Mini Shein Review: Striped Sweater Dress

Today I’m back with another mini Shein review. You can find all my tips for finding great things on Shein and my Shein review here. This post contains affiliate links.

Mini Shein Review: Striped Sweater Dress

I really think Shein does the best job with targeting advertising. If I search their website, the majority of the thousands of items I have no interest in wearing but the five they select to show me in a Facebook ad are almost always things I’m dying to add to my closet.

I loved the idea of this cozy knit sweater dress for chillier days (and great for this postpartum period when I’m shying away from form-fitting dresses). The stripes and colorway are classic and not going out of style anytime soon.

Here’s how it stacks up:

First impressions: 

I love love love the stripes on this.


This dress runs true to size. I ordered a small and usually wear and XS/S (the smallest size they have is a small). It is a roomy fit. Order your regular size.


The fabric on this is on the thicker side and relatively soft (not itchy against my skin). My one complaint is that the seam where the fabric meets on the side of the dress doesn’t line up perfectly so the stripes aren’t perfectly seamless. I’ve included a picture below so you can see what I mean. If you aren’t looking specifically for it, you wouldn’t notice but Shein does not shine when it comes to attention to detail.

This is the quality of something I’d expect from H&M or Target (not blowing me out of the water for a Shein find but something I was still excited to add to my closet + have already worn)

Styling Ideas // What to wear it with:


The list price when I ordered it was $31 and I paid $26.72 with the promotions available (usually there’s 20% or more off when you spend over a certain amount).


I give this one a solid B+. I kept it, have worn it, and plan to keep it on rotation over the next few years. I love that the classic stripes + cut won’t go out of style and it is a great comfortable + wearable piece that can easily be dressed up or down.

outfit details:

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