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Mini Shein Review: MOTF Button down

Today I’m sharing another Mini Shein Review with one of my first MOTF pieces. You can find my full review of Shein and shopping tips here. 

Mini Shein Review: The MOTF Button down

I was scrolling through facebook while feeding the baby one night and got an ad for this button down from Shein. I clicked over to the Shein app and hearted the style.

Side note: Did you know you can heart styles on the app or while logged into your account on your browser? It makes finding things you like easier when you go to make a purchase and I’m convinced hearting a few styles you love helps them give you better suggested items …. which is quite helpful when a brand has 10,000 new items a day.

I kept thinking about it and after wearing other button downs in my closet three days in a row that week, I decided to order it.

This is one of my first pieces from MOTF, one of Shein’s in house brands that is a bit higher quality (supposedly) with a higher price tag.

First impressions: 

What I love: Right out of the package I loved the color and the softness of this shirt. It almost feels more like a ribbed velour with a bit of structure. It has a good light to medium weigh to it

What I don’t love: I was hoping for a bit of a more true corduroy with this top and it definitely isn’t that.


This top is 100% polyester (per Shein’s website) but I am overall quite pleased with the material. It has some good weight to it (not as thick as a true corduroy but heavy enough that it hangs well). The illusion of corduroy is given by the ribbing on the blouse and it is very soft to the touch. It is unlined but the inside is also soft and not at all scratchy.

The buttons are a step up from Shein’s regular low quality buttons which was a nice surprise.


This top runs a bit large. I ordered my regular size and it is a bit of an oversized fit.

It is on the longer side (I’m 5’4″ and wearing an XS for reference) and I’m really happy with it. This would not be the shirt to get to tuck into dress pants but it works just fine for a front tuck with high rise jeans that aren’t too tight.

Styling Ideas

  • With straight leg jeans
  • With leggings
  • With a pencil skirt (I need to actually try this and assess the tucking in situation but I love the idea of a black pencil skirt or a denim skirt with this top)


MOTF is one of Shein’s higher end brands and so this top retails for $34.99. I haven’t ever seen it actually listed at full price and I bought it for under $20. It is comparable to what I’d expect from something at Express or H&M. It is a clear step up in quality from some Shein blouses I’ve ordered before (thicker material, not at all sheer, no loose threads).


I’m a big fan. I’ve been wearing it regularly with straight leg jeans and sneakers and love the added texture it brings to an outfit.

outfit details: 

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