate links.

My hunt for a little black bag: Lily and Bean Hettie Mini Bag Review

I have been eying this classic gorgeous little number from Lily & Bean for a few years now. To be honest, when I first saw someone link to it online I had no idea it was an Hermes Kelly dupe (could not have told you any Hermes styles at that point).

I’m drawn to the clean lines and the elegant structure of this bag…..and now I know why 🙂

It was on my Christmas wishlist a few years ago and Ben surprised me with it for my birthday last year.

Lily & Bean Brand Details:

Founded in the UK in 2016, Lily and Bean specializes in high-quality personalized bags. From handbags to luggage (and lots of storage pouches in between). You’ll see a lot of totes with initials and a lot of travel essentials.

The Hettie Mini Bag Details:

Let’s get into the details of the Hettie Mini Bag and what the ordering experience is like.

The bag arrives in a Lily and Bean dust bag with both straps (the solid black leather and the patterned woven strap).


The Hettie Mini is made from full leather with metal hardware. It has metal feet so the leather doesn’t touch the surface when you set it down.


The design of this bag is classic, timeless, and chic. It is a structured bag that holds its shape with very clean lines for an elegant look.

Herme’s Kelly bag is an icon for a reason and you get a lot of that same style in this bag at a much lower price point.

Size: What can you fit?

I can fit the essentials in my bag for an evening out or running errands:

  • card holder (or small wallet)
  • iPhone
  • chapstick/lipstick
  • keys


I love how versatile this bag is! You can easily wear it to more formal events but you can also throw it over jeans and a tee shirt for running errands. Depending on what color you pick, this is a bag you can carry daily, year-round (as long as you don’t actually have to take that much with you).

Hettie Mini Bag vs Hermes Mini Kelly

Okay, let’s talk about the Hettie Mini vs the iconic Hermes Kelly Mini.

The Lily & Bean Hettie Mini is a fun, classic, budget-friendly (relatively) alternative to the iconic Hermes Mini Kelly. I am not here to convince you that you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. For one, the Hettie Mini is not an actual dupe. It does not have the Hermes brand name stamped on the hardware. This bag is not trying to fool people into thinking you own an Hermes bag.

This is a very similar bag in size, style and construction. If you love the style of the Kelly and not the price tag, the Hettie Mini is fantastic.

Let’s look at some specifics:


Both bags are constructed with high-quality leather (although no one is trying to claim that the $150 bag is the same quality as the $10000 one).

The hardware on the two bags is different. On the Hettie Mini you don’t see the same Hermes lock.

Sizing comparison:

The Hettie Mini measures L 19CM X 12CM x 6CM

The Mini Kelly is L 20CM X H 16CM X W 10CM so it is a tiny bit bigger than the Hettie.

Craftsmanship: Nothing is going to beat the perfect construction of the Hermes Mini Kelly but the Hettie Mini is a well-made bag from quality materials.

Here is a side by side of the two bags:

How to Rock the Lily and Bean Hettie Mini Bag

You can really wear this bag with just about any outfit for any occasion. If find myself wearing it a little bit less than I thought because I picked the black color and I don’t reach for a black bag during the summer. That said, here are a few ideas on how to wear your Hettie Bag:

  • running errands in jeans and a striped tee
  • lunch with girlfriends with a blazer
  • evening gala with a gorgeous floor-length dress
  • date night in your favorite pair of heels.

outfit details: Shein blouse // The Drop Blazer // Striped Shein sweater dress // Ferragamo Flats

Other bags from Lily & Bean

Lily & Bean specializes in monogrammed bags at every size. Here are a few of their classic styles (I haven’t ordered anything from them besides this Hettie Mini but love the price point and style of the cloud clutch – giving major Mansur Gavriel cloud clutch vibes at a better price point):

*For almost all of these you can find more colors on their website as separate listings and lots of monogram options

Where to buy the Hettie Mini Bag from Lily & Bean:

Right now I can only find the Hettie Mini on the Lily & Bean website. You can find a few available on resale sites like Mercari and Poshmark.

Ordering Details:

Here are a few things to keep in mind when ordering:

  • Color: There are SO many different colors for this bag. They are listed as separate listings on the site (as of now) so you have to click around and see your options. I love my black one although I think a tan would be a little bit more versatile. If I were going to order a second, I would get a statement red that would be perfect for the holidays (or just about anything else).
  • Straps: The bag comes with two straps; there is the patterned cloth strap and the leather strap I am wearing in these photos.
  • Initials: You can personalize your bag with initials but I prefer the look of the bag without initials.
  • Shipping: Shipping to the US for orders under $300 is $35. It also says that under $300 they do not cover customs and fees but as of the time of posting, the US doesn’t assess fees for purchases under $800. Shipping does take a second and without customizing it will still take your bag about two weeks to arrive (maybe a little bit longer if ordered during the holiday season).


The Lily & Bean Hettie Mini bag is a darling, classic, and versatile option. If you’re looking to get the timeless look of a Kelly mini without the price tag, this is a good quality option.

If I were ordering again I would still start with this black color BUT I’d be really tempted to order a bright fun color like the red.

outfit details: Frame Denim // The Drop Blazer // Shein Blouse // Mansur Gavriel Slingback Pumps

Lily & Bean FAQs

Can the Hettie Mini Bag fit a smartphone larger than the standard size?

Absolutely! The Hettie Mini Bag is designed to accommodate a variety of smartphone sizes.

Is the crossbody strap adjustable?

Yes, the crossbody strap is fully adjustable.

What makes the Hettie Mini Bag’s closure mechanism special?

The magnetic closure of the Hettie Mini Bag is not only secure but also remarkably easy to use. It is easy to open and close quickly.

Can I fit a small water bottle inside the bag?

While the Hettie Mini Bag is spacious, it’s more suitable for carrying essentials like your wallet, keys, and cosmetics. For a water bottle, you want to consider a larger bag (and also maybe not one that is made from leather).

Is the Hettie Mini Bag suitable for formal events?

Totally! The Hettie Mini Bag’s versatile design makes it an excellent choice for both casual outings and formal events. What I really love about this mini bag is, as long as it can fit what you need, it really works for so many different outings.

Can I transition from a daytime crossbody to an evening clutch easily?

Yes, the Hettie Mini Bag’s adaptable design allows you to switch from a crossbody style to a clutch easily, making it a versatile accessory for day-to-night transitions. If you are going to store the strap inside the bag when you transition you won’t be able to fit much more in the bag (fair warning).

Who Owns Lily & Bean?

Founded in February 2016, its largest shareholder is Jenna Tyrwhitt-drake with a 51% stake.

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